If you have read my article on “Are Your Tradition’s Keeping You Away From God” you will know based from Scripture that traditions can make the Word of God have no effect in your life and blocks the intercession of the Holy Spirit.  Our traditions wrapped into our belief in God makes us have a religion.  The truth is Christianity is not a religion.  Its individuals that have a personal relationship with God through belief in salvation through the blood & resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It’s a belief and a personal relationship.   We are not tied to traditions. Maybe nothing more than receiving our daily bread through the Word of God and being led by the Holy Spirit which is indwelled in all believers who accept It.

Unfortunately today we practice many traditions.  Because we do not all collectively rely solely on the Word of God, but more so a Word from our local pastor, many of us do not realize how wrong traditions are for a believer in Jesus Christ.  There’s one particular tradition that this article will highlight.  That is:

Why do we go to Church on Sunday?


Now if you have any Orthodox Jews in your community you will notice regularly that they rest on the Sabbath (the 7th day).  They recognize the 7th day as Saturday.  This is when they rest and follow the commandment in the Law of resting on the Sabbath.  Now there is a question many should ask, that many don’t ask.  I know I asked it as a kid and never got a real response. The question is

If Jews & Christians alike both worship the same God, the Father, then why do we recognize different days as the Sabbath?

Jews recognize Saturday as the Sabbath. And Christians recognize Sunday as the Sabbath.  Now I must note that this has nothing to do with whether we are under the Law or not.  That is another topic.  But today we have a tradition of worship on Sunday.  Believers and non-believers identify Sunday as the day to rest and worship God.  There is a strong majority that worship Him and focus on Him only on this day.  You hear phrases like “Let me give the Lord His time” or “You need to be at church on Sunday”.

But why is there a difference between Jews & Christians when it comes to the Sabbath.  Is it scriptural? Does the New Testament say anything about replacing the Sabbath from the 7th day to the 1st day?  Of course it doesn’t. So where does it come from? And how did it change? (If we asked these questions about many of the things we do when it comes to the Lord, you’d be surprised by how much bondage you can release yourself from)

Very simply like many of our traditions, the church changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday when Rome adopted Christianity as their main religion.  When pagans mixed their beliefs with Christianity in the 4th Century, we adopted many traditions that pagans have always taken part of.  They simply changed the day of the Sabbath.  This is factual history that can be researched and found proven very simply.

It should be noted that centuries before Christianity, pagans already used “Sun” day as their day of dedication to the Sun.  Note the name “Sun” day.  Pagans and polytheists, which simply equate to devil worshippers, worshipped the Sun as their god.  This is just one of the traditions that was passed down over the years.  It’s a tradition.  A tradition that makes the Word of God have no effect in our lives (Mark 7:13).

It is another reason why the church has such little power today in society.  The Lord is not present in these churches sorry to say.  It is an unfortunate reality.  The Holy Spirit does not intertwine itself against the Word of God.  It is how we dry up the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the church.  It is also how the “falling away” happens.

Now if you discuss this with your pastor or elder, many of them because of their pride and ego will dismiss this as irrelevant.  That it does not matter.  Please know that it doesn’t matter only because I have said so in this article and brought light to it.  It matters because God said so in His Word.  Review what he says about traditions and the philosophy of men. He has spoken in many occasions about this.

Don’t take my Word for it, read the scriptures for yourself please. Here’s a link.

Scripture’s About Tradition’s

The point is that man has changed the Lord’s Day to satan’s day.  Many of us do not even recognize it.  I am not a Seven Day Adventist.  I do not even claim a denomination.  I am simply a believer in salvation only through Jesus Christ. I am not for division of the church’s, but unity in doctrine.  Please question all of your traditions.

If you are a member of the many churches that worship primarily on Sunday, please bring this subject up to the church leadership.  Have a discussion on why do you recognize the Sabbath as a different day than the Jews. Pray about it and ask the Lord for clarity and discernment.

The Lord is on His way soon.  Please do not let your traditions that are not biblically based keep you from Him.  This is why He warned us about these things.  I have written extensively about a lot of these traditions.  If there are more traditions that you may practice that you are not sure of share them in the comment section below and let’s start a discussion.

I hope you receive this through love and not through a spirit of judgment or condemnation.  The truth truly does set you free and that is the purpose of this site.  To break bondage that the world has trapped us in to draw us away from the Lord.

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Why Do We Go To Church on Sunday?