If you are going to be awakened to the true world that you live in, there are many topics that you need to have a good understanding of.  This is a list and brief explanation, based on my many years of research, of the most important subjects and topics to understand.  This should in no way be the sum of anyone’s information.  Use this as a teaser to make you go out and get more information.  Don’t just read one source.  Do proper research.  Open your eyes to the world you live in.  I hope this helps! This is a Beginners Guide to Conspiracies. All links in blue are articles made by Truthunedited.  Our goal has always been to give you the truth about this world.


Conflict of God vs. Satan

  • Read Isaiah 14:12-21
  • You can’t understand this world if you do not have an understanding of this conflict. Even if you don’t believe in God or Satan right now, you should still do the research on this to make sure your current view is the correct one.
  • Read the Book of Revelations to see how it all ends.



Beginning of Paganism/Polytheism

This is the story of Nimrod & Semiramis in Mesopotamia (the first known empire after the flood). This is where all the other ancient beliefs in multiple gods come from. In the end, all these gods equal up to Satan/Lucifer. I have written articles on this subject, but you should do your own research on this. Nimrod is mentioned in Genesis 10:8-10. The Tower of Babel is Genesis 11. You should research the pagan beliefs in these figures to understand the other view. This is important to understand because all the other gods worshipped by Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome originate from their story.  Most pagans today start with Egyptian beliefs and do not know where Egypt got the story of their gods.  Start with Nimrod & Mesopotamia/Babylon.







The 10 Lost Tribes of Israel

You should at least know the story and understand that they are lost and have not been officially declared found. This story is found after Solomon’s death in 1 Kings 11 until the end of 2nd Chronicles. It’s important to understand this when understanding true Jewish history.  Remember, besides containing a lot of prophecy, the Old Testament is pretty much a big history book. If you are a student of history, but haven’t read the Old Testament, you are missing important information.  Remember the Israelites are the only people who believed in One God, all the other empires and people (the Gentiles) believed in many gods (polytheism/paganism).  If you don’t understand this, the rest of the world won’t make sense.


The Difference Between Christianity & Catholicism

  • Understand why the Roman Catholic Church is different from the Christianity in the Bible.
  • Understand that it mirrors the ancient pagan religions, just replacing Nimrod & Semiramis with Jesus & Mary. There’s so much slack against Christianity because of the Roman Catholic Church and their power & influence over history.
  • People that do not understand the difference between the 2 just link the two together.
  • This most of the time leads to a loss of faith and becoming an enemy of Christ.
  • But the Roman Catholic Church is not true Christianity.


What Traditions & Doctrines That Many Christians Today Practice Come From the Roman Catholic Church?

We practice so many traditions that come from the RCC and not given by God. Examples are:

Know the history and read what the Bible says about traditions of men!  Here are some reference points.


Who were the Knights Templar?

  • This was the first “secret society” that there is extensive information about.
  • They had an extreme amount of power given by the Pope and Monarchs across Europe after they found something in Jerusalem at the Temple.
  • Most scholars believe what they found was either “The Ark of the Covenant” or “The Holy Grail”.
  • They are known in history as “Christian” Knights.
  • The truth about them is they were satanic devil worshippers, not Christians.
  • This is how the Pope labeled them when he had them murdered.
  • They created the first known banking system.
  • Much of today’s secret societies originate from this.
  • It is also said that they are the protectors of “The Holy Grail”.


What is the “Holy Grail”?

Dan Brown is best known for his book and movie about this subject. Very simply, the Holy Grail is not a cup like on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It is in fact the so-called blood line of Jesus’ child born through Mary Magdalene. Learn about this.  This will be part of the big lie when the AntiChrist comes.  Just understand it is a lie.


What are the Freemasons?

  • After the Knights Templar were murdered, the surviving members fled to Scotland.
  • This is where Scottish Rite Freemasonry was born.
  • Freemasonry is just a spin-off from the Knights Templar, but just in another way.
  • The goal of Freemasonry is to “spread the light of Lucifer”.
  • It is more like a religion than just an organization.
  • Most Presidents have been Freemasons.
  • Their influence in this world is large.

