In order to understand the things of the New Age it’s important to understand New Age Terminology.  This chart is taken from Walter Martin’s “Kingdom of the Occult” and it will provide basic understanding of common terms you will find related to the occult.  I hope this helps you!

Common key terms used by New Age believers help identify New Age thinking. Often the underlying spiritual background to an article, book, or movie can be detected by knowing these terms.


New Age & Occult Practices

New Age Religion Buzz Words

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New Age Terminology



  • Cordell Forrester

    very very good information.i would live to know your thoughts on the Afrocentric presence in the scriptures and were do they fall in the whole scheme of things?

  • Mimi

    Hello can you do a video on the importance of fasting and prayer? If our minds are being bombarded with filth we cannot have clarity. There are distractions all around us and fasting and prayer can help give us the peace we as followers of Jesus need. I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Ola

    Hello Sir,

    I am a Christian who just came across your website today. As a fact, I first watched a couple of your videos on YouTube before coming to your website.

    I agree with some of the topics you have written about on this website. For example, topics on Oprah, Joel Osteen, and new age teachings. I would have argued against the fact that these people promoted new age teachings some few years ago, if I didn’t have the opportunity to experience Jesus in my personal life.

    That being said, I note in the new age terminologies topic that holistic health is a new age terminology. I want to understand why this is so. As a prospective business owner and a nursing student in the health & wellness field, I promote health & wellbeing from holistic point of view. This view is rooted in the scriptures where total wellbeing is emphasized. Total wellbeing in terms of the mind, body & spirit being in good health. So, if I use the term “holistic health” in my practice with the core values from the scriptures does that mean i’m promoting new age ideal?

    A reply would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • thereeds0912

      I wonder about this as well. I am a Christ follow but I am holistic as well. Is this something we should not be practicing?

  • Kimberly Carley

    Thank you for creating such a quality, well researched teaching. It is much appreciated and needed. The list of new age religions is a great resource because so many people are unknowingly practicing paganism in their Sunday service, or gym, or watching it on tv.

    Please know Mr. Charles, that your efforts do not go unnoticed. Blessings, Otsariyah.

  • Levi

    Thank you very much for that very helpful information… Continue to send me more info..

    Our Father in Heaven continualy bless you..

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