In part 3 as we continued discussing the Millennial Kingdom, we dealt directly with the prophesies about Messiah when He comes back in the clouds and takes the throne of David.  As we continue to discuss the Millennial Kingdom and what will be happening in the last days, it’s important that the prophesy of the Restoration of Israel is right at the top of your understanding when you are asked what you are waiting for our Father to do.  When Messiah comes back, we are waiting for Him to restore Israel and so we need to understand what it is this actually means according to Bible Prophecy.  So in this part, part 4, we discussed the prophecies of the Restoration of Israel and what that means when understanding the Millennial Kingdom. I have put together a PDF that summarizes all the points in the video and provides all the scriptural references for your own study. This is a very important topic. I hope there is more clarity for those truly waiting on YAH. Be blessed!

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The Restoration of Israel: Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy pt. 4