This is a subject that must be understood.

Why are the Freemasons Not So Secret Any Longer?

Being that many of their secrets that they’ve held for centuries have now come to light, it should be alarming to those that understand their plans and purpose. If they’re not secret any longer, it means that there’s nothing we can do to stop the progress of their plan.

Who Financed the African Slave Trade?

The African slave trade didn’t just happen by itself. The people and families that started and made the most profit from slavery are still in existence today. Just ask yourself, what major power of the past during the beginning of the Slave trade, still is in existence today. Answering this question can really provide insight into the truth and the lies.


What is a New World Order?

This is the main phrase that people hear about conspiracies.  Maybe you’ve heard about it for years and think because it has not happened yet, it is not real.  It is very real.  Most world leaders mention. Obama says it all the time, but says “international order”.  Most leaders make it sound as if it is a good thing.  On September 11, 1991 President Bush first made the phrase “New World Order” known, but still many do not know what it is.  You must understand this, to understand what is at stake.


Learn About the Rothschilds, Their Wealth, Power & Control

This was one of and still is one of the wealthiest and most powerful family in the world. They have their hand in everything. It starts with Mayer Amschel Rothschild. One of his most well-known quotes is that

“He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation”.

Understanding the truth of that quote and the truth of who controls our money makes the whole picture become much clearer.


Learn About the Rockefeller Family

It wasn’t even 100 years that the American public despised John D. Rockefeller. They called him the most evil man on earth. Today many people don’t know anything about him, his son, and his grandsons. The family and their amount of power & wealth is hidden to the mass majority of the American public. They funded most of our public system like our healthcare and education system.  This explains why we know nothing about them. They have removed themselves out of this country’s history, but were the most influential piece to this country’s history & prominence today. They have a hand in everything, and many of us know very little about them. You can’t understand this country correctly without understanding them.

If you do not include them in your view, YOU ARE BLIND to this true country and world.


The Federal Reserve

  • The thing that controls the people and this world is the “all-mighty dollar”.
  • Most of us don’t know a thing about the organization that actually prints it.
  • We think it’s an organization that’s part of the United States government.
  • In actuality it’s a completely private bank owned and run by the wealthiest families in this world.
  • The 2 families I mentioned in this article are owners of this bank.
  • They do not answer to the United States or anyone else.
  • They are the lenders to the United States.


So when you believe that the U.S. Is the most important office in the world, just ask yourself.

Who has more power…the borrower? Or the Lender?

The United Nations

This should be the most easiest thing to understand. Everyone has heard that the main conspiracy theory is that the evil men of this world want to form a world government. It’s in the Bible too, in Daniel 7:23. The fourth beast different from all the other kingdoms that devoured the whole earth. In order for this prophecy to be true, you would need an organization to control and run the world. It’s very easy to see that the “United Nations” will be that vessel to fulfill this part of the prophecy.

 1000% Proof We Are Accepting a One World Government

The AntiChrist

This goes back to Isaiah 14:14. We don’t know who this will be, but he is the point of all these other conspiracies. If you understand these other points, you will know just how close we are to seeing this Anti-Christ appear.  Just understand that all these other topics all lead up to introducing the reign of this figure.  The whole conspiracy boils down to the AntiChrist.




If you don’t know a majority of this information, there is no way that you have a clear picture of the world in front of you.  If you notice, none of this information is covered extensively in any level of education that most people have received, from elementary school to doctoral programs from accredited universities.  There’s a reason for this.  So please, until you can properly teach someone else about these topics, please don’t assume you are awakened and there is nothing else that you need to know.

If you believe there is something more that I did not list or mention, please list it in the comments section.

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Beginners Guide to Conspiracies

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  • Cherie C

    There are no lost tribes of Israel. Israel split into two main tribes, Israel and Juda.

