This video was taken down from YouTube a few weeks back. It is an important video with crucial information about our future to understand. I wanted to make sure that the video was uploaded on the site.

In the video “OUR MONEY IS ABOUT TO CHANGE” I discussed the future of money. This is a continuation of that video. From that other video, we understood a part of the plans of the new system. Now it’s time to discuss the technology. Many people want to ignore this future and act as if this is science fiction. They want to believe this is a future that is far from us, a future maybe, for our children’s children, but not for us. But that is not true and if people that felt this way would just open their eyes and look at the world that is being built right in front of them, all of this would make more sense and maybe it would allow them to live more for what and who truly matters. We can not stop this system from being implemented, but you do have a choice if you want to be apart of it or not. So what I want to do while I am able is to bring you unedited truth about this world, so that you can clearly see the structures being built around you and the reasons for it. It’s up to you what you do and who you serve. but as for me and my household, we will serve YHWH. We will discuss 5G & Blockchain. Let’s Begin!

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