If you read the scriptures in the Law vs. Grace Scriptural evidence section, you would see there is constant reinforcement of the fact that we are not under the Law. That point should be drilled in. God gave Israel the Law.  This is explained in The Old Covenant article. Later He gave everyone The New Covenant through the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is called grace. The Jews before the time of Jesus didn’t have a choice, it was the law of their people.

Once this point is really understood, the next step is to reevaluate your tradition and ideology of the past. You must think about the way you used to do things and line it up with the Word. You must ask yourself are you truly living by the Law or living through Grace. The determining factors found between the two are confidence and power.

Those that live through grace have such an understanding that God will supply all their needs as long as they trust Him. There is a total dependence on God. From that trust & dependence yields confidence. Confidence that everything will always be ok as long as we listen & yield to the Holy Spirit. That confidence will yield power in this world over anything wrong in our life. Believers that live through grace know & live like this. This is not a prosperity doctrine, but as believers in the Most High, we should still be prosperous, not primarily in things of worldly value. But prosperous in peace, love, joy, happiness the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-26).

Those that live through the law believe in their works. They believe that what they’re doing is the reason why they’re being blessed. Or because they pay their tithe regularly and go to church every Sunday they are a devoted Christian. Or because they go out and feed the homeless or adopt a child from a third world country they are showing righteousness. Or many other works prove their devotion. Many mainstream believers make their walk and relationship with God pertain to their works.

The main thing to recognize is that if you are going to let Him judge you by your works, then you must follow the complete Law. Not just points that you think are important or skip the ones that the world may have outdated. Remember even if you do all, but fall short to one, you are still found guilty of them all (James 2:10). Read for yourself the Law in Exodus 25 through the end of Leviticus. Also remember that the Law was given to the Jews only.

This false doctrine of Christians still living by the Law in certain traditions has definitely been a plague to the Church. It has watered down the power of believers through faith, putting a false sense of self-works to obtain the same grace that God gives us freely if we just believe. It’s an epidemic and distracts us from the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

If you are one that has been affected by this false doctrine, the first step is to pray & talk with God, then read diligently in His Word. Renew your mind in Him. Don’t let this site be your evidence, but let your knowledge in Him be your evidence. Your knowledge in His scriptures and your separation from worldly traditions. Let this site be a call to attention anyone who understandably got pulled into this world’s traditions and values, who started their walk with Jesus at a church teaching false doctrine, knowingly or not. In the name of Jesus let these words reach your heart and bring a revival back to the knowledge & discernment the Holy Spirit wants to share with you. Let it be a catalyst for growth that all may be saved in the day of His return.

For further review, please go back to:

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Law Vs. Grace Summarized: Part 3



  • Arthur Williams Jr.

    There’s these black Hebrew Isrealite elders that are on YouTube as voice of our Father. They broke down the Law, and said theirs 5 types of Laws. Ceremonial Law, Royal ,Dietary, Sacrificial, and Judgmental. I believe the Torah or the books of Moses there are these 5. Then Jesus said himself that he didn’t come to destroy but to fulfill. Jesus came to atone for our sins meaning the final sacrificial lamb. Also at the end of time to Judge. So they and I believe the new covenant with Christ is he covers 2 of the laws and we have to still obey the law that the Father commanded us. Christ didn’t say we dont have to not obey the Law that is man saying that.

  • Michael

    Jesus says if we love him we would keep his commands. Because Jesus and God are one, his commands are God’s commands. Knowing we are saved by grace, shouldn’t we try to follow His commands?

    • Teresa

      I’m trying to understand law vs grace my goal started off to be in complete obedience to God, I pray about being led by the holy spirit to my understanding it cannot reside with sin, around sin, so I journeyed to be without sin and to learn what is sin to God, so I started reading bible from start and now going through old testament God said some laws would never change which is where my confusion or a cloudiness comes about law vs grace so im still journeying through bible I understand Jesus came to fulfill. My questions bring me here, I am concerned about correctly keeping Sabbath I stopped eating unclean things, I have so many questions now

      • Noah

        All I can say to you is that the Law of God is eternal (The Ten commandments Exodus (20:3-17) and the law of Moses are temporal. they foreshadow the coming of the Hamashiach. Yeshua died on the cross and he fulfilled the law of Moses (all the religious laws sacrificial laws ceremonial laws) but the law of god which he wrote with his own finger on the 2 stones to Moses on mount sinai are eternal. and we are to obey them. In fact when you receive the Holy Spirit you will have them writen in your heart. I encourage you to read your bible start probably with the new testament, then go back and read the old testament and watch this channel video on youtube you will find god i assure you. (sorry for the english i speak french)

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