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  • Jullie

    So I just looked at the New world translation( I have different kinds of bibles to compare but, I study KJV) and the book of Timothy stops at chapter 4. It ommits chapters 5 and 6 altogether 😳

  • Adrienne N Williams

    Good morning Mr. Charles. I just want to say that it a pleasure to watch your videos. I became awaken about three years ago and your videos along with others have really helped me and allowed my eyes to be opened and really see what has been going on. About 10 years ago, I had a vision where I saw Yashuah’s had with the bible opened. I looked up and said Jesus, ( that what I use to call him before I learned the truth) is that you? I couldn’t look him directly in his face, he turned it from me, but I knew it was him. Little did I know that he wat telling me that I was going to come into the truth and know who he really is. I am asking for your prayers because as I try to warn people and tell them the truth, I have been called a racist and that I do not know what I am talking about. Some just have discounted me altogether and make it seem like I am not telling the truth and that I am crazy. But I will not run them down or talk about them, I will continue to pray for them. I am still learning a lot so pray that The Most High Yah will keep me and my family from all harm and I will pray for yours as well sir. I wish I had the financial means to contribute to your ministry because I know that you are doing what Yahuah has called you to do. Again, thank you sir for all you do. Be Blessed!

  • John

    This is totally misguided and false. I’m sorry Ron, I used to tune in and watch, but I cannot stay quiet any longer. I am curious though. What studies have you done to back up your claims regarding these translations? I have studied extensively and found differences in KJV as well, compared to the earliest manuscripts. I believe you are not ordained to teach the way you do, nor do I find what you say to be sound biblical teachings based on proper hermeneutics or proper understanding of the Bible. I would like to humbly ask you to provide your educational background on these matters. I’m being led to believe that you are simply regurgitating what you see from false teachers on youtube or the internet. I would be shocked to find you with a proper education on sound Biblical doctrine and the ability to properly divide the Word of God. You mostly spew conspiracy theories and popular unsound “hot topics” online to your audience, most of which, based by the comments, do not have a proper understanding of God’s Word either. I’ll be praying for you to seek the proper understanding and education in order to properly divide the Word.

  • Tammy

    What is going on here? I’m so sad to learn this. I’m very new and was so excited to order/receive my gorgeous blue leather NLT Bible. I ordered it because it’s so easy to understand and I just love reading it.
    I’m devastated to learn this about missing verses. WHY WHY would they do this? It makes no sense at all. What could possibly be the reason for such a thing? Can anyone help me with the answer?
    Thank you for the amazing videos. I’ve learned so much from your channel as I’m on my own with my Christianity at the moment and your guidance has meant so much to me. I look so forward to your videos.
    Thank you.

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