After Jesus ascended back into heaven, he left Peter and his other disciples to build His church. The Apostle Peter (“Saint Peter” to the Roman Catholic Church) met with Paul and they went out to spread the gospel that Jesus revealed to them. Paul is a major figure in the birth of Christianity. He was once a Jew that persecuted believers in Christ. He did it well and passionately. One day on the road, Jesus met Saul, blinded Him, and set him up with Peter. From there Paul would be the Apostle to spread the gospel the furthest.

Paul was revolutionary because He preached that the gospel and redemption through Jesus Christ was not only for the Jews. Paul preached the gospel to Jews and Gentiles alike. Giving the power of the Holy Spirit to whoever would believe in Jesus. This was revolutionary for the people at the time because it was only thought that the one true God only spoke with the Jews. It was never thought that He cared about the Gentiles.

The Apostle Paul (“Saint Paul” according to the Roman Catholic Church) wrote the most epistles in the New Testament. He had many trials and was eventually murdered for His beliefs. But him and Peter would be the ones responsible for the building of the church worldwide.

Paul never once referred to himself as a Christian. This was a term that was developed as the church grew. This was how believers of Christ were classified. Believers in Christ are simply the body of the church, Jesus’s bride that He will return for. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your past, because we all are sinners and fall short. There is no one perfect and because we were born into sin because of Adam, there will never be anything we can do to atone for our sins.

The Jews asked for the Law, just as they asked for a king. There is nothing wrong with Law, it’s perfect. The only thing is that it’s impossible for man to keep. This is completely the reason for Jesus and His sacrifice. God sacrificed His Son for us to have an intermediary between us and Him. Jesus sits as our advocate that we believed in Him, and because we believed in Him, we believe and know God.

This is the gift for everyone, not just the Jews. The prophesied messiah has come and fulfilled scripture. Christianity means that we are saved from the burden of our sins and now can be seen right with God. It’s the ultimate gift and should be accepted by all.

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