In my video, Strategies for Successful Living in the End Times, I went over some Mindsets to hold when dealing with the Matrix.  In order to stay in reality I look at things in specific ways and I want to make sure that you have these tips so that maybe it helps you as well to navigate in the matrix.  I pray this helps you keep your mind fixed on what’s important and not deceived by the world of lies that surrounds us.   hope this blesses you! Be blessed!

  1.  If everyone is saying the same thing, I do not listen to it.  That’s a program
  2. Ask questions and try to get answers. 
  3. I live with a mindset of being set apart. 
  4. I don’t care about what they argue over in politics, I care about what they all agree to
  5. I don’t play political dissensions
  6. I follow the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  7. There is no longevity in this current scheme.  
  8. The majority is against me, not for me.
  9. This world is controlled by satan, so when I see anyone propped up and supported by this system, they have sold out in some fashion. 
  10. Everything we see about Donald Trump is about the collapse of the old-world order

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Mindsets to Hold When Dealing With The Matrix

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