From the line of Ham, Noah’s grandson son Cush did the complete opposite of what God commanded. God commanded them to flourish the earth and worship Him.  Cush gained followers and became a leader, bringing people all together to live under him. He promoted pure rebellion against God, leading to the creation and building of the Tower of Babel. They wanted to ascend into heaven and defeat God. They all spoke in one language and decided rather than move away from each other, they could build a kingdom for their own dominion.

The Tower of Babel is a very important symbol in the occult world. It illustrates rebellion against God & masculinity. They all look the same. The bible does not explain in detail what was going on with Cush and his followers, all that he was rebellious and led people to be rebellious by building the Tower of Babel.

When God came down and saw what it was they were doing, he was not happy. He decided to confuse their languages that no one could understand what either was saying. They were not able to communicate with each other. The building of the tower had stopped. God confused their language creating the name: Babel for babbling.

Cush was disgraced, but still respected. Because the building of the tower had started, some went on to build the new site. It would be called Babylon.

What you gain from this unedited truth is that after the flood, there were 3 lines, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. We know that from Shem’s line came the line of Israel, King David, and Jesus. We now know that from the line of Ham the rebellion against God began again.



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It Starts Back at the Tower of Babel: Part 2