A Christian Democrat? That’s an oxymoron. Most people may take this wrong and view this as judgement, but the truth is you can’t be a Christian and a Democrat. Apparently most of the American church today hasn’t got the memo. Now normally on my site I do not speak about politics, but seeming how this world is being directed & steered by the mainstream media in the most extreme ways, whether it’s by radio, television, our favorite Hollywood stars, etc… I need to provide a biblical perspective to an ever-growing biblically silent world.
Now let me be clear. Just because this article is speaking against the Democratic agenda does not mean that I am pro Republican.

I am not a Donald Trump supporter!!

nor any mainstream Republican candidate. I am however conservative. “Conservative”simply meaning that I believe in very limited government involvement in our lives. I have very conservative views about social agendas like gay marriage, abortion, and other things of that nature. But I am not a Donald Trump supporter or of any other Republican candidate over the last 20 to 30 years at minimum.

The problem today is that there are many that feel because they are not apart of the Republican Party, especially due to the racist or discriminatory comments that have been made in the past by presidential candidates like Donald Trump, and news reporters like Bill O’Reilly, or well-known politicians like Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, they need to automatically align themselves with the Democrats. It’s an either-or type of situation.

This Democratic Party that makes claims to be inclusive of all races, genders, & sexual orientations. They do not discriminate against anyone. So now the stereotypical view is basically that the Republican Party is a racist, discriminating party only for the people at the top, so the people at the bottom must vote Democrat to stop them.

The crazy thing is besides holding that view, most people voting Democrat today can’t really tell you why they are Democrats. How many people do you actually know that believe that they need as much government involvement in their live’s as possible? It’s especially crazy that “Christians”, who believe in their Bible and the surrender of their lives to Jesus Christ, can claim that they are Democrats. I’m writing this to illustrate some points that maybe most “Christian Democrats” have overlooked.

The first part to examine is that the Democratic Party is considered the Liberal party. This should not be a shocker to anyone. However, how many people actually really think of what the word “liberal” truly means though?

Here’s the definition of liberal according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Liberal =  not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted

This is the first and should be most obvious point. How can we be Christians and not be opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that was not traditionally or widely accepted? For example, now accepting gay marriage or abortion. Just go back to the Word of God, when Jesus tells us that we are to walk the narrow path (Matthew 7:13-14). Or when the Apostle Paul tells us not to conform with patterns of this world (Romans 12:2). The Bible never tells us that our values and our moral should ever change. The Lord never tells us to move our values with the changing world. He never has said in His Word that love means changing our views or accept things to be more in agreement with a changing world.

He actually says that if we love Him, then we will keep His commandments (John 14:15) . So how can we be Christians and be willing to change our traditional values that the Lord has set? It doesn’t make sense! So being that the Democratic Party is the Liberal party changing values as the world changes, it is obvious that it is an oxymoron to even consider yourself both a Democrat and a Christian. Your either one or the other.

Just take into consideration the Democratic Party’s platform on gay rights and abortion. They are on the complete opposite spectrum that God is on with these values. It was God that gave us these values in the first place. It is the Democratic Party that is telling us to forsake what God wants and move more with what the world wants.

This is the liberal agenda meaning our values have changed. The point is that God never changes and because God never changes, a Christian and their values should never change as well.

So if you are a part of the party that changes with the tide or the sway of the world and believe you are Christian, ask yourself “what part of Christianity condones this?”  

Now like I said earlier, I know that some people might perceive this as judgment upon them. This article is not to judge anyone, but just to awaken people because we all have been deceived by this world system in one way or another.

Now the Democratic Party does speak about things that affects us personally such as racial issues and income inequality. I get it, but just because they represent these views that their counterpart does not, doesn’t mean that they should totally win and earn your vote.

So what’s my solution, right? The truth is we should not depend on any of these political parties for change that we are looking for. As Christians the Lord has given us His word and prophecy of what this world will end up looking like. We will only be free from injustice when our Savior returns. Not because of a rigged political system electing leaders that promise to bring about the change.

When we are dependent upon our world leaders, we separate ourselves from what the Lord truly says about where our change will come from. We really show our lack of either discernment or trust in the Lord because he has told us clearly where this world is headed towards and who this world is guided by. By following these politicians and their politics, we actually have pushed aside the truth, purpose, and promises of the Lord. All because we have chosen political parties that talk about SOME of the issues that we care about, but do not represent all of our values. There are certain mismatches.

Supporting these political parties despite having these mismatches, makes us compromise on values that the Lord has spoken and commanded us to have. The most ironic part is we are focusing on an equality that the Lord never promised us. We’re striving for a peaceful world that the Lord never told us would come without Him.

