What is a New World Order?

While many prominent leaders in our time have stated that their goal in life is to draw the world towards a New World Order, the general public believes it to be a conspiratory term. Some people believe a New World Order to be something above their acquired level of knowledge, therefore they do not need to understand it. The truth is that it’s the exact opposite of those points. Meaning that it is not a conspiracy and it is definitely something that should be understood by all. Will it be…..of course not!

The conspiracy theory states that there are Zionists (powerful Jews) part of a secret cabal that control all major aspects of the world. Through the enterprises of banking, energy, healthcare, democracy, education, corporate & social organizations they have been the unseen hand guiding the world. They have engineered wars, financial depressions, health epidemics, terrorism, slavery, and extreme poverty.  They have implemented their own social class controls. They are the families who invested in slavery to build America. They are the actual ones who killed JFK & MLK. They are the ones secretly behind 9/11 and they caused the 2008 financial collapse. Their goal is to take over the world. To establish the world over a One World – Currency, Religion, & Government. World domination in short. This is the conspiracy that many feel is a myth, legend, or just to complex for them to understand, so they ignore.

Point Blank: ALL OF THAT IS TRUE!!!

But the main point is still missed which does not allow people to fully understand what the actual conspiracy is. A conspiracy theory is simply just a theory of a secret plot. Just because it is conspiratory does not make the theory non credible. It just means that the plot has been secret, so the information is not made available to the general public. Programming has made us disregard all reference to any conspiracy because we personally cannot fathom people being that powerful and evil. Because we don’t allow ourselves to understand the world fully, we leave ourselves ignorant to the changing world order prophesied to come about.

A New World Order – is a transitioning of the world from being under a Judea/Christian world order to a Satanic/Luciferin world order. Moving the world from under the rule and worship of God, to Satan being worshipped as god and in control of all under his doctrines and values.

That is the true definition of a New World Order. The other parts to the conspiracy mentioned earlier are simply the moving parts and ways of implementation of the NWO. While those moving parts importance are still very high in the scheme to understand it all, it must be understood the ultimate goal is for satan to be worshipped by the world as a god. And there are men (families) that satan gave power (the same power he tried to tempt Jesus with in the wilderness) to implement this. Those in charge of bringing this about have enormous, unimaginable power, and they worship satan as god and are committed to bringing about the devil’s dominion.

Because we as a society are not fully able to understand how people can truly worship satan, we don’t understand this enemy. They look at Christians as enemy, but we ignore that they even exist. Besides the 1`obvious rocker gothic type, we don’t think of a successful businessman, popular singer or actress, or even politician could actually be a worshipper and follower of satan. We don’t think of it, which leaves us vulnerable to their plots they devise in secret.

For Christians not to believe in a New World Order is to also not believe fully in the Word of God and the prophecy that He tells us not to despise. We know a beast will rise and give everyone rich or small his mark. We know the Bible tells us this will happen, but we do not translate it into practical thinking in regards to the world we live in.

Prophecy is not science fiction as it is promoted to be today. It is God giving you an account of future history, so that you will not be blinded to it. Everything you need to know about this world has been told to you in scripture. Enough of us do not apply it to our real lives enough. We use our belief in Jesus as a tradition, which makes it a religion, which makes the Word of God no effect, which leads a door right in for spirits, principalities, and demons to wreak havoc in our lives, often without us ever being wise to it.

To a Christian this should not be just a conspiracy theory, but an expectation of times eventually having to occur. It is not possible for God’s Word to be fulfilled without all of it. It should not sound crazy to a believer that there are people who work for the devil desiring unlimited amounts of power and control given to them by helping their god set himself up as the one to be worshipped. This should be a mere expectation of a believer.

Because today’s body of Christ follows more of the thought of the world, and not enough guidance from the Holy Spirit, they have been deceived. Some of them fighting, voting, & promoting for the enemy while believing they are doing God’s work.

The thing for anyone to understand first about a New World Order is that IT’S REAL! The closer they get to their goal, the closer we get to the return of our Savior. But also the closer they get, the more demonic and evil the times & the heart of men will be. Don’t ignore the NWO, understand what it is and who the players are.

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What is a New World Order?

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  • Mary Pishney

    The NWO has been in the world since it began. The philosophy was stated by the Devil in the disguise of a serpent, who told Eve she could become god. That lie has charmed the world’s powerful and insignificant since then. The monstrous increase in the public venue of Satanist “stars” literature and movies would have been unheard of in the ’50’s. The rise shows the evil behind the scenes. One wonders where that will be in the next ten years or less. It behooves every person to educate themselves about this diabolical, global system, if for no other reason that enlightened self-interest and SURVIVIAL.

