Judgement. This word is often misused and misunderstood. In today’s society it seems that whenever you have a position or view contrary to someone else about the way they live or how they act, it is called judgment. People have an expectation that if person has a negative opinion they must keep it to themselves. A negative opinion of a person’s actions today are classified as judgement. If you are a Christian that actually has a negative opinion about the actions taken today in whole by society then you are judging, and people believe the bible teaches us that Christians should not judge.

While the bible does teach us not to judge, we need to completely understand what judgment it is speaking of. When used in context with the Word of God, the bible will tell us not to place judgment on someone, only God can do that. Judgment does not mean have an opinion. It means judge. When God is judging someone is it is because he’s sending them to heaven or hell. He’s removing them from the earth.

A Christian can not do this. They do not have the right to say if this person was righteous or not. They do not have the right to say whether someone is going to hell or not. This is judgment and a Christian should never do these things. By doing these things, they place themselves in priority of God. As if God couldn’t judge the man or woman, they feel they needed to do God’s job for Him. This arrogance and misunderstanding of Christians should be abandoned.

But that does not mean a Christian shouldn’t have an opinion, especially when it regards another member of the church. Paul gives plenty of doctrine and structure on what to do if you are offended by another member of the church. If there is a disagreement, he tells the protocol. He also tells us if we catch our brother doing certain things, do not associate with them and rebuke them. This will in turn make them stronger.

Without an opinion on the things of this world, Christians would live in acceptance to this world. A very big gift we need to use that we all have is discernment. The discernment comes from having the Holy Spirit tell us what’s right or wrong for us, rather than the world and our traditions telling us.

Our opinion comes from discernment. If you see your brother stumbling are you not supposed to help them with it. If you tell them they are going to hell for it, that’s judgement. But if you think it’s wrong and want them to understand why, to help save their soul or rebuke the devil, then you absolutely should.  Never in a tone of condemnation, anger, or aggression, but in a tone of love and patience.  If you aren’t able to do it in that way, then you probably should leave it alone until you are.

Only in the devil’s world does it make sense not to have an opinion on people’s actions and lifestyles. When opinions go away, that means morals have too. When opinions go away, that means moral accountability is lost. The “high thought” of Christians not judging needs to be removed.

Jesus does say don’t judge your brother if you have the same speck in your eye. But if that speck has been removed, He does not tell us we should not help remove the speck out of our brothers then. That is a Christian charge to do. But if you are still battling with the same issue as your brother than you of course can not judge or help on it.

This is very different from having an opinion and guidance on areas that a person may lack understanding to. Christians today need to have opinions on everything they come in contact with today. Gain discernment on all things. Take a stand against the devil and his works. Do not allow people to stay in bondage because you feel you are not to judge. We are to judge everything by the fruits of the Spirit. In the very least, if we don’t want to help others, we definitely should judge and discern for ourselves if the things we consume are right or wrong for us. And if the crowd we hang around is right for us.

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Christians Should Not Judge…Right?