In the video, 7 Steps for Spiritual Warfare, we went over steps that should be taken by any believer engaging in spiritual warfare.  Here are the steps so that you can always refer to it. A pdf is at the bottom for you to save. Be blessed




#1) You must accept total mastership of Jesus in every area of your life.  When you say you submit to Him actually mean it. Don’t hide things from Him or say, “I’m gonna keep Him out of this area because I don’t want to give this up


#2) You must be willing for a total dealing of the cross in your life.  You must bear the cross. Don’t be a believer that does not expect tribulation or suffering.  You are an enemy of this world.  You cannot engage in spiritual warfare and not expect the enemy to try to fight back against you


#3) You must learn to hear the Lord speak to you in your spirit and then listen to His voice.  The Holy Spirit will put thoughts into our minds.  That is how He speaks to us and is a witness to us.  When the Lord does speak to you and you have checked to see that what was said is consistent with the Bible, and Holy Spirit confirms to your heart that you did indeed hear His voice, you must listen to it


#4) You must learn to control your mind.  The mind is a major battlefield. Satan attacks everyone in their mind more than any other way. We can not lazily allow thoughts to run through your mind. We are responsible before God to stop and scrutinize every thought that goes through our minds to decide if it is obedient to Christ. We can’t just be believers and then give satan free control of our minds without check.



A thought may come such as “I sure would like to do ______” something you know is sin.  As soon as you realize such a thought is in your mind, you need to attack the real source. Out loud say something like “Satan and you demons, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. I will not accept that thought. Go away”. Then force yourself to think about scripture, recite a scripture out loud if necessary, to get control of your mind.  We must literally retrain and renew our minds.


#5) Scripture memory is important. You need scripture on hand when you are going against the enemy. This is your sword.  If you do not have any scripture ready when you are going against the enemy, you are weaponless. Memorize Scripture.


#6) Never forget you are under God’s authority.  If any one of His children is independent and self-reliant, not subject to God’s authority, then that one can never accomplish the work of God on earth.  Remember you are not operating in spiritual warfare on your own power and authority.


#7) Never underestimate satan’s power.  As soon as someone underestimates satan and his influence, they become careless and a doorway is opened for pride and a multitude of other deceptions. And don’t give him more power than he actually has.  He is not all powerful, so don’t think he controls everything because he does not.  Don’t focus on the devil, but don’t ignore and underestimate him either.


7 Steps for Spiritual   Warfare – Click to Download

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7 Steps for Spiritual Warfare