When some calls you out your name or curses at you, do you respond with tension or do you simply just correct them on how to talk to you?

When someone takes everything you do for him or her for granted, even when you went out of your way to be kind to him or her, do you sometimes call him or her out on it?

Do you sometimes overreact when you are offended?

What Do You Really Do?

Now imagine it wasn’t you that people were doing those things to, but it was Jesus instead. Do you react the same way when people do those same things to Jesus as they do to you? When people blaspheme His name, swearing out His name “Jesus Christ”, make jokes about Him, or any of the other blaspheme that this current world does on a consistent basis, do you feel just as bad as if they were talking about you directly?

We live in a current part of time where Jesus, His sacrifice, the Gospel in fact is taken for granted and disrespected consistently. Forgetting for a bit the unbelievers, but us, “the church”, the body of believers sometimes even entertain it, but never speak out against it. We watch movies & television, listen to music, have social interactions with people who constantly blaspheme His power & purpose, but we do nothing. But if someone were to do those things to us personally a lot of us would be quick to react. Why is that? Especially when we feel we love God more than anything else in the world.

The answer is clear if you are willing to accept it.:

Either we love ourselves more


We ‘re tied to the traditions of this world & don’t recognize the devil and his works

This isn’t judgment, but in fact a wake up call to those that may not have thought of it that way. Or for those that have been blinded by tradition and the habit of living through their flesh, rather than Spirit.

By seeing so much of the light and God’s grace, increasing your knowledge through His Word, it makes it easy to discern between the things of your flesh and the things of the Holy Spirit. Allowing you to know what to take out of your spirit & mind. Remember Galatians 5 at all times, because it allows us to completely understand what proper discernment of all things is. Use this as judgment & discernment so that you know if certain things are coming from the Lord or from our flesh, our own desires, inspired by the enemy, your adversary the devil.

This is an essential habit that you must understand in order for you to really renew your mind.  Think about it. If you’re renewing everything you know, what are you supposed to judge based on to know what you should take in or not.

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What Do You Really Do?