For Christians that fully believe the The Holy Bible as the Word of God and understand bible prophecy, you’ve known that the end times has the war of Armageddon between Jesus and Satan/Antichrist. There will be a one world religion worshipping Satan. He will sit in the 3rd Temple Mount in Jerusalem and proclaim himself god. He will also control a one world government. Christians will be persecuted.

If you are a believer then you should also have the message of hope that you will be saved. You believe that you will be raptured and saved from the tribulation, the time when God will test the whole earth, Jacobs Trouble. By having that understanding, one of our main jobs is to make sure we do not become “lukewarm”, lose our crown, or have Jesus say “I Never Knew You”!.

We are at a point in time where evil is not easily recognizable to most. The things that God is against we don’t identify with anymore. From the 10 commandments in the Old Testament to the gift of Grace in the New Testament, God has consistently set His standards for our lives. This is part of the definition of Judeo-Christian values. Over time these values have been eroded and put aside for a new kind of indoctrination. We are so involved and concerned about ourselves, our entertainment, and our family’s economic well-being, we are forgetting about what God wants, what He says about the last days, and what the actual battle we face is.

We are at a point of inclusion where everything is accepted and you are now found wrong to even speak against these things (ie. sexual immorality, homosexuality, devil worship, etc). Do you think this is all by accident? Do you not notice the difference in things accepted currently versus decades back through just our grandparents generations? Societal acceptance of today’s current values were not accepted 50 years back.  The society as a whole at that time back then did not morally judge the values of today as being ok. People tend to want to use the normal cliché “well times change”. Our values should never change with time. Our values are what we hold on to in our heart. There what makes us us. They should be unwavering.

Very plainly our current values of today are that of luciferin doctrine. It’s New Age religion, that shows a form of consciousness to aspire to obtain to. It’s an obvious point that if you believe in scripture that it HAS to happen. The problem is that most people can’t believe it’s now. It is important to have a concrete perspective on the world today. You need a measurement tool that you can reference back to. If you are a believer in Christ, it should be the Holy Bible. It is the Word of God written by man, inspired by the Holy Spirit. From this you can measure the temperature of the times.

This website will gradually expose to you to information not taught or twisted. It will provoke thought on all things. What you must do is simply stated, but not practiced regularly.

Believe in the Word of God fully. Do not let the power of the Holy Spirit dry up in your life. Don’t hate and be ignorant to prophecy. Test everything that you encounter, making sure it’s good for you. Stay away from all evil at all costs.

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