The Lord has warned us repeatedly about following the traditions of men. He has told us in his Word that our tradition makes the Word of God have no effect in our lives. That is such a powerful charge,

but not recognized by today’s contemporary Christian. Today’s contemporary mainstream Christian holds on to a number of traditions that they do not know the history of. These traditions so greatly covered up by deception, over time it’s just been accepted for Christians to celebrate and take part in.

The problem with these traditions is not just that we should not be practicing them because the Word instructs us not to. Though that should be reason enough. One of the biggest problems most people are unaware of is that by practicing these traditions, we are actually worshipping the wrong god. Most of our American traditions have deep rooted history from the Roman Catholic Church, paganism, and freemasonry. They have nothing however to do with worshipping Jesus Christ for dying for our sins.

This is a major reason why you see so many pagans celebrating the same “holy” days as Christians. How many non Muslims celebrate Ramadan, or how many non-jews celebrate Rosh Shona. A very small minority if any, but when it pertains to Christianity many others celebrate right along with Christians. This is because during these holidays, it is not actually Jesus that is being celebrated. Christians have been deceived and have given up enormous amounts of spiritual energy towards the wrong god. They also in the process quench the power of the Holy Spirit due to them following their tradition, rather than following the Lord’s lead.