One of the main illustrations concerning many Christians living by the Law is the matter of tithing. This topic can be very controversial, especially to those that make their living by teaching it. It’s a topic that can put stumbling blocks in our belief and distract us from the real evidence of God in our lives. It brings people under false understanding of the age of grace and the new covenant that God placed with the whole world, not just the Jews.

So why is tithing so bad, right? Let’s look at the major thoughts why Christians do tithe:

  •  I mean tithing is supposed to support the church so it can grow and do more for God, right?
  •  It’s something that we should do to show God we don’t care about money, right?
  •  It’s something that a high percentage of churches do, so of course it would be ok, right?
  •  Our pastors do the important work of spreading the gospel, so of course we should support them, right?

That would all be true if you felt God is leading you to support them, so you are giving as an offering. God loves a cheerful giver and if you are being led to give, then give. But do it as an offering. Something God placed on your heart to give. A tithe is something completely different. A tithe is a requirement from the Law. It’s something that once again was part of the Law, the Jew’s covenant. It’s a form of works. It’s a requirement.

This form of works teaches that Christians still work for their blessings. They need to show God they don’t care about money by giving it to their church that they believe in. If they are not giving their 10% first, then they are deemed as selfish and not giving to God. If they don’t tithe some say they will be cursed. I’m sure you have heard something like this at your church or a past church before. During the section when it’s time to tithe, someone besides the pastor reads some scriptures. It’s normally about God-loving a cheerful giver from the New Testament and then going into the law of the Old Covenant about how they tithe and what happens if you don’t tithe.

The scriptures in the Old Testament refer to the tithe as the Law for the children of Israel. The children of Israel were to bring their tithes to a Levite Priest, from the tribe of Levi. This was a requirement for them. They were to do that in that specific way. How many people currently pay their tithes to a Levitical Priest?

Bringing the tithe has evolved over time, as times have changed & evolved as different empires, economies, and monetary currencies arose. Today it’s associated with what income people bring home because it’s what we get from our labor. Did God tell us His Law would evolve? Did God tell us we should do it this new way? Of course not!

Tithing has become part of a tradition of mainstream Christians practicing a religion. It’s something that has been done over time and now it is expected of its members. They will read the same scriptures referenced leaving out the main context that these scriptures were not pertaining to Christians living by Grace and God freed us from works through the blood of Jesus.

Even if it was still done the way the Word declares it. Even if you followed the tithing part of the law and do it successfully, for all of the other parts of the law you did not follow, like not resting on the Sabbath, still makes you guilty of them all.

For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all. (James 2:10 NKJV)

So why does a Christian that does not need to be under the Law, live under the Law. Sadly it’s due to lack of spiritual wisdom & discernment, bondage of worldly tradition, false teachers & prophets, and all the like.

It plays a twofold purpose for the enemy by:


1) Making the ones receiving the tithes obtain more success & power. Now being able to teach the ones that are bringing the tithe. Continuing false teaching & false doctrine. A lot of times unknowingly because they are still trapped in traditional thought, so doctrine was never questioned.


2) Distracting people from God’s true grace leaving defeat, reducing the power of the church.

It can be faulted at some churches that tithe that when bad things happen in people’s lives, they begin to blame God and feel resentment towards Him. Not understanding why things are happening in their life. Feeling like they’ve done enough for God for Him to protect them. Or the person who feels they are saved just because they give consistently to their church. This doctrine of works through Christians is false doctrine, deceptive, dangerous, and distracting.

The Holy Spirit is in all of us who believe on Jesus Christ. Therefore we listen to Him when He gives us the feeling to give and shows us what it is we’re giving. Time is an even more precious and valuable commodity than money, because we can never get it back. How many churches preach more about tithing your time, living in the Word, more than tithing your dollar bills? How many churches tell you how much they’re doing all over the world with your tithes, but the community you actually live in they don’t have a spiritual imprint, or financial one for that matter?

Tithing is a tradition passed down and is part of religion, but does not correlate with the Age of Grace we currently live in because of Gods sacrifice of His Son. Therefore put away the tradition of the obligation of tithing. Take a deep breath and talk to God how He wants you to give and what your assignment is. Ask Him and trust in Him!

Please read the Law Vs. Grace Scriptural Evidence for scriptural confirmation that believers in Christ are not under the Law

For further review of Law Vs. Grace, please go back to:

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Should Christians be Tithing?



  • Marlon Sias

    Your truth is great here, i have tended to resist a teaching against tithing, even though i have friends who don’t believe in it. You are teaching this correct as i can tell from scripture. The pastors have a terrible time accepting this at all, bless you.

    • Stanley Ruffin

      This has been a firestorm subject for me for a long time. But now I have an understanding and believe that tiththing
      Was lawful in the old testament. What I find interesting is that while tiththing was required money existed then and it was never included in the tithe. The tithes were strictly fruit of the land the produce from the land. So the question should be asked when did tithes become money? It simply was not in the old testamnet and it is still not in the new testamnet. King Joash was seven years old when reigned king. Read 2 kings 12:1-6
      He clearly instructed the priest to collect money to repair the temple because if damages. He asked every man to give money according to his heart. The money was used to pay skilled laborers money to tri repair the temple. Now tithes had nothing to do with this. Tithes was seperate.