The last point is that many will argue that by not voting and participating in this election, we just abandon ourselves from affecting change and our voices being heard. By not voting we take for granted the sacrifice our ancestors fought for during the Civil Rights era. The simple response to that argument as a Christian it shouldn’t matter because we’re dependent on the Lord, not man. Remember that the Lord told us not to be of this world (Roman’s 12:2) and to render what is Caesar’s to Caesar (Matthew 22:21). Simply put the only thing we can do is pray and put our full faith and trust in the Lord. Spread His word and prepare the world for His Second coming.

Abandon the political dysfunction between both parties, Democrat and Republican. This is why I am an independent. I don’t sway for either party. The leaders of both parties all work towards the goal of your enemy if you’re Christian (1 John 5:19). If you read the Word it’ll tell you so. Don’t be swayed by political points about race and discrimination so much so that you are compromising your true beliefs in God and His word. Do not be liberal and do not be associated with a party that is liberal.

Really evaluate how wrong it could be you voting for candidates that openly support the issues that are clearly against the Lord’s will. Just so you can hope for racial equality that was never promised to us by the Lord. Are you following God’s plan, your plan, the world’s plan, or some type of mixture of all 3. Please make sure it’s God’s plan and if you have voted with the Democratic Party just simply repent of it and ask God for forgiveness. Ask him to open your eyes and provide you more discernment. Read your Bible and His prophecy about the last days. Do not be moved by the world so much that you are moved away from God.

Remember being a Christian Democrat is an Oxymoron. Share this with your Christian family and friends, your pastor and your church. Get the conversation started. God Bless!

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A Christian Democrat?….That’s an Oxymoron



    • Fred R.

      i am a true believer messianic AND a democrat. I only vote when necessary such as 2020 when it was our duty to remove the existing diabolical minion of satan who is D Trump. Give to Caesar what is his not only requires us to pay taxes but also requires we step into the process when called for. The horse is prepared for war but the victory is Yahweh’s. Our Elohim helps us when we do our part and Biden was ordained by Him.

      • Ron Charles

        You say you are a”true believer” but who created this process that you are required to step in for. Who is the god of this world and directing it towards the New World Order. I hope you are not saying Biden was ordained by Elohim in a reason for righteousness or anything about getting Satan out. His plan is all about bringing Satan more to the forefront so I ask that you reevaluate your position. He is a supporter of the Great Reset (New World Order) and wants to help usher it in, in anyway he has been chosen to do so

        • Fred R.

          The “who” who created this process is the same “who” who taxes us. I do not believe in Biden, they are all corrupt but d trump is a pathological liar just like satan and he violated most of our laws and was destroying the balance of power, and, as a lawyer, I could not accept this as well as his authoritarian destruction of our country. I respect your position but you should respect mine, as well. God does ordain all world leaders no matter who they are.

          • Ron Charles

            It’s not that I do not respect your position I wholeheartedly disagree because I understand the manipulation of Satan. Both candidates are working through the lying powers of Satan. One is just more pompous and overt which drove those who trust in the system and the deception that they have a voice to shape this world to pick a candidate who is even more aggressive in promoting satan’s kingdom. When you say God ordains it, what does that mean exactly? He placed Hitler and Mussolini in power, 2 known satanists but it wasn’t for His righteousness, but allowing the world to go through the process to bring about His kingdom. If you voted for Hitler and Mussolini would you feel justified because you thought another option was worse? This is a very deep subject and it requires thought. You talk about Trump violating the laws of the land while Biden’s rhetoric is all about violating Elohim’s law through promotion of homosexuality, climate change, women’s liberation, abortion, the Great Reset, etc. You were overly concerned about protecting America’s laws while you ignored Elohim’s? Which one is more important to you as a “true believer”?

          • Fred R.

            Good reply! As I stated, I do not like Biden but I believe Trump was worse for our country. Of course our Elohim’s laws come first but we also must consider where we live and the conditions such is in. Yes, Biden was ordained by God and it is because He is allowing the world to go through the process to bring about His kingdom. I know Biden’s position and don’t agree with most of them such as abortion. Abortion is murder and I am pro-life. i voted democrat but if I ever voter again, it might be republican or independent. I do not follow the parties but follow what I feel must be done. Trump is fooling all of you who back him as he is a con, and good at it. He is only interested in himself. He does not love others as he loves himself. Four more years of him would have destroyed our nation and I felt it necessary to step in and vote. You will soon see that all the millions of dollars his supporters are sending to him will be used for his own purposes and I do not believe he really intends to run for office in 2024.

          • Ron Charles

            I do not support Trump and I do not believe in the office of the Presidency. I just believe that aligning ourselves with their plans attaches our hearts to a false satanic system that will lead us astray. Thanks for the respectful convo! Be blessed!

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