If you have read my article on “Are Your Tradition’s Keeping You Away From God” you will know based from Scripture that traditions can make the Word of God have no effect in your life and blocks the intercession of the Holy Spirit.  Our traditions wrapped into our belief in God makes us have a religion.  The truth is Christianity is not a religion.  Its individuals that have a personal relationship with God through belief in salvation through the blood & resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It’s a belief and a personal relationship.   We are not tied to traditions. Maybe nothing more than receiving our daily bread through the Word of God and being led by the Holy Spirit which is indwelled in all believers who accept It.

Unfortunately today we practice many traditions.  Because we do not all collectively rely solely on the Word of God, but more so a Word from our local pastor, many of us do not realize how wrong traditions are for a believer in Jesus Christ.  There’s one particular tradition that this article will highlight.  That is:

Why do we go to Church on Sunday?


Now if you have any Orthodox Jews in your community you will notice regularly that they rest on the Sabbath (the 7th day).  They recognize the 7th day as Saturday.  This is when they rest and follow the commandment in the Law of resting on the Sabbath.  Now there is a question many should ask, that many don’t ask.  I know I asked it as a kid and never got a real response. The question is

If Jews & Christians alike both worship the same God, the Father, then why do we recognize different days as the Sabbath?

Jews recognize Saturday as the Sabbath. And Christians recognize Sunday as the Sabbath.  Now I must note that this has nothing to do with whether we are under the Law or not.  That is another topic.  But today we have a tradition of worship on Sunday.  Believers and non-believers identify Sunday as the day to rest and worship God.  There is a strong majority that worship Him and focus on Him only on this day.  You hear phrases like “Let me give the Lord His time” or “You need to be at church on Sunday”.

But why is there a difference between Jews & Christians when it comes to the Sabbath.  Is it scriptural? Does the New Testament say anything about replacing the Sabbath from the 7th day to the 1st day?  Of course it doesn’t. So where does it come from? And how did it change? (If we asked these questions about many of the things we do when it comes to the Lord, you’d be surprised by how much bondage you can release yourself from)

Very simply like many of our traditions, the church changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday when Rome adopted Christianity as their main religion.  When pagans mixed their beliefs with Christianity in the 4th Century, we adopted many traditions that pagans have always taken part of.  They simply changed the day of the Sabbath.  This is factual history that can be researched and found proven very simply.

It should be noted that centuries before Christianity, pagans already used “Sun” day as their day of dedication to the Sun.  Note the name “Sun” day.  Pagans and polytheists, which simply equate to devil worshippers, worshipped the Sun as their god.  This is just one of the traditions that was passed down over the years.  It’s a tradition.  A tradition that makes the Word of God have no effect in our lives (Mark 7:13).

It is another reason why the church has such little power today in society.  The Lord is not present in these churches sorry to say.  It is an unfortunate reality.  The Holy Spirit does not intertwine itself against the Word of God.  It is how we dry up the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the church.  It is also how the “falling away” happens.

Now if you discuss this with your pastor or elder, many of them because of their pride and ego will dismiss this as irrelevant.  That it does not matter.  Please know that it doesn’t matter only because I have said so in this article and brought light to it.  It matters because God said so in His Word.  Review what he says about traditions and the philosophy of men. He has spoken in many occasions about this.

Don’t take my Word for it, read the scriptures for yourself please. Here’s a link.

Scripture’s About Tradition’s

The point is that man has changed the Lord’s Day to satan’s day.  Many of us do not even recognize it.  I am not a Seven Day Adventist.  I do not even claim a denomination.  I am simply a believer in salvation only through Jesus Christ. I am not for division of the church’s, but unity in doctrine.  Please question all of your traditions.

If you are a member of the many churches that worship primarily on Sunday, please bring this subject up to the church leadership.  Have a discussion on why do you recognize the Sabbath as a different day than the Jews. Pray about it and ask the Lord for clarity and discernment.

The Lord is on His way soon.  Please do not let your traditions that are not biblically based keep you from Him.  This is why He warned us about these things.  I have written extensively about a lot of these traditions.  If there are more traditions that you may practice that you are not sure of share them in the comment section below and let’s start a discussion.

I hope you receive this through love and not through a spirit of judgment or condemnation.  The truth truly does set you free and that is the purpose of this site.  To break bondage that the world has trapped us in to draw us away from the Lord.

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Why Do We Go To Church on Sunday?

