The bible tells us clearly that we should not to have sex before marriage. It tells us not to be sexually immoral and live unclean. But over time this message has been replaced by “high thoughts”. The high thought is that this message is outdated, old, naïve, and impossible. Being that the rest of the world engages freely in sexual activity from their early teenage years, it should be something just understood.

While it is understood that the pressures of society have eroded our foundational principles of living. It is not understood that it should not be accepted. It is not something that can be condoned because the world accepts it. Christians need to be strong and steadfast in their faith in order to combat this high thought.

What this high thought has done in our society is quite astonishing. We live in a completely immoral world. Because of our lack of care in this subject, kids lose their virginity and become sexually experienced way sooner than generations before. Pregnancy rates in teens have skyrocketed, and the family structure has been diminished. People expect good sex over a good partner. Sexual diseases are spread and kills communities. The symptoms can go on and on.

By ignoring what God has said about “sex”, we open the door for the devil to swoop in with his deception. He turns a young child’s life into the pursuit of having the multiple sexual partners. Often times, these kids audition many new partners, never finding what they’re looking for. The sexual nature clouds their judgment of the fruits of a good relationship. It often links them to a person that is wrong for them, that they can’t loosen their selves from because of the sex. Sex before marriage is very similar to a gateway drug. Once you’ve been exposed to it, you must have it continuously and with different people.

It destroys societies. It over-sexualizes everyone and waters down the actual specialness of sex. This high though has been a plague in our community, due to many factors including but not limited to, television, movies, music, and sexual education in our schools. We know exactly what the Word of God says about these things. We can also see the effect on what accept or ignoring it has done to our society.

It’s time for Christians to live through the Word of God. Even though society accepts it, we should not. We need to teach it strictly to our kids and remove them from the information and media that promotes it. Our adults need to follow the strictness of God’s Word and rebuke the devil. In these last days we must stand for His principles and allow others to have an example. We can not submit to the enemy and the principles of this world.

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Is Sex Before Marriage an Outdated Principle for Christians?