This website was created to provide information, views, and opinions that’s not readily available to the masses. This website provides insight and thoughts on subjects in the way and manner that is determined to stay consistent within the Word of God in fullness and completeness. The Bible tells us to not be of this world, but most of us are consumed by this changing world’s influence. We are so blinded to it, that we have now started including God in our lives, bringing our lives to God to fulfill His purpose through us, regardless of His will. We do not know how to differentiate between “living in” this world and “being of” this world. This website’s goal is to clearly illustrate the difference.

Some of the information may seem hard hitting and opinionated. It’s because this world and society’s current programming teaches people to just mind their business and not having opinions. We are to let others do the thinking or planning for us. We let others determine our societal moral compass, without holding convictions to what we know is right.

In this current point in history, there is an extreme tolerance to evil. There is an extreme sense of conformity to this world and its values & traditions. There is an increased dependence now more on ourselves, than our reliance on God. There is a general acceptance of false doctrine, false leaders, and false teachers. Our children are growing up with more perverse, indecent, and explicit nature that was beyond our thinking when we were children. There’s many more extreme problems, but a majority of the issues stem from the tolerance or lack of intolerance to evil & the devil. This new culture of “accept everything or not, but don’t judge” has fully crept into our society and will inevitably drag people to hell.

It is the goal of this website to illustrate highlight and emphasize points that are not mainly seen throughout mainstream opinion, all with a complete biblical perspective. This should create a sense of awakening to choose very carefully about what we feed our spirits and our minds. Both for us and our children, and grandchildren. There should be a change of what we accept to be our entertainment and what we consume for our body, mind, and spirit. We pray that more more people read & understand, rather then be ignorant, distracted, and judge. This site is geared for awakening. Welcome on the ride!


  • Giselle Philson

    Hello Brother Ron. I am so happy to be here. I was looking for the chart of the kings of Israel and Judah. Thank you in advance. I am also starting my ministry but before I do I need to get baptized. Can you help me with that?

  • Ahmose

    Most likely He would have a skin tone similar to the people of the ‘middle eastern’ countries where He came from… Also there was no protection from the hot sun, so even a lighter complected person may appear darker.
    As a side note: there is a painting done by an 8 yr old artist who had a near death experience and met Yahshua. She painted a portrait of Him, exactly as she remembered Him and it’s beautiful.
    A few years later a 4 yr old boy had a similar experience, and his dad showed him hundreds of pics of Yahshua to see if any of them looked what he had seen. The boy said none of them looked like Yahshua. When he was shown the 8 yr old girl’s painting of Yahshua, he said: Yes that is Him!!

  • Darcia Lane

    Thank you so much for your Truthunedited information. We need to learn about the hideous symbolism and the deceptions that are all around us. May God protect you for exposing the truth and bless you mightily. Love in Christ. alone.

  • Maranatha Today

    This is a 5 hour expose of the satanic world we live in from a whistleblower…
    X-Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion

    • Donna Philpott

      I am a 71-year old grandmother & have been a Christian since I was 23. Jesus saved me & that was a miracle,considering what a sinner I was. I believe you, my brother. It goes right along with the Bible. I will pray for you & your family”s protection. How you made this video I cannot understand, except the Lord Jesus helped you. God bless you. I knew a great deal of this already & I believe God led me to this video to find out the conclusion. THANK YOU!

  • Adonai M Sylvester

    Good day,
    Thank you for your teachings. I was on my way to believing we all worship the same God. Your history of religion series saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life. Thank you for being obedient, you never know how your obedience can help someone else. Be blessed brother and may he continue to use you to reach others. Please keep my family and I in your prayers and I will do the same.

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