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    • James Charles

      You should know that the Lord’s Day is the Sabbath that He commanded the Jews to rest on. If man has claimed Sunday to be the Lord’s day, it is a man-made tradition. It does not come from God, regardless of how noble our intentions are. We need to move according to the Word and not by man and their traditions.

    • tonyoxman

      There is no command in scripture to worship on Sunday. You can give any number of reasons for Sunday worship but they are not backed by scripture. The true reason for Sunday worship is exposed in this article. If you care to honor the Lord over tradition you will at least look into the true Sabbath day. The Lord gave the Sabbath as a day of rest at creation, before the fall. Thousands of years before there were any Jews.

  • Virginia Hamm

    Didn’t the Apostles meet on the first day of the week which is Sunday? Aren’t we to follow the Apostles Doctrine?

      • Virginia Hamm

        Thanks James, will be asking questions on this at Church and studying on it. Think maybe God doesn’t even care when we worship him, should be doing it EVERY day?

        • James Charles

          That is exactly correct. We worship the Lord everyday all day. There should be no specific day especially the way it is done now. Many people feel that Sunday is their time to hear from the Lord. That’s why tradition makes the Word of God have no effect because we can hear from the Lord everyday. We have His Holy Spirit. Beware of non-biblical traditions. And thank you for your reading, your comments, and this discussion. God bless you Virginia!

    • James Charles

      This is true but that is not the basis of the article. This article is pointing out the specific tradition of Sunday worship that 95% of churches take part in. Most people in this country identity Sunday as the day to go to church and worship the Lord.

  • Suzana

    hi…just came across this article…are we to still apply the sabbath since we are now living under grace. if so does it really matter what day we come together in a church and worship. what if we worshipped him on mondays or wednesdays..does it really matter…just asking?

    • samuel simpson

      Hi Suzana, please I would like to add on:
      1. You & I are the church, a living temple of God…not a building built by men but by God thru His Spirit.
      2.The Law & the law of the sabbath which was a symbolic or a physically practiced one is accomplished by the Spiritual Law of faith,love and sincerity brought about by the Lord of the Sabbath’s ie Chrit’s atoning sacrifice & resurrection…daily doing good works to glorify our loving God…24:7/7.If we have Christ in ourselves then we have & live in the sabbath all day long for Christ is our Sabbath.
      3.Sunday to Saturday and january to december is the 4th beast’s Calendar. The 4th beast as per Bible reference is the Roman Empire.The
      name of the 4th Beast’s calendar is called after the Emperor/Pope Gregory – the Gregorian Calendar.So whatever day you chose to worship
      you are not worshiping God but rather you are worshiping a Roman God or goddess.The bible simply and clearly describes God’s heavenly calendar to worship him : it’s a luni-solar based calendar using the moon cycles ,the number of times the turns around the earth, and the number of times the earth turns around the sun. The roman calendar is based on the sun only,it does take into account of the moon and it’s effect on the seasons etc. Note: if one changes calendar then he or she have decided to change the time count and change the sabbath days – in short: calendar change = God worship and time to worship changes also.The moon(month comes the word moon),the sun + the earth is God’s calendar – no one can change them around.

  • Brandon

    Great article! Yahweh called me out of Sunday worship back in 2012 and I fought it. Man I was like “this is the enemy…” lol. After praying and research I then knew that it was Yahweh and I accepted. My parents are still against it and one of my brothers, who really fought me on it, was just recently called out of Sunday worship and now, just as I do, teach his kids at home. Many traditions that I grew up on Yahweh has called me out of and even though family and friends think I am crazy and at times it is uncomfortable, due to me doing it most of my life. Keep up the great work!

  • Pauline

    Hi, thank you for the article. I thought the Sabbath in the New Covenant was to rest in Christ Jesus (all of the time). I come from a tiny town and we only have 2 churches, catholic and Presbyterian. I study and pray the Word of God everyday now that I’m retired but I hungered to worship our Lord in fellowship with other believers so I now (about 2 months now) attend the Presbyterian Church. Although the church has its own traditions, I don’t really care for that I just pray in my heart and pray for those around me. I know the history about the “Sun” day but in my heart Sunday and everyday belongs to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Satan has abused everything that God created, he’s a terrible copycat and sets traps and many are caught in this churchianity trap. The church I am attending is dying (hardly anyone in attendance) and I’m praying for more people to attend so they can learn about our Lord and His Saving Grace. Would that be wrong?

