Joshua takes Israel into the land of Canaan, the promised land of Israel.  The 12 tribes spread out. The capital Jerusalem, was in the land of the tribe of Judah. Now when they were conquering their land they were led by the power of the Holy Spirit. They were victorious because the power of the Holy Spirit was present. When they conquered land but kept some of the idols or money that the pagans had it quenched the Holy Spirit. They would lose battles until they destroyed the idols and killed the idolaters.

They would conquer land bringing the Ark of the Covenant. Most people don’t realize how important of an artifact this is. This was the a case that held the stones of the 10 commandments in them. It was believed to bring the power of The Lord with them. This is a major part of lost history.

Israel now had their land. They then decided they needed to ruled by a man like the other nations had. They asked God for a king. God once again gave them what they wanted. The first king of Israel was Saul. Saul started off well, but still did not do right in the sight of The Lord. David, son of Jesse, from the line/tribe of Judah, was then prophesied to be king. He slayed Goliath, and was a great soldier for Israel. Saul eventually tried to have him killed. It did not work out for Saul, and Israel later had a new king.

King David united all tribes of Israel under one rule. He did right in the sight of The Lord. He was a great king, though he had his sins and iniquities. He defended Israel and was a uniter.

One of his son’s Solomon later succeeded him. Solomon was a very wise king. Wiser than any other because God gave him a gift of knowledge. Many other kings and queens came to see him because he was so impressive and wise. This was a pinnacle period for Israel. Under King Solomon, they experience 40 years of peace and prosperity. The tribes were united and other lands did not want to attack.

Solomon’s greatest feat was the building of the First Temple, known as the Temple Mount today. He carried out the task given to him by The Lord to build a house of worship for God to be worshipped in. It was built-in the capital city Jerusalem. It showed the greatness of Israel.

Solomon did have an iniquity that ended the reign of his line. He took too many wives, from other nations, who worshipped other gods,and grew tolerance of other gods. God was not happy with this.  After Solomon, Israel entered into turmoil that they have never recovered from since.

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Israel United under King David & King Solomon: Part 3