  • Sharon Skinner

    It not true that tithe are not in the new testament.But Jesus mentioned it in the new testament. Here’s where you can find it in talking about tithing. Matt.23:23, Matt.6:21,Matt.5:17,2Corinthians 9:6-10, Roman 3:21-31,Mark 12:41-44,Luke 11:42,2 Corinthians 9:11.Thank you

    • Dane Smith

      Hi Sharon

      I think you are missing the point, non of the scriptures you mentioned gives us a command to tithe. In 1 scripture Jesus is simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the Jewish leaders where he mentions tithing.

      Jesus states I did not come to abolish the law but to complete it, in that scripture he states examples such as “if you even look in lust you have committed adultery in your heart” and also “the law says do not murder but I say if you even become angry at your brother you will be subject to judgement. In this we can imagine Jesus would say something like the law says tithe but I say to you give out of the generosity of your heart. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law in that the law forces you to do good, but Jesus came to change your heart so much so that because you love the father more than anything you will keep his command, you will do things out of the goodness of your heart rather than being forced under law.

      • Sharon Skinner

        Thank you for that answer,as I read on, I agree to what you sad. He said give cheerfulness. And the ones that can’t He understand. Thank you so much for your teaching. Because I have heard in some of the churches complained about tithing Sharon

        • Dane Smith

          Its only a pleasure Sharon, we are all learning as we pick up our crosses and follow Jesus. So I pray that you will be blessed and that the spirit guides you into all the answers you seek through Yahshua.

  • Lexi Lindsey

    First I have to say my husband and I love your videos and have been learning so much! God is doing a mighty work in us and your videos have been a huge catalyst. So thank you to you and your wife for all the work that you put into the videos and articles.

    I have a question. I am honestly seeking with a heart wanting to fully understand better so I can serve God with all my heart in a way that honors Him.

    Can you explain what it means in Matthew 23:23
    “““Woe to you, [self-righteous] scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you give a tenth (tithe) of your mint and dill and cumin [focusing on minor matters], and have neglected the weightier [more important moral and spiritual] provisions of the Law: justice and mercy and faithfulness; but these are the [primary] things you ought to have done without neglecting the others.”
    ‭‭MATTHEW‬ ‭23:23‬ ‭AMP‬‬

    I’m interpreting it as Jesus is calling the Pharisees out for doing all these works without the love of God behind it nor justice, mercy or faithfulness. But then He tells them that he ought to have done those things without neglecting the others, which seems like He’s talking about tithing.

    I would love to hear your insight please.

    Thank you in advance! Your response is much appreciated!

  • ayda Patriarca

    I am not against giving tithes to the church .We have financial needs in the church that requires members of the church to contribute like Pastors salary hired administration and so forth . The only thing that I observe from my Pastor preaching is that He believes that 10% is still the amount we are suppose to give as an offering .. However I learned from my sister church that this 10% is in the Old Testament covenant and does not apply in the new covenant I know that Jesus Lord God is so gracious in everything to me and my family . The blessings that I received I can’t repay it monetary after all God don’t need it He owns everything . What God wants from me is to accept him ,believe ,and have personal relationship with him .As the Bible said We are save by Grace not by works that no one can boast. One thing more is the verse in Matthew 22 – 37 that sum up in 10 commandments. I am new subscriber and I believe that Lord God Jesus has directed me to your channel in You Tube so I can learn spiritually . I admit to myself that I have long long way to be a matured Christian in faith but God is so faithful. I do not know how will I address the preacher in this video because you never give us your subscriber if you are a teacher,pastor or dedicated your life lto Jesus to minister the truth of God’s word Bless you and your ministry. I pray that many will hear your preaching because it can open the eyes of true believer of Jesus Christ ????

  • Kiki

    I am a huge fan and I watch your videos a lot. I know that we are to give and help others who are in need, or if the Lord lead us to help someone. The 10% saying I believe, but with all these comments I am confused…

  • Althea Melville

    Tithing and offering vastly differs

    We were instructed to tithe (Malachi 3:8-10) but an offering is when you give from the heart. Today your heart says to give 2%, tomorrow it’ll say 15% then the next time it’ll say none. Tithing is not when you feel you should give. Tithing requires discipline because it’s a must and it doesn’t depend on you but it’s all about God and what he requires from his children

    • James Charles

      I don’t think you took my recommendation and read earlier chapters. Malachi 3:8-10 you are taking out of context. That’s not even a command or an instruction. Where’s the scriptures when He gave the command to tithe? To who? For what reason? Who is he even speaking to in Malachi 3? This is how we read scripture. You can’t isolate it and say “this is what it says”. If your intention is to just speak your view without conversing there’s no need to discuss. You say it’s a must but what scripture tells you that?

  • Althea Melville

    Read Malachi 3:8-10

    God’s word is very clear and according to the word of God, tithing is a christian’s duty.
    It’s 10% of your EARNINGS (whatever u received after hard work). Whether it be gold, cash, fruits, vegetables, livestock, etc. It’s your duty to return 10% of it.
    Forget about what ministers or pastors do with it (they will answer for their actions one day).
    Your major concern is walking in the right path and that is honoring God’s law; throwing your tithe

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