  • Bryce

    The Sabbath day is Yahweh’s commandment. Every day and hour is and should be open for praise. However, the day of rest is and will be the Sabbath. Keep the faith.

  • TaRoya Hollis

    I wanted to know if I should not attend church since I know the truth about it through Yahuah and the holy ghost. I get questions from family why I haven’t been to church. I need to know how to answer them.

  • doe

    feel so sad if others are saying they worship God on sunday because He rosed on that day and even forgetting that obedient is better than sacrifice.yh we all need to worship God everyday bt the sabbath still hold.

  • Thomas

    James, I have really enjoyed your videos. Thank you.I have watched your History of religion series 1-12 so far… and your video on Halloween. Your video on halloween is another smashing Home Run. You knocked out of the park. … I am so concerned (so i share your concern) when i see people in the Church, or now even whole churches embracing halloween. So another Thank you. We have a lot in common. I am also an evangelist. Just read God’s Wor, and do my best to build my Life on it. I spend my spare time in jail, Talking about my Jesus , or on the streets evangelizing. I have huge concern for the American Church and all the worldliness you see in it. it used to be in me too, that’s how i know how deadly it is. … anyways. My mother has tendencies towards 7th day adventist. So i have studied this topic in depth. There is a book that by Dale Ratzlaff, called Sabbath in Christ. I recommend it. He is a former 7th day Ad. One of his videos is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Es9xJutiwo. From what i understand, as new covenant Christians, we are suppose to be in “rest’ all 7 days every week. We should find ourselves Glorifying God in everything we do, everyday. What day we choose to “not forsake the assembly” Heb 10 and fellowship with other christians, in my understanding, really shouldn’t matter. Thoughts? Either way, May God continue Bless you and your ministry!

  • Miriam

    i always thought Sunday worship to be okay until i started questioning it. i realized that Saturday is the sabbath day and will keep it holy. the reason i choose to go to church on Sundays is because i view Saturdays as my sabbath day and to me that time is for me to have a one on one with Elohim and to spend Godly time with my siblings, parents and relatives. Sundays to me is just a day of fellowship in which the body of Christ comes together,pray, read the word, worship, praise, testify of God’s goodness and witness the spirit move among us. is my understanding of these two days wrong? afterall God’s word did say that the sabbath is a day of rest.

    another thing i’ve been looking at is female pastors and don’t matter how hard i try to accept them or push the thought that they are not suppose to be pastor out of my mind it just keeps flooding in over and over again. i’m a woman, i’ve wanted to do many things from teaching little children in Sunday school, prophesying, interceding which i’m working towards perfecting, i helping out with the girls ministry as i teach and help little girls to walk in the way of Christ. I even hope that when i get older since i’m only 21, i will one day become a mentor to younger women. one thing i never wanted is to become a pastor, i only had wanted to marry one. don’t even know if i am to say all this. The pastor of my church is female and she is wonderful she even show sings of being zealous for Elohim. we had a male but the devil framed him and he was removed. he was the best pastor ever. when i look at the situation i can’t help but to thing that the devil planned it all too well and saw it through too. so is it really okay to have a female pastor, because as Elohim is my witness i hold nothing against her except that she is a pastor?

    • Daphne

      Hi Miriam. Your name is just one example of a biblical woman in leadership. The old testament describes Miriam as a prophetess in Exodus 15:20. She was Aaron’s sister. There is a prophetess in Luke 2:36 by the name of Anna. There are several other examples in the Bible, old and new testament, that reveals how the Spirit of Elohim works through women. These two examples can just get you started on your way. I would like to encourage you to read through the scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. I began to read the bible thoroughly and became enlightened to many things. Reading made me questions many things I thought I knew which ultimately lead me to truthunedited. So I could not agree with him more when he says do your own research. Your research should start in the Bible and the Holy Spirit will lead you to other places that may be necessary to fully grasp what you are researching.

  • Daniel

    Amen ..thanks you brother God will bless you’re more for your good work your reward is with him my brother.continue and never be discouraged as God told Joshua to be of good courage .I only have one question which is this that ,you said I can go to any church to be baptised although not get a membership but concerning that a lot of chirches follows tradition and their things are just mixed up.which church could be the best?

