In Part 6 of the Book of Revelation Series, we discussed the Wrath of God. There are 7 Seals, 7 Trumpet Judgements, and 7 Bowls of Wrath that were placed upon the unbelieving world that rejected our Messiah.  This chart goes over the all the seals, trumpets, and bowls so you can always reference them.  I hope this blesses you!


Wrath of God

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Revelation Pt. 6 – The Wrath of God

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  • Jasreen caine

    Hello, Mr. Charles, I have come to love your message and am very grateful that you have obeyed the Lord. Your messages are well taken and have given me room to think. I have watched all your message on the pagan celebration. I am wondering if you can do one on the true biblical celebration.thank you
    Jasreen caine

    • Tamika Perry

      Yeah Jasreen, I agree. I was just desiring truthunedited to some videos on this very
      subject. Elohim blesses truthunedited with wonderful, holy insights.
      Thank you, truthunedited, you have helped me sooo much!!
      Koala P.

  • Perry

    I have been a Christian for 37 years and over the years see less and less people in a relationship with God. When I found your videos I was so happy to see that there were still true believers in this world. So many are sharing a false message. Your video are to the point and online with truth. I been sharing links to your channel with others. Please keep up the work its touching more people than you may imagine. Thank you

  • Peter

    Thank you Mr Charles for the book of revelation chart.
    It was much appreciated.
    May Jehovah continue to Bless your work.


  • Denise Gray

    Thank you for your commitment to bringing truth through your powerful videos. I look forward to them each week and thankful to Elohim for you. How do you send monetary support? God bless you brother!

  • Jasreen caine

    I find it so interesting that, I can download all kind of things, Christian messages and mucis and share but it is so, funny that when I download your videos to share on what’s it is not allow to upload. I have try many times and I always get the same rejection.the devil is devil is a lier.

  • Elizabeth Ferguson

    Thank you brother Ron.
    My walls are lined with your helpful references and study aides as I journey life in THE Living Word of YHWH.

    As always I pray HIS Merciful Blessings reign over your mission, and your Family.

  • Nelson

    Thank you for these videos. I remember the first time I watched your video. I kept asking myself if it was too late for me. I hope it isn’t. I don’t want to die with the devil.

  • Florence

    Dear brother Charles, I have been a christian for a long time and the Holy Spirit brought me to your videos because he knows my heart and knows that I was looking for exactly what I found in your videos. Truth, passion, wisdom, learning, spiritual knowledge and so much more. When I started watching them I felt like finally I found someone who is speaking like a prophet of old without putting any icing on the cake. I loved it. I was receiving messages in my dreams and from the Holy Spirit, but most of the churches that I watch on TV would not preach the messages that I was receiving. They were all preaching about financial prosperity and business prosperity, increase in material possession and a whole lot of worldly pleasures. I was hearing the Holy Spirit say, get ready the Lord is coming soon, he is at the door, it’s 11:59pm. Let everyone know that they need to believe in the message of Yeshua and of the disciples and of the prophets. Time is really short because he is at the door. But, everyone around me and in all the churches would be preaching about the revival of Joel as something that is going to happen soon that we are going to see millions of people get saved and come to the Lord and pack the churches as when people go watch their team in a football arena with thousands of fan. But then, the Holy Spirit, would be telling me the total opposite, to push people to pray and be strong and courageous and remain in the word and love of God because of all the confusion out there people would grow cold and those whose name have been written in the book of life will come to the Lord and those whose name have not been written will not come to God. In the word of God it is clear that we are the last generation and the last kingdom of the statue of Daniel. He told me that the revival is about the dreams and vision and the revelation that he is giving many people at this time. It is not about people flooding churches but about people giving their lives to Christ and speaking openly in the streets and to their friends and family and co-workers, like the disciples did in ancient times and giving their testimony to others so they can enter the kingdom. Thank you so much about your videos about celebration of Christmas and Easter which is not in the bible but is a tradition passed on by the Roman Catholic Church. Your videos have helped me immensely. I have forwarded them to so many. I can truly see that God is working with you. Please continue to be like Joshua, strong and very courageous, the Lord is with you and will continue to be with you. The Power of His Holy Spirit is clearly working in you and touching thousands of people. Your videos in themselves are part of the revival of Joel spoken of in the bible. What I love with you and your family is that you stay on course and you give us exactly what God has placed in your soul without sugar coating anything. May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly and cover you with his blood and protect you and send an army of angels around you to protect you and your family and continue to lead you into all truth and revelation of his knowledge and mysteries written in his word. Some of your videos may appear very scary and very strong, but that is the way Daniel and Ezekiel and Jeremiah wrote their prophecy at the time giving the people what God had placed in their heart. I believe 100% in the rapture because of all the studies that I did about this subject that led me to believe in the preeminent rapture of the church. I used to doubt before, but after all the studies that I did about it, and the revelation I got from God, I am totally convinced now of the pre-trib rapture without a shadow of a doubt in my mind. I am in the same situation as you, where many of my loved ones are more preoccupied with the world than spending time studying the word of God and having a personal relationship with him through his word. They keep telling me that since we have no idea when rapture is going to happen, they are going to continue to go after their long life dream and carrier. And if it happens, then they will have confessed already so they will be ok and ready for rapture, not understanding total reliance on God. Please keep on doing the magnificent work that you do for God. I am so glad that the Holy Spirit brought me to your site and may God bless you for everything you do. You will receive your crown for being so obedient and trustworthy of spreading His truth. Thank you. Florence.

  • Fred

    Please kindly check if this is right for it says who are the two witnesses that will show up on the last days.
    Enoc and Elijah are the two witnesses according to this video.

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