Is Joel Osteen a False Teacher?

He has the largest protestant “Christian” church in the nation. His church has about 45,000 weekly in attendance.  He’s a televangelist that reaches over 7 million viewers weekly & over 20 million monthly in over 100 countries.   According to Nielsen Media Research, he is the most watched inspirational figure in America.  He is the author of many journals, devotionals, and many #1 best-selling books. He was named by Barbara Walters one of the “10 Most Fascinating People of 2006” and he was selected by the readers of “Church Report Magazine” as the “Most Influential Christian”.  He speaks with many U.S. presidents and influential business leaders of today.  Needless to say, this man has influence.

I mean he always speaks with a smile on his face.  I do not think I have ever heard him sound judgmental, arrogant, or negative.  His message is one of hope and love.  Positivity at its best in the eyes of most that follow him.  So what could be the issue about this man?  How could anyone say a negative word about him, right?

The first thing to understand when reviewing this man is that he labels himself as a Christian pastor.  His church is a protestant Christian church.  So his job according to the Bible is to preach the gospel and bring people to Christ.  He is held under the standard of Titus 1 & 2.  The qualities of elder’s, Bishops, and a sound church.  He is charged to preach sound doctrine.  We must hold all preachers of the gospel accountable to preaching it correctly and/or sound.  So if he is preaching sound doctrine and still achieving the heights of influence that he has achieved, then that is a great thing.  My view then would be, how could I help him? What more support can I give to him because he is doing God’s work very effectively?

The problem is that Mr. Osteen is NOT!  Yes, I said that.  He is NOT!! It can seem quite bold and maybe even judgmental to those who draw opinions without first understanding all points of view. But Mr. Osteen is currently the most deceptive pastor in the Christian church in America, maybe even the world because of his global reach.  He is another example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He is not a “Christian” pastor, but a “New Age” pastor disguising himself under the shade of Christianity.  He deceives anyone listening & following him into believing that they are accepting Christian principles, when they are in fact not Christian, but New Age inspired.  Please read about New Age Religion to understand more about it.

This man speaks of love, hope, and forgiveness.  All things that would resonate with anyone looking to clean up their life and be a better person, even a God-fearing person.  He will stand up before each of his sermons, hold his Bible in his hands and the church chants:

“This is my Bible. I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do. Today I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert, my heart is receptive; I’ll never be the same. In Jesus name, God bless you.”

Right after doing this, he totally twists scripture and does not preach what the Bible says about all things, only very certain things.  Mr. Osteen has picked out certain themes centered around love, joy, peace, forgiveness, & success. He has centered his principles of living right around them.  He leaves out many other scriptures and doctrinal points any believer should be aware of. Points like “Not being of this world, God’s coming judgement, the way to life is narrow, be expectant and ready for Jesus’s return” amongst many other doctrinal points that shouldn’t even be debated.

Mr. Osteen talks more in a self-help approach to living.  Taking the fruits of the Spirit, but leaving God out of it.  He does not even teach about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Not teach that the Holy Spirit is what believers should yield to more than themselves.  He teaches people can change on their own, by fixing their view on things and being positive.

I can get into the many points about his self-help doctrine and New Age themes.  I can also make many points about his connections with U.S. Presidents, business leaders, and even Oprah.  But the fact that the whole world receives him,  like pointed out in the article about T.D. Jakes and his false teachings, should illustrate how deceptive & false he is.  Think about it, he has the largest congregation in the nation.  The most influence from any other Christian pastor in the world.  If he was truly preaching the gospel, wouldn’t the world hate him as they hated Christ? Jesus said in John 15:18-19…

“If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”  (John 15:18-19)

The world seems to love Mr. Osteen.  But if that is not enough evidence for you, just look at his interview with Oprah below.  Now if you are a believer in salvation only through Jesus Christ, you’d know that is our core belief.  We cannot obtain salvation without belief in Jesus Christ.  When asked by Oprah if he believes there’s only one way, he gives the most deceptive answer anyone could ever give.  To the undiscerning Christian, they would receive his answer and not question it.  But if one just uses a little bit of discernment, along with accountability & scripture, they’d see that they not only need to run away from his teachings, but expose him as this article is attempting to do.


Mr. Osteen said that he believes there is only one way to the one true God.  That way is through a relationship with Jesus.  By itself that answer is fine, but Mr. Osteen did not stop there. He also believes there are many paths to Jesus.  Meaning that who we consider to be Jesus can be the same as who Muslims, Jews, or Buddhist believe to be their Jesus. They just call him different names. This is total blasphemy.  He said he wasn’t comfortable making that decision of who is saved or not.   And that that was not his job to judge this.  And that is correct, it is not his job to judge who is saved or not.  But it is his job as the largest “Christian” pastor in the nation to tell them the only way they can be saved and emphasize only through Jesus Christ, being born again through the Holy Spirit.

When he speaks of “who we call Jesus”, he’s not referring to translation.  He’s talking about figures such as Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, or the like.  He is talking about paganism.  The same gods but with different names depending on where you are from.  It’s quite deceptive.

