Islam was created in the 7th century. 600 years after the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It was created after “Christianity” was adopted by Rome as the official religion. After the Holy Roman Church went out and conquered land in the name of God, blaspheming Christ. This was not a religion that paralleled Christianity. It came far after.

Islam was created by the prophet Mohammed. He claims to have been visited by the Archangel Gabriel who gave him doctrine to put into a book. The book was later called the Qur’an. From these interactions he now had monotheistic beliefs, however they were quite contrary to the other monotheistic beliefs of the Jews & Christians. They made many claims against the validity of Christ. It was one of those false doctrines that was spoken about to come in the Word.

After the doctrine was solidified, he gathered followers and Islam was born. Mohammed was said to have gone to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where him and Gabriel were ascended up by a beam of light to visit Allah. After Mohammed’s death on earth, he did not name a successor. This is where the fights between the Sunnis & the Shiites stem from. Who is the true leader of the faith of Islam.

Either way after Mohammed’s death, the religion spread through the Middle East/Persian area. They began to conquer land and grow in size. They believed it all to be because of Allah. They eventually conquered Israel. Being in control of Jerusalem, they built the Dome of the Rock right on the Solomon’s Temple, the Temple Mount. They did this in worship of Mohammed who was able to ascend to Allah from that point.

For over a millennia, Israel was then called Palestine. It was home to Muslims. The land was in possession by Muslims. Their main religion being Islam. It wasn’t until after World War 2, that Israel was given back to the Jews and renamed Israel. Since that happened there has been conflict with Israel & Palestine since.

The story of Islam can be easily seen as a ploy by the devil. By creating this religion he was able to create reasonable doubt for man believing in the one true God. He was able to take possession of Holy Land of God. The Temple Mount is the most holy land in the world. It’s the same spot that Abraham went to go sacrifice Isaac to The Lord. He also created religious wars and persecution in the name of a god.

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