    They were named Asher, Dan, Ephraim, Gad, Issachar, Manasseh, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon, and Zebulun—all sons or grandsons of Jacob. In 930 bc the 10 tribes formed the independent Kingdom of Israel in the north and the 2 other tribes, Judah and Benjamin, set up the Kingdom of Judah in the south.

    See, no lost tribes.

      • Steve Taylor

        James – My name is Steve Taylor. I am a pastor in Oklahoma. I couldn’t find an email address for you, so I’m leaving this here. My email is: stevewtaylor82615@gmail.com. I have loved finding your teaching videos on youtube. I thought I was the only one who saw these things and taught people about it (knowing of course that God had to have revealed these truths to others too). How refreshing to find someone who thinks like me and teaches many of the same things, especially exposing witchcraft. I have been rejected by just about everyone in my life and it got down to just my wife and me – though some seem to be getting some of it. God began revealing things to me in his Word and by his Spirit in harmony with the Word about witchcraft. I have just completed my first short book entitled, “Witchcraft Invasion” which is for sale on Amazon now. I’m writing part 2 now. Your videos are extraordinary. You are so talented! I would love to make your acquaintance. I hope you’ll reach out to me through email. God bless you and yours. – Steve W. Taylor

    • S. L. H.

      Not in that sense, lost in their identity of who they truly are, these ppl just didn’t disappear, they were made to forget who they were and are, read your bible because it speaks about this through the prophets.


      I believe the lost tribes of Israel are “African americans “. We are the only people who’s identity has been stolen and kept secret. We have not true cultural, historical identity.

      • Jenny

        Ma’am I am a african amirican myself and That is not true.The bible says that Yashua’s line will come from Shem not Ham.Ham was cursed to serve his brethren as we see after the flood.we see this come true in the African American slave trade.Ham was very rebellous anyways.The African American people came from Ham’s line.

  • Brooke

    I love your videos! My eyes are so open that i can’t even watch tv without seeing the mass deception going on. Its crazy to know that they put there stuff out for everyone to see but no one believes there intent behind it. My kids and husband think i am crazy. Trying to seek the truth through prayer and reading the bible. Hebrew Roots was what i was drawn to.keeps the holy holidays and celebrates the sabbath.

    • Jenny

      i would like to eyes that open as sometimes i know something is bad like a certain false preist but when i watch their sermons i can’t see the deciptian right before my eyes.I pray that the Ruach qodesh will give me more discearnment which is escpicially helpful in a time like this..

  • Mya Harris

    This website is amazing and I am truly blessed by the information provided in the articles and the you tube videos. My husband and I look forward to your videos each week there’s always something new and insightful. God bless you and the work that you are doing. A lot of things I’ve read on this website has helped me to open my eyes on things I use to overlook all the time. Good bless you and thank you.

  • Achabe Durante

    I feel like my eyes are being opened to many things I didn’t know before. It’s almost overwhelming. I see all the evil on t.v., movies, music, and just about everything out there. Its difficult to explain this to my wife. I’ve started to pray and read my scriptures more often now, I struggle daily with the temptations of what I was in, and praying to be free of this bondage. I’m looking to reach out with other followers of Christ to fellowship and grow in the faith that is Christ Jesus. Is there a membership in this? Thank you

  • Damilare

    I want to say keep doing the good works of the Lord, the Holy Spirit has opened the eyes of my understanding, thanks so much bro. Any one from Nigeria should please reach out let’s fellowship together, thanks.

  • Bobby


    Thank you for all of the wonderful teachings on your website and your extremely well put together videos. I would like to know more on the topic of the Great Deception of the End Times. Specifically, how the world system is planning on mandating a One World Religion. Also, I’ve seen articles stating that this will be tied in with an Alien Deception and the Pope. Do you have any information regarding this? What opinion has your vast research led you to believe on this topic?

    Thank You and May GOD continue to Richly Bless you!