Either way he should know the danger of a statement like that.  Also knowing how much Oprah spreads New Age doctrine, if he were really about spreading the gospel, it should be a priority to precisely state his belief without room for misinterpretation.  I have never heard a true “Christian” pastor explain salvation this way.  Furthermore, there is nothing like this in the bible that supports his claim.  Remember, he starts his sermons with the fact that the Bible is the leading authority. What scripture is Mr. Osteen referring to that speaks on “different paths to Jesus”?

A book can be written discussing all of his false teachings and more information will later be shared, but the take away of this article should be…


Remove yourself from his teachings, do not spread his quotes or tweets, do not read his books, and remove yourself from his church.  Read the bible for yourself and match his views up with scripture.  If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you spirit has been born again and indwelt with the Holy Spirit.  This is your comforter and guider.  The Holy Spirit will protect you and keep you in line with God, as long as you yield to it.  Beware of false teachers like Mr. Osteen, that do not teach you the best gift the Lord has given us after the redemption of sin through the blood of Jesus.  That gift is the Holy Spirit.

Be aware of New Age teachings.  Please review the New Age Buzz words so you may be able to identify with some of its themes.  It’s quite deceptive and can sound like Christianity if you just respond to someone saying Jesus or god in their statements.  The devil is using these high-profile preachers to sway you away from the truth and have you accept the lie.  Please do not fall for it. They are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing.

If you are awake to Mr. Osteen’s false teachings & New Age doctrine, please comment below for all readers who may not know or understand.  If you are unsure or are in defense of Mr. Osteen, please comment why as well.  Whatever your opinion is, please give it respectfully and in love.  God bless!



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Is Joel Osteen a False Teacher?



  • Marie

    Joel Osteen is definitely a false preacher, and is rather a motivational speaker. I’ve been aware before I read this article. Anyone who can’t see that is more likely being deceived by Satan. I’ve noticed his preaching occasionally for years. He also doesn’t mention bible verses directly from the holy bible. Once, my aunt gave me one of his books as a gift a long time ago, and I never finished that book. I noticed that he hardly included bible verses in his book. His book was more like a self-help book.

  • Breanna Polhamus

    My adoptive mother, Kelly Polhamus, told me to stop watching Joel Osteen because she said that he only tells the good part but ignores the bad part which is NOT the whole gospel. Thank you, Mom, and God bless you for your exceptional discernment!

  • Alec Parrish

    Yes, New Age religion is what Joel Olsteen teaches, not repentance or about sin. Run, read he bible for yourself and be lead by the Spirit of God. Be free from false teachers and false religion. I appreciate The Truthunited!!


  • Rose

    I do not know this man personally, never did i give money to his Church, I personally don’t even believe in titling, but i do strongly believe in giving to the needy, or the poor, if my church is in need, and i’m able to help best be it!
    I used to always listen to Joel’s O. matter of fact everyone i known personally listen to him, I can still remember as if it was yesterday, Never read my Bible, was always listening to many pastors, couldn’t even tell the false or the truth ones, well of course i wasn’t studying the word as i am today.
    6 years ago i was in the delivery room in pain getting ready to push while listening to Joel’s teaching, this was my 3 sons, as the message got deeper, and the pain got more heavy, i started to believe that i could push my son out normally if i believe in my self, what? IN MY SELF, well that was the end of having normal birth for me. Months later i realize something isn’t right about his teaching, did I stop no!
    after studying on my own, i now feel the Holy Spiritual leading me to study the Bible on my own not to prove who right or wrong, but to help myself and those along my path… so listen to every HUMANS with 3rd EAR, look at every HUMANS with 3rd EYE, we are very easy to be use by the devil if not close to the HOLY SPIRITUAL and the WORDS of GOD… It’s not hard people read God’s words, stop arguing about the gospel, understand the word and be led by the HOLY SPIRITUAL, defend God in TRUTH ………. I need a teacher that will teach me to get closer to God, Not to this world, or myself.

  • Brittany Schipper

    I re-dedicated my life to Christ in Joel’s church back in April of 2018. This time it was a true change of heart and repentance. I wanted nothing to do with any worldly things (in my mind), and just wanted to live for Jesus! I went to Joel’s church every chance I got, had him playing in my car, home, etc. along with other heretics (TD Jakes, John Gray, Joyce Meyers) etc. However as I drew closer to God, prayer, and sought after The Holy Spirit, I began noticing “the world” in the church! He has pictures with Santa, Halloween carnivals, and even the lifegroups were all about “finding self”… I genuinely wanted to serve, not talk about God wanting to prosper me.
    I got a call from the church to serve as an events volunteer, so I got to see the behind the scenes look, and it’s run more like a celebrity house than a church. My final wake up call that I needed to “leave” was after John Grey was cheating on his wife. I waited for Joel to ask him to step down, so he could come to repentance, but it never came. I still was in denial, and couldn’t believe Joel was a “wolf”… so I did some research, read about being deceived in the Bible, and I’m happy to say, God brought me out!!! I’m so grateful. I came across Truth Unedited YouTube videos, and binge watched everything! I searched for a while to find a good church, and God led me to a small Church of Christ.
    It wasn’t hard to walk away once I accepted my sin of “idolatry” (I unknowingly set up an idol of prosperity in my heart)… and that’s how I was able to be deceived. I repented, and God showed me out! Praise the Lord! (Thanks you Truth unEdited— for the awesome videos and truth you give)

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