n the last episode part 1, we ended with understanding the Abrahamic Covenant and how Israel was split and scattered.  Now after this is understood, the next point that we must go to is what YAH said while they were in captivity. While they were in captivity, it’s important to understand that the prophets of Judah and Israel were receiving prophecies from YAH about their kingdom being rejoined and coming back into glory.  They were given prophesy of a Messiah, an anointed one, who would be King and take the throne of David and they were given prophesied that their kingdom of Israel would be restored.  In this part of the series we dealt with the prophesies about Messiah.  I have put together a pdf of the Messianic Prophesies about our Messiah Yahusha that He fulfilled so that anyone who truly desires to understand our Messiah can understand why He is truly the Messiah sent. Click the image to download the PDF! I pray this blesses whoever YAH calls to it!

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Messianic Prophecies: Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy pt. 2