Like Christmas, Easter has been celebrated long before the death  & the resurrection of Christ. In fact it was being celebrated at the time near Christ’s death. It, like most other pagan traditions stem back to Babylon Mystery Religion. It has nothing to do with Christ, though the Roman Catholic Church decided that it did.

First we must remember that no where in the scriptures does it tell the church to celebrate The Lord in this way. We should celebrate his death & resurrection every second of our lives, not on the specific day the calendar gives us. Now again like Christmas, in 325 AD under Constantine through the First Council of Nicaea it was decided that Easter would also be a “Christian” holy day. Many of the symbols and customs associated with Easter were already practiced and had beliefs attached to them. As time went on people held on to and came very accustomed to this tradition.

Easter can be as far as 3 weeks away from the Passover. Jews most sacred time. This is because this pagan holiday is always set as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Look back at your calendars. Go back in history. Easter is not always close to Passover, so how can it be all about Christ? Christ was crucified & resurrected at the time of the Passover.

Easter was not celebrated by Paul, Peter or any other author of the New Testament. We have no commandment by God to celebrate Easter, but yet we celebrate it anyway. This day is an actual celebration of the Moon goddess, Ishtar. It’s celebrated by pagans, witches, Wiccans, and other believers of the occult, while Christians openly celebrate it as well. It’s deceptive and over time has amassed an absurd amount of spiritual demonic energy that is allowing the enemy to win the hearts of man & woman. Think about it.

Do you believe God would want us worshipping Him the same day, pagans & witches worship Satan?
Do you believe that Jesus is actually tricking the people to worship Him, or could it be the master manipulator tricking the Christians?

As stated all throughout this site, Jesus wants us to worship Him in truth & in Spirit.  We must identify with how God wants us to celebrate Him.  He wants a personal relationship with us that we recognize His sacrifice for us at all times.  When you make Him a priority every day of your life, then there is no need to declare a specific day of the year to celebrate him or go to church.

Understand the difference of  being led through tradition and religion, rather than being led purely by the Holy Spirit.

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The Pagan History of Easter