The word “church” has developed over time to have multiple meanings. While most understand that when Scripture used the word “church”, it was referring to the body of Christ, all believers in Him. It was not a physical building, but a spiritual body of believers. So while many can not argue that point, they still use the word “church” as their physical place of worship. This word has done a lot to suppress the Spirit, quenching it through strengthening tradition.

You see because we know use the word “church” as a physical place, the actual primary use of the word in scripture gets de-prioritized. The general public does not know or understand the actual purpose of the word “church” and the tradition & idea begins to grow into something else. The tradition & idea now is that people go to find God now in church. It is the way that we find Him, instead of all believers around the world actually just being the church.

The actual church is believers all over the world in one accord in Spirit and in truth. All believers bearing the cross for His name’s sake. Spreading the gospel of Christ and displaying the Holy Spirit through our fruit. Never being afraid of the gospel. Never quenching the Spirit, testing all things, and abstaining of every form of evil.

Today’s church I quite the opposite and is an exact answer of the lack of power of the church in today’s world. Why evil is able to prevail as much as it has. It is the consensus of today that in order to show God you love Him and believe in Him, you must habitually go to church on Sunday’s. This is the place where you are to hear from God. Primarily from your pastor or the feeling one gets from the choir. But this is the overall majority’s view of church. What happens when this tradition & idea take effect in the minds of people?

It now has become an IDOL!

Today’s churches our now an idol that spiritually traps members in bondage of traditions, false doctrine, worldly acceptance, along with use of pagan symbols and idolatry. It is a huge spiritual problem, but in the name of Jesus it is being lifted as you read on.