The word “occult” means “hidden” or “secret knowledge”. The exact thing that The Lord has continuously commanded us to reject and stay away from. The things of the occult have traditionally been secret. Information passed down through secret societies. We’ve seen a massive amount of their culture, but never would know the hidden meanings, because it was not readily available to us. On another note, their societal influence has never been as great as it is today. Never before have we been more bombarded with their symbolism, beliefs, & practices. What was once done in the dark, is completely done in public, well a small part is. Mainly their symbols & social positions on culture.

Being that you live in a world that presents the occult to you in such an aggressive manner, you must be fully girded in the truth and have a level of understanding that defeats the lie. Only if you were to never turn on your tv & use the internet, never leave your house, or never communicate with the world will you be able to stay away from this influence. Being that for most the latter is impossible, you must understand what it is you are looking at and the history of it.

The mystery religion of Ancient Babylon is the beginning of the occult, after the great flood that destroyed man . There is more to the story before the flood, but as things started new after the flood, we will start from this point. The Mystery religion has been told in many different stories, through many millenniums. A lot of names of many different gods that are all actually the same god. Different cultures, different times, different languages, all the same story, figures, and structure.

To clarify and explain in the simplest of terms, what the mystery religion of Babylon is; it is Polytheism and/or Paganism. The belief in many gods, with different purposes. In polytheism the masses believed in many gods. The true knowledge of the goal of these gods was only given to the few. They held the secret knowledge which gave them power over the ones who did not have the knowledge. If someone knew about the sun and when an eclipse would occur, they could seem as if they could control it, the people would then worship & follow that man.

In polytheism, in most cultures you will see the same structure. One man who is god, one virgin woman who was the mother of a god, and a son of the mother who was impregnated from the main god. There’s father god, mother god, and the son of god. This only relates to Christianity through Roman Catholic doctrine.  The doctrine of Catholics.   They worship the Virgin Mary as mother god. But in true Christianity, there is only the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and while they’re 3, they’re still only One. There is no feminine nature of God.

The mystery religion is polytheism that has deeply rooted secrets that have not been given to the masses.  In the end it all leads to satan.


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The Mystery Religion of Babylon: Part 1