How can a Christian say they don’t believe in conspiracy theory?

Every time I hear a Christian say they don’t believe in “conspiracy theories”, I have two immediate thoughts.

1) They really don’t believe in the Word of God


2) They don’t really know the Word of God.

The reason for these thoughts are because the Word clearly teaches that Satan has been conspiring against the Lord before he was cast down to the earth.

  • It’s the reason why he was even cast down to the earth.
  • It’s the reason why the Lord flooded the earth during times of Noah.
  • It’s the reason why Nimrod built the Tower of Babel.
  • It’s the reason why Jesus was crucified by his own people.
  • It’s the reason why there is so much evil in the world today.

Satan conspiring against The Lord is not a new idea. The whole point is that Satan’s whole purpose is to challenge God. He believes he will become like God, that he will be like the Most High (Isaiah 14:14).

A Christian should always be thinking and wondering how far Satan has gotten with his conspiracy to be worshipped like God. They should not be thinking the complete opposite way which is not believing there’s even a conspiracy. There should be an expectation that there is one.

When a Christian says they don’t believe in conspiracies (whether they like it or not), they show an extreme lack of understanding of the Word of God. Now I do understand that this lack understanding is greatly caused by a lack of pastors preaching on the truth of God’s Word, but it’s not only up to our pastors to teach us what God has to say about things. It is our job to read His Word ourselves and be led by the Holy Spirit.

Conspiracy theories are not some fictional story that people like to come up with in their heads. The truth is there are people who are against God. There are Satanists that actually worship Satan as god. There are secret societies and their whole goal has always been to spread “the light of Lucifer”. Think about it. Why else do you think a society needs to be secret? If their intentions are noble and true, then there’s no reason to keep them hidden in the darkness from the public. For centuries we’ve had secret societies plotting against the Lord.  This fact is not even a secret anymore.

They don’t teach us about them in our schools. They don’t really speak about them in our media. So it’s very easy for a person to not be informed or not believe they exist. They actually have to go out of their comfort zone and research information not given to the masses. The point either way is that even though it is a conspiracy, does not mean that the conspiracies are not valid or true, especially for the bible-believing Christian.

Satan wants to be worshiped by all!!!!!

He wants to run this world.  That’s what the New World Order is. Why wouldn’t there be people who have aligned themselves with his goal. Especially when he is giving them the desires of their heart, which is all according to their flesh. Things like money, fame, and power. Just like Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness and promised him the world if he would just bow down to him (Matthew 4:8-10). Satan has done the same thing to countless others.

Their main job is to reduce the influence of the Lord in all of the world. Their other job is to increase the influence of Satan around the world. Looking at the world today…they’re doing a good job of it. The worst part is that today’s Christian just wants to act as if these things are not happening and there are no people conspiring against the Lord and against them.

If you are one of them that believe that when people are bringing you truths that you may not have heard of, or maybe you’ve just considered the information to be some made up conspiracy theory, you should

  1. Pray to the Lord and make sure that you are taking the right position
  2. Ask for the Lord’s guidance. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you. 
  3. In doing those 2, you also have to read the Word. The Lord speaks through and confirms His Word.

You can’t just read a scripture, hear some scripture, go to church every Sunday & hear a sermon or two that you feel is relevant to your life, and believe you know everything about what God wants and instructs. By doing those things just mentioned, you actually ignore many of the bigger points that the Lord has given.


When a brother or a sister in Christ tries to explain to you about things in this world that may seem like a conspiracy theory, hear them out. See if it matches the Word of God. You can only know this if you know the Word of God yourself, which is why it’s so important to read it yourself.

Remember Satan does not want you to be strong in the Word. He does not want you to even recognize his influence in this world. He does not want you to believe that the Word of God is really true. He wants you to believe that you can believe in God and His Word, but just not apply it to your actual life in this world that you live in. It does not work that way.

You cannot be a Christian today and not believe in conspiracy theories. Remember this! If you have rejected someone trying to give you this information, please go back to them and restart the conversation.  Just hear them out.  You do not have to believe every word they say, but just listen to them.  Take their information and do your own research.

For those that want to learn more and don’t know where to start…Click the link below.  I’ve created a starting point for you. God bless you!


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How Can A Christian Say They Don’t Believe in Conspiracy Theories?



  • Sebastian

    Real glad to have found your website via your video’s on YouTube.

    I’ll be reading on more from your great work.

    God bless you from the Netherlands

  • China Mckenzie

    Thank you so much for your videos. They have really helped open my eyes and help me recommit my life to God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, reading his word more and building a relationship with him. My life has been so much better for me and my child since I give him full submission and put him and his word first everyday.

  • Diamunte

    I have felt like a crazy person trying my best to turn away from the education given to me while I was fully unaware of the real life matrix I was in. I continue to ask father YHWH to continue to open my eyes to things around me and confess to him that I’m still a sinner even with open eyes but my heart does not truly belong with the things done in this world. I wanna thank you for being apart of my awakening watching your channel. I try to help others awake through the research i do after looking into a conspiracy like 5g, AI, NASA, the Real ID etc. all things i believe contribute to satan’s reign in earth. I hope you can help me really connect these dots to the bible, and show people that on the surface certain things they make sound really good, but dive deeper to see how they’ll use these things to deepen satan’s hold. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but know i really am trying to go against the grain of this world if it doesn’t truly sync with YHWH.

  • Allison Rees

    Most churches today don’t preach about prophecy. Some say it’s not taught in the seminaries anymore.
    One pastor I like to watch on the internet is Rev. Charles Lawson from Temple Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is “awake” and preaching about biblical prophecies as related to events that mainstream media call “conspiracy theories”. Two YouTube channels carry his sermons:
    Still waters and Zion4131. These are the channels I have found- there may be others.

    You’re doing great work, Mr. Charles. God bless you.

  • cynthia f adams

    I seen even in my own church people are not coming to church or bible study as much and it sadden my heart. Everyday read the word of God, and meditate on it because i sense in my Spirit Jesus is coming! Thank you for your videos!!

  • Susan

    Hello, I appreciate so much your information. I believe as you and have for a long while; although I tossed it and became worldly, but it never left me. For so long, until now actually, I have had few or none with which to fellowship and by fellowshipping with unbelievers I assimilated to simply not be alone. Thank you for your time, effort, and knowledge. My question is this: Do you know of any fellow believers in the Atlanta, GA area? I know you’ll understand that I’m not talking about “church” as most are today. I’m speaking of person/people who understand. Thank you for your kind response.

    • Ron Charles

      My sister I do not know any personally but they are all beginning to pop up all over the place. I’m actually working on a solution to this Elohim willing! But I understand your dilemma sister!

      • Wait upon the Lord

        Holy Father, give us community that we might encourage one another more regularly. Hand to hand. Open our hearts to one another. Lead us in your will to knock on each others doors, and lead us also to answer,and in doing so find you, Christ the Lord, personaly making each acquaintence.

  • a friend

    well done man, but the truth is that, its not a conspiracy theory, its the way this life is, its even in the bible, the holy scriptures. turn to Isaiah 8 and read then look at the modern world today.
    you’ve taught me a lot with your video’s man, God bless you and edify you even more.

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