Now after Cush, there was Nimrod. Nimrod was a very powerful hunter. He was mighty. He was also very determined to finish the plan his father started. He conquered all animals and then men. He is the first to start the first empire following the flood. He became leader of the Assyrian/Babylonian empire.

Nimrod is the beginning of all the stories  that have been passed down over time about the “gods” that everyone refers to when denouncing Christianity & Judaism.  His story has developed and transformed him into a god.  It all starts with him.  Following the occult will lead back to him but still goes further back to Cain.  Either way it is his story that must be understood to understand what the minds of pagans believe.

It was said that Nimrod communicated with the spirit world which guided him to complete great accomplishments like the Tower of Babel. They obtained occult knowledge that gave them power over their people. Nimrod started the first world government, where they all practiced the same religion and were governed under him. They performed human sacrifices and were in control.

Nimrod found rebellion only from his uncle Shem, Noah’s other son. Shem abhorred the abominations that Nimrod had done. Shem followed the commandment of God. He plotted with other conspirators and killed Nimrod. More than just kill Nimrod they cut him up in pieces and sent the pieces to all different cities that were under his rule. Shem did this to show that Nimrod was not a god, and for the people to stop what they were doing and start worshipping the One True God.

His followers were nervous and frightened. It was obvious that Nimrod was not a god, and his father was already defeated. They did not know where to go from there. The next part of the story brings the real twist and connection. The answer came from a woman.



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Nimrod – The Beginning of Paganism: Part 3