  • Sara Noemi

    I have been viewing your videos. You have made the Bible a real book of truth. I have always loved History and I was linking the history of man with that of the Bible. There was always a missing link to the history I learned. Watching your videos has brought much understanding to me. The missing links are connecting and I understand why Yahshua had to come. I am so grateful for his presences. I am understanding more as I read the Bible.

    There is so much on the YouTube that is hard to know what to look into. With a prayer, I go and watch. The moment I become fearful of the evil we are encountering, I go into your videos to remember who is in charged and our Father the creator of all has set a plan to restore all.
    I am a reader of non-fiction. Is there any book you would recommend for me to read.

    • Jon Eliezer

      Find a church that truly follows the word of God with proper Christians (Christian by action, not by name). If they are true Christians who follow God with their heart, soul and mind, they will be able to give you a proper baptism. God bless you, and have a blessed day.

  • Twebaze Mathias

    Global evil elites want to control everyone (total human control)
    Let us expose them for the whole of humanity to know

  • Rachel Perez

    Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth and teaching everything that you do. I have been awaken and see all the wickedness that is really going on in the world. Things I never realized especially in media ,movies,etc. I thank Elohim everyday for bringing me out of darkness and into the light. Your videos have helped me research and read my Bible passionately everyday. My kids and family think I’m crazy because I try and open their eyes to truth they don’t want to hear anything I have to say in fact they mock me most of the time . Please keep up the great job you are doing, I appreciate all your work.

  • Punkin Racehorse Robles

    What do you know about Elon Musk and his SpaceX satellites, I saw them last night and gave me such a weird feeling. Also his logo for Elon Musks Dragon/Falcon projects is; …the dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. He is involved in the Bitcoin, RFID,Falcon Lasers and with Jared Kushner.
    Help me to get on the right track about this man.

  • Staicy Masha

    Greetings from Kenya.

    Ever since i came across your videos on YouTube, i started becoming more and more addicted to knowing more about the Bible and how it connects us to the world. With time i have been able to understand things that i never knew i could come across in my life. Especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, am seeing how the world is so much affected by fear and allowing the devil to take control of their lives. Am only 20 years old and i already feel like i know and see too much than i should. It really affects me. Though am always judged and looked at differently (sometimes getting discouraged), i do look at it from a positive angle and believe that it’s God’s will for my life. Am glad that through your videos am able to discover and open my eyes to the hidden truths of this world. I’ve also seen that through this website i will be able to find my answers about Catholics because i have been wanting to leave the Catholic Church for a long time.
    Thank you so much and may the ALMIGHTY bless you abundantly.

  • Francis

    I am confused by the Bible don’t know where to start.To much fear and sadness in this world.Hope I can get guidance. Thank you.

    • Claudia

      Hi Francis,
      The four gospels are always a good start to get to know Jesus and learn about his ministry of spiritual warfare/redemption (John, Mark, Luke, Matthew).
      Than try Acts to learn about the apostle’s ministry. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in His Word. Good Luck to You!!

    • Nicole Czaczkowski

      Claudia gave you great advise! Any of the gospels is a great place to start. Once you have read the New Testament you can move to the old. I’m hopeful that you have done this already or that you will very soon. 🙂

  • Bertrum Abrahams


    Thank you for all the information and God Bless you. I have question and I hope you can give more information or some research to follow. I always get the following question: How do you proof the Bible is the real word of God because of all the other scientific proof out there that contradicts the Bible. For example according to the Bible and timeline of creation is about 6000 years and we have a lot of scientist out there with proof the earth is about more than 1 million years old. Is there any information you can give to follow and do some research please?

  • Joel Saah

    I have always had unanswered questions but Thanks to YAHWEH I can now answer them by myself.Thank you very much.GOD BLESS YOU

  • Nicole Czaczkowski

    The truth really does set us free. Thank you for taking the time to put out videos. It really inspired me to read my Bible more. I am very grateful!

  • Emma


    Your videos bring me closer to Christ. Today on FB a woman is claiming the freemasons made the bible.How do I challenge this? I’m young in my faith but my faith is strong. Thank you for any support and keep up the beautiful work you do.. We love you.

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