  • Kennedy Bunga

    Hi James. Thank you for the History of Religion series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal. This article on the sabbath is the only one that has left me with question marks. However instead of dismissing you I chose to rather ask more questions and get more clarity.
    I concur with a comment by Miriam on the 22 November 2018. There is a reason why we have two days in a weekend. The sabbath day remains Saturday. Just like many of the ordinances that came with old covenant, the sabbath day was for a day until the sabbath himself who is Yashua comes. In the first few scriptures of Hebrews you will find that entering the sabbath is the same as being born again as a Christian. Now because the Sabbath himself is forever so too the Sabbath day has to remain forever as a day of rest dedicated to Elohim. However Christians have another day which is a day dedicated to Yashua. You are right to say this day was not to be observed the way mordem churches do. These were wonderful gatherings of the saints who come together to share the good news of the mystery that had been opened for all.
    There were no Christians before Yashua came. Everyone who lived before Yashua came was not a Christian. The Bible says Christ is some form of first of his kind. You have a wonderful video on gentiles and Israelite Jews. Gentile Christians are people who have come to Elohim through Yashua and Yashua alone. Outside of Yashua there is nothing else that connects Christians to Elohim.

  • WannaBeRight

    Hello Brother Charles,

    I want you to know your videos have been a huge blessing to my household and an answered prayer. My kids were getting at little bored in church. It was troubling to me, because I want my children not just to learn but to be excited about The Word. So we started having our home Bible studies and we work your videos in and they are so excited and sometimes we have such a good time discussing The Word till it’s hard to let go. For this I’m truly grateful to Elohim for you.

    So far the only thing I wasn’t clear of where you stood was the Sabbath. And I’m still not real clear. But any way I wanted to share what I could see in The Word. Mostly in the New Testament they were trying to trip Jesus up in regards to the Sabbath, but he always had a Word for them. He also said that the Sabbath was made for man not Man for the Sabbath. Also, the last scripture I found on the Sabbath was in Colossians 2:16 where it’s says ”Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an Holy day or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days.” It doesn’t seem to be so important what day as long as we take a day or days to rest and reflect on our blessings and give praise for them!

    Oh and I found your YouTube channel because I was looking for a way to tell my loved ones we are not celebrating Christmas anymore. Your video was perfect. We posted it on our FB page and all I heard was Crickets! May Elohim continue to bless you and the wonderful work you are doing.

    • Ron Charles

      This message blessed me! I’m happy it helped your family especially your kids. I agree with you on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a tricky subject and so that I’m not a stumbling block for many I don’t speak much on it.

      • Allison Gladney


        I’m just seeing your response! Lol! That’s another reason I have much respect for you, because if you are not sure about an issue you say so and don’t act like you have all the answers.

    • Elani


      Paul was the author of Colossians and in Acts 13:14, 17:2 and 18:4, we can see that Paul kept the Sabbath years after Christ rose.
      Context is important in regards to verse 2:16. Paul was confronting false teachers that were trying to infiltrate the congregation in Colosse. Paul was warning the Colossians of these false teachers.

      This article goes into more detail about it:

      Here are some great explanations:
      When Paul wrote, “… Let no one judge you in food …” (Colossians 2:16), he wasn’t discussing what types of foods they should or should not eat. The Greek word brosis, translated “food,” refers not to the kinds of foods one should or should not eat, but to “the act of eating” (Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, 1985, “Food”). The point is that the deceivers disdained feasting—any type of eating and drinking for enjoyment.

      Paul instructed the Colossian Christians not to be influenced by these false teachers’ objections to eating, drinking and rejoicing on Sabbaths, feast days and new moons.

      Now back to Paul’s main point: The Colossian deceivers had no authority to judge or determine how the Colossians were to observe God’s festivals. That is why Paul said, “Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days …” (Colossians 2:16-17, King James Version).

      If we love God we should keep His commandments, including the fourth one: remembering the Sabbath day and keeping it holy.

      Jesus kept the law when he was on the earth. We must follow Jesus’ examples and keep the commandments.

      In John 15:10, Jesus said “If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love; just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.”

      Please do reach out if you have any questions.

      God bless!

  • Kwakye Emmanuel

    I really believe in the Saturday worshipping, but I worship on Sunday. I was not attending church, all because I wanted to find the truth about the day to worship,i found out that I can’t find the truth while in the house. So I followed my brothers to the Sunday church all in the name to find the truth. But I have not got the answer yet.but my question is if we supposed to worship on Saturday alone, thus that means the the prophecies and healing from the pastors that worship on Sunday is not from God. Or what does their source come from.. Please I need your reply.

