The New Age religious movement will be the religion of the AntiChrist & the New World Order. This is the most simplest understanding to have on this subject. It is a religion that leads to worship of the AntiChrist, the beast of Revelations, the abomination of desolation. Though most today do not fully realize it. The roots of the New Age stem from Eastern religions and of course the occult.

The New Age movement does not come in the form of traditional doctrine as say Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. There is no unified beliefs or practices. They typically do not label their churches as New Age. You will not find an official leader, such as the Pope for Catholics. They do not have an actual structure of an organization.

What they do have is a massive network of groups that all work towards one desired goal. This goal actually fulfilling prophecy that The Lord gave us through Daniel and the Apostle John in Revelations. Their main goal is bring about reign and worship of a one-world leader who will control a world government. He will bring enlightenment to the masses. He will bring peace to the earth and show people how to live in peace through him. They refer to him as “The Christ” or “Maitreya”.

It shows acceptance of all religions and beliefs, but directly blasphemies the doctrine of Judeo-Christian beliefs. This blaspheme sometimes is very direct, but a lot of it is very subtle. So subtle that if one does not put on their full armor of God, they may be swayed by this philosophy.

It comes wrapped up in a package of self-help, self-esteem, and self-reliance. This package often presented and sold by figures that many aspire to be like or achieve the same successes. Through all of this a major idea, thought, and belief is generated in one’s life. Through our media, education system, entertainment and other influences other than the Holy Bible, these ideas, thoughts, and beliefs become a new doctrine of our lives. We never realized that we may have replaced some core traditional value that we should have held on to.

Often times this core traditional value is:

“Trust & Reliance in God, and Not in Ourselves”


New Age doctrine is:

Reaching a Higher Consciousness
Being the Best You That You Can Be

All of that sounds great and harmless to the trusting general public. Why shouldn’t we want to be the best person we could be? Why wouldn’t we want to reach a higher level in our lives? Why wouldn’t we want to know the best ways to become successful and live like the elite?

Because we desire a better life, we strive to understand how to be better. Through this New Age doctrine of self-help, self-esteem, and self-reliance we replace God with ourselves. We put the burden of success, peace, love, and happiness on ourselves. Slowly, but surely releasing our reliance on God. We are now gods and our mission is to obtain a higher level of consciousness.

It is often referred to as “Christ-Consciousness”. The blaspheme that the New Age promotes is that Jesus was not the Son of God, and just a prophet that had a message. They claim He was able to do all of His miracles because he reached the top-level of consciousness. Only “The Christ” (Lord Maitreya) will return and teach us all how to get there. THIS IS BLASPHEME!!

The point is that this is what self-help and New Age doctrine leads to. When you hear it, it does not sound like a religion, just a way of thought. How to change your thinking in order to obtain success and have better relationships.

New Age is not just a thought that people subscribe to. It is the sum of the thoughts that people subscribe to. It is a religion for the New Age which is prophesied, but yet to come. These same general beliefs are practiced by witches, freemasons, pagans, Satanists, Yoruba Priestess, Bahai’, Christian Science, Unity Churches and many more. There are degrees into how dark they are. Or how much actualization of their worship of  Satan they have, but it is the same general belief of reaching a higher consciousness.

Whenever you hear someone refer to Spirituality, if they are not speaking of the Holy Spirit, they are referring to New Age beliefs and you must be mindful and wary of this. This thought is like a cancer that will grow in your mind that will guide your path and take God out of the driver seat. Beware.

Please visit the article with:

New Age Religion Buzz Words

This will provide you with many different references, topics, subjects, and words that are associated with New Age Religion.  A lot of them may shock you.

What is New Age Religion

Please note anytime you see this image on a bumper sticker or anywhere else, this is a promotion of New Age & One World Religion.  All Symbols of all major religions together, seeking to coexist.

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New Age Religion: The Religion of the AntiChrist & the New World Order



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