  • Lori Nieporte

    I’ve recently left my faith of 10+ years (trying to fade away,”JW” really) because of certain things that baffled me. Once in awhile we get a speaker that makes a brief mention of
    NWO–(baffle#1),our Bibles are [“New World”- Translation”]– (baffle#2) All in the congregation are of “fine fruit quality” meaning very respectful & loving & have continuous deep studies of the Entire Bible. We do not practice any form of any holidays except Christ’s Memorial which we are “NOT to PARTAKE of EMBLEMS” (BAFFLE#3) only the Anointed 144,000 Partakes. The “1914 date”– (baffle#4) of Christ invisible return, then there’s “New Light” (baffle#5) in explaining “proper food at the proper time” of new thoughts on Bible meanings, TAKING COUNT–(baffle#6) on all whom we preach to, the Disfellowshipping/Shunning–(baffle#7) up to a whole year’s time,…..oh and we “HAVE THE TRUTH”… so I researched a few of other religions and they say they also “HAVE THE TRUTH” so I guess I’m part of the “FALLING AWAY” Prophecy that’s being fulfilled now & not sure of what BIBLE is Safe to Rely on. I’ve concluded that all have inaccuracies to 1 degree or another so I downloaded the BibleHub. Apostasy is falling away from God, I’m falling away from my religion- not God..is this wrong? My “JW” Bible has John 1:1 different from other Bibles as well as large chunks of paragraphs & whole chapter missing and “JW” have revised their Bibles 3x..to simplify so they say…why?..what are they trying to fix//hide? Ive watched many YouTube videos about my JW faith…of WHICH I’m not sure if it’s all true, like subliminal images, Charles Taze Russell’s background with Freemason who is the founder of JW. We cannot believe all of internet’s Wikipedia info since people can make changes to it. I’ve watched many of your Videos (which I love), & A & O Productions, Simon Brown, Ultimate Mordecai, Unlearn w/Lex Meyer, (WOODWARD TV …”truth is stranger than fiction” on things going on in the world we live in). In all of this our Elder always says in light of the times we are in “Jehovah is speeding things up” in preaching work worldwide. But with use of the internet it speeds things up in many ways even research if it’s truth?? I did make one comment on one of your recent video where you made mention of deleting the haters comments..yea.. and I quoted a few scriptures from the Bible in connection of abusive speech. So here I am with no one of my own physical circle with whom I can fellowship with not even my own family. So I’ll connect with internet folks which I’m fine with this. But I don’t like the BITTER disputes that some engage in on certain topics. I know we’re not perfect, we all make mistakes. So the JW teach much the same as your videos except the above (baffles) I mentioned. Please do not display my name or email to this reply but it’s ok to post the reply itself if you can cut/paste in some way without my name to it as I’m still trying to fade. Thanks for time. I’ll try to help support when I get my discibility pay, I’m going thru an appeal right now. No income of my own since Nov.1st but my son is letting me use his credit card for now + I live with him. Thanks for your time in reading this and you can email me back to give me some thought on all this, KEEP UP THE FINE WORK YOU ARE DOING, YOU ARE BLESSED WITH HOLY SPIRIT.

    • Stanley Davenport

      Hi Lori; Glad you are fading out of the JW org. Maybe by now you are completely out. I and my wife up and quit this past August 2019. Best decision. We were in 40 years. Raised 4 sons and 3 were Disfellowshipped. Anyway, The NWT Bible is based on a spirit medium, constant “new light” means Jesus must have made a mistake on something. Constant solicitation for money and on and on. But most of it is is just not the TRUTH. None of the churches have the TRUTH. Only you can get that by opening and keeping open a dialogue and relationship with the Father. And I don’t mean Jehovah, which is a manmade name. You will have to come to terms with how great Yeshua is in Yahweh’s arrangement for salvation. It is just fine to pray to Yahshua/Jesus for things pertaining to getting Holy Spirit, being born again, proclaiming the Kingdom to others and so forth. It has all been delivered into His hands until the end of the 1000 year reign. You can do because the Messiah want to help you. We really are close to the end here in June 2020. Take care.

      • m

        YHVH = Yehovah. No J sound in the hebrew language. So it is not Jehovah. I used to think His name was yahweh until someone researched it. Yahweh is actually the name of the god of Jupiter. Nehemiah Gordon (from Israel) did a great study on His name. The name above ALL names. Yehovah and His Son Yeshua. The Sabbath is Our Creator’s sign that we take on our foreheads and on our hands. The papal system is the antichrist. Sunday (the first day of the week) is the mark of the beast. Saturday (the seventh day of the week) is the day all mankind is to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is a beautiful gift when you follow His COMMAND and meet with HIM on the special day He set aside for us. Would you meet someone on a date on a sunday if they told you to meet them for your date on saturday? You would miss (be late) for the date!! 🙂 He is Love. His commandments are love. The sabbath is OUR WEDDING RING!

        • Stanley Davenport

          Not trying to be a stickler or anything. YHVH is the modernized Hebrew and YHWH is the ancient Hebrew. YHWH is Yad Hey Way Hey which equals Behold hand Behold Nail using the letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet. Spent many long hours on this subject once I learned the Watchtower was hiding the the correct information in the old Aid to Understanding book and the Divine Name brochure. Both of which were rendered obsolete by the WT. I do use Yeshua’s name in place of Jesus but when I pray I use Father as no one really knows for sure how to pronounce His name. I’m not sure we are supposed to since all authority was given to Yeshua and the Father decreed that that all would bend the knee to the son. We do keep the Sabbath though, I learned this about a year ago. Take care. Agape’ Sister.

          • m

            Good information. Thank you. We usually just use Father or Abba as well. It’s confusing sometimes to me because He is One but also Ehad (many). Checkout sightedmoon.com. Great studies/videos. Also have you learned about His Holy days/Feasts yet? It’s amazing to me that every year we learn new things/meanings about His appointed times. I agree that He is coming soon and I believe we are in the end days. May He bless you and keep you.

          • Stanley Davenport

            Yes on the Feast Days. The WT taught us that everything about ancient Israel and the Law was null and void for Christians. What a lie that is. It is amazing how “ALL” the Feast Days have or will be fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua. Did you know that 2020 is most likely a Jubilee year? Because of that the Feast of Trumpets is meshed together with the Feast of Tabernacles this year in a symbolic kind of way. In fact, Tabernacles could prove to be a momentous time for believers. I sure hope so. Take care.

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