What is Christianity?

Christianity is viewed by the general public as a “religion”, but true-born again believers will tell you it’s actual just a belief & relationship with God. Christians are those whose spirit has been born again through belief in Jesus Christ dying & resurrecting for their sins. It’s receiving the gift that was not available freely until the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That gift is access to the Holy Spirit. By letting a Christian live through the power of the Holy Spirit in their life and using the Word of God in their lives, a Christian will live abundantly. By believing truly in our hearts that Jesus died for our sins, we will be saved on judgement day, escaping the second death. This is the new covenant or New Testament. It’s the Age of Grace that all that people can take advantage of.

While you hear that most know that Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected, most people take it for granted because they don’t understand the seriousness of that fact. This series of articles will show the significance and clarify.

The birth of Christ is not documented in the Holy Bible, nor are there any other records of the exact date of His birth. There are many implications and inferences one could make about the time of the year based upon the weather and seasons, but nothing definitive as everything else is in the Word of God. One would believe that if God did not give us a time and charge to celebrate His Son’s birth, then we should probably not decide to do it anyway.  Either way we do not know when Jesus was born, nor do we know much about his life as a child. This is why we do not worship a baby Jesus.

Jesus is the Son of God. He is God in the flesh of a man on earth. He is part of the Trinity; Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. It is perfection at best and impossible to completely wrap your head around because we are not God.   We know that God sent His son to fulfill the Law He gave through Moses to the children of Israel. He is the redeemer that was prophesied about from many prophets like Isaiah & Ezekiel. The true God that would free man from their burden of sin.

Sin is a big factor to understand when referring back to ancient times. This was the people of that time’s major focus. How to atone for one’s wrongs and keep God or the gods (depending on your belief) in good standing with you. Animal & blood sacrifices were very common. Remember Abraham proved himself worthy of The Lord by listening to The Lord and almost sacrificing his son. Sacrifice and blood were a requirement for atonement (getting right with God). This is why the blood of Jesus was so important.

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What is Christianity? : Part 1