In the last part of this series, we went over some of the prophecies that allow us to know that Yahusha is our Messiah.  Now that this understanding is had, we must discuss the future.  Some people think that all that was prophesied about Messiah has happened and therefore we are just waiting for Him to come back, but that is an understanding that lacks depth.  Just as Messiah was prophesied to be a sacrifice, He was also prophesied to be a King and He did not take the throne yet (on earth).  It is important that we understand what Messiah was prophesied to be in the future and so this video dealt directly with understanding what will happen and what is said about our Messiah when He takes the throne of David. This PDF is a summary of the things discussed in the video and provides the scriptures that were referenced for your own independent study! I hope this is blessing you! Yahusha is King!

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When Yahusha is King: Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy pt. 3