The bible tells us clearly that we should not to have sex before marriage. It tells us not to be sexually immoral and live unclean. But over time this message has been replaced by “high thoughts”. The high thought is that this message is outdated, old, naïve, and impossible. Being that the rest of the world engages freely in sexual activity from their early teenage years, it should be something just understood.

While it is understood that the pressures of society have eroded our foundational principles of living. It is not understood that it should not be accepted. It is not something that can be condoned because the world accepts it. Christians need to be strong and steadfast in their faith in order to combat this high thought.

What this high thought has done in our society is quite astonishing. We live in a completely immoral world. Because of our lack of care in this subject, kids lose their virginity and become sexually experienced way sooner than generations before. Pregnancy rates in teens have skyrocketed, and the family structure has been diminished. People expect good sex over a good partner. Sexual diseases are spread and kills communities. The symptoms can go on and on.

By ignoring what God has said about “sex”, we open the door for the devil to swoop in with his deception. He turns a young child’s life into the pursuit of having the multiple sexual partners. Often times, these kids audition many new partners, never finding what they’re looking for. The sexual nature clouds their judgment of the fruits of a good relationship. It often links them to a person that is wrong for them, that they can’t loosen their selves from because of the sex. Sex before marriage is very similar to a gateway drug. Once you’ve been exposed to it, you must have it continuously and with different people.

It destroys societies. It over-sexualizes everyone and waters down the actual specialness of sex. This high though has been a plague in our community, due to many factors including but not limited to, television, movies, music, and sexual education in our schools. We know exactly what the Word of God says about these things. We can also see the effect on what accept or ignoring it has done to our society.

It’s time for Christians to live through the Word of God. Even though society accepts it, we should not. We need to teach it strictly to our kids and remove them from the information and media that promotes it. Our adults need to follow the strictness of God’s Word and rebuke the devil. In these last days we must stand for His principles and allow others to have an example. We can not submit to the enemy and the principles of this world.

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Is Sex Before Marriage an Outdated Principle for Christians?



      • Alton T.

        Dear Truthunedited,
        Please do a topic on Marriage, as I do believe that churches have gone weak to educate young people of today.
        On moral and biblical scriptures of “Yah” and teachings of our Lord YAHSUAH.

  • marilyn patterson

    This is an excellent article but one thing I will add,working parents are giving place to Satan to steal your children by so many avenues it is scary….christian mothers trust the wrong people….don’t have children until you can take care of them. Predators are hiding in every corner of our society…if your child has a bed of his own,then make sure they sleep in it every night,sleepovers are a modern phenomena…

  • Andrew Jordan

    Definitely a good message. I agree with all that except one part. The part where you said sex outside of marriage is like a gate way drug, once you’ve been exposed to it you must have it continually and with other people. It’s just the part where you say you have to have it continually with other people that i disagree with. Don’t get me wrong, there is allot of that going on and it definitely leads to death destruction disease and allot of hardship and chaos and little babies growing upup in broken homes teen pregnancies and all that you mentioned in the message happens and its very sad. i completely agree that it is immoral. But my only argument is that there are allot of couples out there who are not married and are completely faithful to each other sexually because they love each other and they were raised with morals and they know that nothing hurts more than finding out that the one you love has been sleeping with someone else and they would never hurt each other like that cuz they love each other. There are allot of unmarried couples out there that don’t even believe in God that love each other and would never cheat or hurt each other in any way. Not saying that makes it ok for them to have sex outside of marriage cuz its not ok but just saying there are allot of people that have sex outside of marriage because they are in love with each other. No excuse to sin just saying.

    • Bondage Breaker

      The reason it is compared to a gateway drug Andrew is because when you have sex with a partner you are sharing and being exposed to each other’s spirits, demons, and principalities. When you come in contact and are exposed to their spirits, they sometimes can be transferred to you. For example, sleeping with a sexually promiscuous person can often lead you to acting and doing the very same thing. Not that it happens all the time, but there is always the risk. Very similar to a gateway drug. There is a very spiritual transference that many are not aware of with sex, which is one reason why it is a principle not to have sex before marriage. Thank you for your comment though!

  • Walter Kahler

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a matter that stirs up all sorts of division. Sexual immorality (Lust) has the power to destroy not only the individual’s life but others as well.

    It is easy for me to fall in the trap of spiritual pride and voice my opinion and think I know the best way to follow God’s word. My best thinking gets me into all sorts of trouble and that is why I have to turn to Christ and other Christians to make sure I am not rationalizing, justifying or minimizing my thoughts, attitudes and behavior.

    The solution to sexual misconduct is repentance. I have sinned this sin and it wasn’t until I confessed it to God and another person that Christ revealed to me the actions I needed to take to make amends to God and the others I had harmed from my sexual misconduct. When I repaired the damage I caused then I was forgiven and today I am grateful for that experience.

  • Pastor Andy G.

    Hey brother. Good message.
    I’ve always enjoyed reading through Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians bc it’s so similar to the churches of today, for instance, the world’s culture being leaked into the culture of the church. It’s like the church has holes in the ceiling and the world’s culture leaks down, only instead of filling them with buckets and dumping them back outside, people let it drip, flooding their floors and drenching their feet and clothes, as if longing for it, like people walking in the desert.
    God’s people were always meant (and called) to be Holy, set apart for God (and His standards) – “a Nation of Priests”(Exodus 19:6, 1 Peter 2:5). We were never meant to follow the crowd (or culture of the other nations). For hundreds of years, the Israelites insisted on that and God sent Nebuchadnezzar.

    • Richard Bensley

      I have heard for many years now from Christians that God is a forgiving God, that we can do what we want because all we have to do is confess and be forgiven. I have been married and yes divorced 4 times. Each time I was married in a church, when I brought the question up about remarriage it was ask for forgiveness, and you will be fine. The church is to concerned with saying what people want to hear instead of what we need to hear. Most people don’t walk out of church feeling guilty, they are saying boy that was need for them. Last and not least most Christians get real upset about homosexual issues, if they are reading the Word and being taught the Word every place homosexuality is talked about you also find every other sexual sin. Adultery, fornication, and all sex sins are the same.

      Just for away we use things now a days. I saw remarks by Donald Trump today where he said with the beheading and all that the terrorist are doing that we should not even talk about our waterboarding and other practices. My question is why do we want to be like the terrorist? Why have us in America gotten to where to kill someone for what ever reason it is okay. I see people rejoicing and happy over murder, everyone wants to carry a gun no matter where we are. IT IS FEAR AND I HAVE RIGHTS AND MINE ARE ALL THAT MATTER. WE FOLLOW EVERY RULE OR LAW OF MAN AND MAKE THEM MORE IMPORTANT THEN THE WORD OF GOD. LET US GET BACK TO FOLLOW GODS LAW AND TEACH OTHERS TO DO THE SAME.

  • jc

    This is not tangible. This article is written like a a term paper by a person who doesn’t believe what they say. If your evangelism is to people, make it read where is the Scriptures. It’s just jargon without meaning to the soul. Blah blah blah blah I know the writer will do better when he or she put themselves in it for real. May God’s wisdom be accepted by you to see how to approach this better. 2nd chances often bring better results. Try it.

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