There are a few public figures that are as big offenders to Jesus Christ & the Gospel, as well as with spreading the religion of the AntiChrist as Oprah. She has tremendous influence upon the masses.  Her show “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is the highest rated talk show in television history, it was seen by 15-20 million viewers daily in the US and in the other 132 countries it was syndicated in.

Since the shows inception in 1986, it received 32 Emmy Awards. 10 years later in 1996, she began her book club designed to get people reading again. An important point to highlight is that each of the books selected became an instant best seller, selling an average of a million in sales for each book. This is called the Oprah Effect. From this statistic it’s fair to say that if there was a particular idea that she wanted to promote, there were a lot of people who heard & accepted the idea. This woman has massive amounts of influence and has swayed her fans into whatever way of thinking she has.

The real questions are then:

“What did she have us thinking about?”

“What is the summary of Oprah’s influence?”


Now we could make a whole website pertaining to Oprah and her effect, but in short she is leading millions of people, especially women into the New Age Movement. She has influence and power over millions of her viewers that are completely ignorant to her effect. Even Christian woman are being tricked due to her deception. (Matthew 7:15) But unbelievers especially are being indoctrinated into a new age religion without proper warning.

The basis of New Age religion is to reach a higher level of consciousness through the power of our thoughts and attitude.  It puts a person in the place of God, that by their thinking and control, they can create & live the life they want.   Witches believe the same thing. Regardless it is New Age religion & philosophy.  Please read my article on “New Age Religion: The Religion of The AntiChrist & the New World Order“.

The point is Oprah, like in this video, will in one breath say she is Christian, but in the very next breath completely blaspheme the Gospel and we’re unaware of it. All of her programming on her network is new age religion or social class control.

If the viewer pays close attention to her purpose of all her questioning in interviews & the programs on her network OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) they’d see it is all geared towards how people live, what & how they think, along with their faith. For the general masses it’s a constant motivator to hear what people we regard as stars and those with money & influence have thought about in order to reach their status. Her guests that are interviewed, including Mega-Church Pastors don’t speak about the grace of

God, and being saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. They do all mention god though, but is it our same God?

If the viewer would pay close attention to the main driver of her interviews they’d see it is that people are able to do things by controlling the way that they think in contrary to doing things by the grace of The Lord. In her case, it’s the determination and higher thinking of the “Master” that propels that individual to success. It is extremely subtle, and because of its subtly it can cause massive bondage to a belief in one’s self over God’s control in our lives. It creates the thought of “I Can do” instead of “God is Doing”.

This thought while seeming irrelevant to most is extremely crucial in an individuals relationship with God. God wants us to rely and have faith in Him. Believe in Him and put all of our cares on Him. He wants us to listen to Him as He guides our path.  He wants us to take our flesh out of the situation. Embracing this doctrine that you can fulfill all your dreams through the power of thinking & your mind is blasphemous and spiritually destructive.

This doctrine has been passed down generations of all listeners and watchers of the Oprah Show. People that were so impressed how Oprah was able to do all the things she was able to do on her show. People watched as she always had the exclusive interview or how she changed countless people’s lives through her money & influence. She illustrated to people what it meant for someone to come from nothing and make it to the top. She is a massive icon.

The problem is what her underlying message is. This message which she has made quite clear in many circumstances rejects the full Gospel of Jesus Christ and has replaced it with New Age doctrine that twists the gospel with self-reliance and reaching a higher level of being, a “christ-consciousness”. It is from this underlying false message that viewers must break away from.

She repeatedly states that there has to be more than one way to heaven. She interviews highly regarded pastors and uses them to twist the gospel. It’s the development of belief in one’s self. It takes away from the power and working of The Lord. It makes the actual individual their own god.

Now there is much more than can be said about Oprah. But it’s hard to argue that she has influence over millions. She was a major part of President Obama becoming elected, than her show was shortly done, and she created her own network. Her programs on the network always have a spiritual overtone. She is promoting a new religion and new doctrine. The viewer is just not aware of the psychology being used.

You must review this woman’s influence in your life. Review how much time you spent watching her versus reading the Word of God. You must acknowledge that she is influential and possesses the power to sway public opinion. You then must review what it is that she is promoting. You should line it up with the points made in this article. You should line it up with the Word of God. This is bondage that needs to be broken away from.  Please watch the videos for evidence on her denial of Jesus Christ and salvation only through Him.

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Oprah Winfrey: A Great Example of a False Leader