During Solomon’s rule, he placed heavy burdens on the people of Israel like taxes in order to prosper the land. When he died, Rehoboam became King. The other tribes came to him to release the taxes and burdens placed by Solomon. Rehoboam listening to ill advisers took a bold aggressive approach. This provoked the northern tribes of Israel to break away from Judah. The land of Israel was now divided. The 10 northern tribes of Israel and the tribes of Judah and Benjamin.

Each side had their own kings. The kings of the northern tribes of Israel did wrong in the sight of The Lord. They held and worshipped things of the accursed. They worshipped idols and built abominations to The Lord. It was this mixing of the pagan practices & beliefs along with Mosaic Law that created the Kaballah. This is Jewish Mysticism that has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with mystery religion of babylon & satan.

Some of the kings of Judah did right in the sight of The Lord, a lot of others did not. This prolonged their land being conquered. As the northern tribes of Israel began to separate themselves from God, they pushed themselves into captivity. They were conquered by the Assyrians, while Judah was able to withstand.

Once the northern tribes were conquered, they began to scatter and spread north. A lot migrating to what’s now known as Europe. This is a reason why there are so many Jews in Europe. They all spread out. Some held on to their Jewish heritage, and some created their own. There is not much information to this day about where the 10 tribes of Israel are today. Today we tend to focus on the line of Judah as this is the line of King David.  But you must know that there are the “10 Lost Tribes of Israel”.

To understand some prophecy and current events. To understand what Zionism is. To understand what Jesus speaks of in Revelations about Jews not really being Jews, but of the synagogue of satan. You must familiarize yourself about the facts of the 10 lost tribes of Israel. If you want a direction to dig even deeper into, follow the tribe of Dan.

Now Judah was still in control until they were conquered by Babylon led by Nebuchadnezzar. Babylon destroyed the First Temple, and took the tribe of Judah & Benjamin in captivity to Babylon. Later Babylon was overthrown by King Cyrus of Persia. King Cyrus decreed that the Jews were able to return back to their land. The exiles following Ezra went back to Israel. They rebuilt Solomon’s temple. This was the 2nd Temple.

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The Divide of Israel and Judah: Part 4