If you watched the 2-Part Video about Sexual Immorality we went in-depth about the problem of Sexual Immorality.  In the Part 1 I gave lessons that you need to know in order to deal with the problem of sexual immorality.  In Part 2, I gave strategies on how to overcome the problem of sexual immorality.  Here are the lessons for you to have and review later.  I hope this blesses you!


Lesson #1: Thoughts of lust and sexual immorality come from satan all to disconnect you from Elohim or keep you from Him altogether


Lesson #2. You will see that because men are weak when it comes to women, satan has created a created a culture that feeds our weaknesses.


Lesson #3: If you are not looking at it through the right perspective, you will not be able to see the traps satan has set for you


Lesson #4 The easier it is for you to get the worst it actually is for you.


Lesson #5: If your entertainment contains sexual immorality, you will engage in sexual immorality

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Sexual Immorality Lessons



  • Angel Lewis

    I feel your integrity through your video, “what does the future look like after coronavirus.” Ok, let’s, you and I, discuss ways forward with this upcoming control. I have many, many ways forward to share that could lessen the blow and keep those aware in contact outside of the coming matrix.

    I’m 4,000 miles away but I believe that unified minds absent of the ego are the ones that will create world solutions and the new ability to see beyond barriers. As you know that’s how God works, without groups and clubs.

    I’m a writer and hopefully a humble channel.

    Please email me


  • BestJannette

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  • Shannon

    Father please for give me for not understanding about the book of Ester if it is not to late I will fight for you today and yes I will fast and yes I stop smoking as of this moment Thank you Elohim and Ywwh for making me who I am Thank you for all you do for me and just pray I’m not to late

  • Tom Chilapala

    I must admit that your videos have totally made me realise a lot of mistakes I made in my life, I have been able to make changes in my life. thank you for your dedication in bringing people closer to the Heavenly Father.

  • splibby

    You married people are always the ones to get on your soapbox about condemning people who struggle with the natural desire that by our very creation was placed in us…the desire for sexual contact with another person. I’m not talking about the unnatural that is a product of the sinful nature. I’m speaking of the NATURAL desire He placed in men and women for one another in order that they might follow His divine order to procreate. The problem is when people like you who “got in in” when you were younger and are now MARRIED and have an unending outlet; you now want to sit back and demonize those of us who have not been blessed with that to say that we are hell bound if we act to address an INNATE desire that we didn’t even ask for. Again, I’m not even speaking of those acts which involve other people in terms of whoremongering, adultery, homosexual acts etc.; but when you add masturbation to that equation it’s as if you are saying that a person who has a natural desire to eat food cannot eat unless it is food that only they themselves produced. Which would mean lend the to the argument that anyone who eats at a restaurant should go to hell. smh

  • Wendy

    I am SO thankful that I came across your videos. You have put in a lot of study time on this and other subjects. THIS is great info. Continue working…. Thanks for all that your post.

  • Nena Rodriguez

    I wanted to thank you so much for your content! I think it’s wonderful what you are doing. I’m subscribed to your channel on Youtube, and I follow you on instagram (not trying to sound creepy) I do have a lot of questions. I know you mentioned a woman’s perspective of sexual immorality may be a bit different from men’s experience. I do agree. I admit women do have power to either weaken a man (as the Jezebel) or strengthen him as a supportive partner (Proverbs 31). I would like to hear more on the woman’s perspective ( I know the strategies are identical). Maybe you can interview different women’s experiences with the struggle. I’m more than happy to give some input. Blessings from NYC

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