  • Eliezer Bolton

    First off I’d like to wish all my brothers and sisters in Christ a good day. Next I’d like to offer criticism on this article. The article was nice and held proper facts, but it was also wrong. Yes, we took the “Sun” day from the ancient pagan traidtion. But we also took every day of the week from pagan tradition. Monday= Moon-day, Tuesday= Tyr’s Day, Wednesday= Wodin’s Day (Wodin is an older name for Odin), Thursday= Thor’s Day, Friday= Freyr’s Day. Now, we took the names of our days from older pagan sources. But does that mean we are worshiping these pagan gods every day of our lives for 365 days a year? Of course not. It is a measure of time with some mythological basis for its origins. In fact, a lot of our every-day objects and traditions stem from a pagan origin. The most obvious example would be the English language, which stemmed from the Germanic languages spoken by pagans. Now, we speak a language once spoken by these “heathens”. Does that make us heathens? Of course not. That is just how it is, historically and culturally.

    Why do you hate Sunday so much when every other day is also assigned to a deity? Woudn’t you then have to have a bycoot on all the days of the week? And what about the calendar? It is not the original Hebrew calendar. And how do we measure time? With the sun, although the ancient Jews measured time by the passages of the moon.

    If one was to reject all of these pagan-originated practices and objects and traditions, one would have to live in the desert.We simply cannot isolate ourselves from what is the basis of society. That would simply make us alien. I would also like to make a quick mention that King Solomon, known for his wisdom, also frequently translated wise proverbs from older Egyptian sources. He was a monotheist taking wisdom from a pagan source. Why? Because he understood the value of wisdom, no matter who provided the wisdom. My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, says the LORD.

    The basic point I’m trying to make is: why shouldn’t we worship God on Sunday.

    Look, pagans keep taking and corrupting our symbols, colors, traditions. So why shouldn’t we reclaim what is ours? We took back the English language, we took back Europe. We took back our architecture, our culture and our languages. Why shouldn’t we take back these symbols? There is an obelisk within the Vatican that has a crucifix on top of it. This is an example of something reclaimed from the pagans. We need to take these things back from pagans and make them our own. And we’ve done that with Sunday.

    When I was young, I remember going to Church on Sunday. Those days of worship were some of my best childhood memories. And now I must be guilty for praising God on a day that we took back from pagans? That is not right. Remember what Einstein said about time; it is only a concept.

    Time is just an idea we made to measure moments. Time hardly exists for God, which is why He is able to see the past, present and future clearly. As time is a concept, the days we use to measure it are also a concept. You can’t touch time, you can’t eat it. But it is measured with days. In this case, our 7-day week. So if time is not a true physical thing and only a concept and if Christians have reclaimed traditions from pagans and if you truly love God and want to serve Him on a scheduled time that fits with your time-frame when you’re busy during the week, well, why shouldn’t God be worshiped on Sunday? Shouldn’t we be celebrating the day of his Son? A Son-day, if you will?

    I want to conclude that because time is a concept, we have reclaimed things from pagans and God loves us when we worship Him, that we can worship Him on any day. In fact, why not praise Him n every day from Monday to Sunday? Why not pray for people on Halloween? Why not pray on special occasions? 4th of July? Birthdays? Every day we’re given is a day to spend wisely.

    So, let’s worship God on Sunday and every day. God bless all of you, I love y’all.

  • Michelle Marcum

    I feel we should praise our Messiah everyday,. It is good that we all Ponder these questions but at the end of the day if it’s creating worry isn’t that a sin in itself? we should be embracing him every day of our lives and it comes from our hearts and belief of him then that is all that matters! Having your personal walk with Elohim is everything that he wants from us. Saturday? Sunday? EVERYDAY.praise him. Blessings to you all and please keep up the videos they are truly a godsend!

  • Theuns Visser

    https://youtu.be/gse1qRLNhXs I found this YouTube clip from Chris White so helpful. In all my years as a believer no one explained the covenants of God to me.

    Also just a thought. If I was a missionary in a pagan country that persecuted believers in Jesus and they only give their citizens “off” on Sundays, I would meet with converts on Sundays.

    I wonder if most Gentiles the apostles evangalized outside of Israel didn’t fall in such a category.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Allison Gladney

      Hi Jailon,

      If Yahshua has woken you, He is the one you should lean on for clarity in what to do in your situations. I pray you get clarity. Also be respectful to your family and pray they receive the same awakening. Yahshua will lead you to gently drop some nuggets that will help those that truly desire a true relationship with Him!

      Blessings Sweetie!!

  • Jackie L Pittman

    I heard that the true Sabbath actually is according to the moon and we should go by the lunar solor calendar that World’s Last Chance ministry has a down load for that. This is because even the Jews go by a pagan calendar as well. I feel this lines up the most accurate to Truth of the day God made the Sabbath day to be by the moon as scripture says( Genesis 6) that the moon and sun were given for signs and seasons…the moon tells the months, the sun for days, the stars for years. It’s called the Creator’s calendar. I’m not sure 100% if it has to be kept but if you are to kept it this seems to be the most correct, I’ve come to the conclusion of.

  • Jesus L.

    Question, didnt see every single comment, just a few, so are we uphold Saturday as the sabbath like the Jews? Or any day? How are we do the sabbath?

  • Britney

    Jesus IS the Sabbath. The RCC is riddled with traditions of men and false teachings, but they have deceived many into believing that the sabbath is still a day. This inherently teaches believers that they are again, saved by works.

    Hebrews 4:3-5 NKJV “For we who have believed do enter that rest, as He has said: “So I swore in My wrath, ‘They shall not enter My rest,’ ” although the works were finished from the foundation of the world. For He has spoken in a certain place of the seventh day in this way: “And God rested on the seventh day from all His works”; and again in this place: “They shall not enter My rest.” (‭Hebrews‬ ‭4‬:‭9-10‬ NKJV)

    Hebrews 4:9-10 “There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His.”

    Church, we are at war, and we have work to do to increase the Kingdom of God. Our sabbath rest is in Christ. Just as He healed on the sabbath, and told the Pharisees that even they would rescue their sheep on the sabbath, so must we do Gods work to spread the Gospel every chance we get, every day of the week. The error is believing that BECAUSE you rest on the 7th day or BECAUSE you attend church on Sunday, that you are saved (works).

  • Anonymous

    We got to Church on Sunday because that is the day Jesus rose from the dead. The day of his crucifixion was a Friday; we know this because in John 19:31 says, “Now it was the day of preparation, and the next day was to be a special Sabbath.” And we know that he was Risen on Sunday because John 20:1 says, “Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance.” So we know that he was Risen on Sunday, which is why we go to Mass and worship him on Sundays.

  • angela oneal steininger

    when Jesus died He did not do away with the law but He did fulfill and amplify it. He explained that murder is not the sin but Hate is the Sin. Sin comes from the heart and is manifested in what we do. The Sabbath was given as rest. Jesus said, “come unto Me and I will give you rest”. I believe that under the new covenant we are in His Sabbath rest always.

  • Lindiwe

    Hi, I’m lindiwe from South Africa. As Africans there are certain traditions that are performed that are said to be idolatry. e.g they refer to dead people as gods and seek guidance, support and protection from them and inturn they do sacrifices in ancestral ceremonys to appease them. These very same people are Christians or practice Christianity. So to my understanding this is as serving to masters, and it’s not what the word of God says we should do. So does God recognise them as his people?

  • Namugaya

    All I would like to say is a huge THANK YOU. Brother James, your ministry was set for such a time as this. Your YouTube channel is amazing and I believe it reaches so many because so many of us are geared to receiving information through audio-visual platforms. I love the depth of research and Scriptural reference. You have opened my eyes in so many ways and have been such a source of support as I have slowly changed many of my ways in my walk with Christ. Thank you.
    The issue of the Sabbath is an important one. I hope you will also do a YouTube video on it one day, for those who don’t read you posts.
    God bless you.

  • Diaz

    Truth thank you for what you are doing for the body of Christ I am and I am truly inspired. I know this is not a new post but I hope you read my comment and reply. I just wanna know is it acceptable of possible to recreate your work for my YouTube channel.

  • Jean

    I couldn’t agree more about the lord not being in churches of today. this is my very first time reading this article. I went to service this morning for the first time after I think about two years now it been but I did not felt the presence of YHWH at all, instead I felt like the pastor was playing with the people, he even quote scriptures that wasn’t there. Then I start crying for the people inside my heart. The main reason I went to that church today was to fish a brother out and form a team of prayer warriors, studying of the scripture and just staying strong in the master and the power of he’s might. The truth to be told I had no idea that Sunday was a day dedicated to satan until now but since I that the Holy Spirit is in you my brother, I will be a fool to disagree with you. thank you sir

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