Over the past couple of weeks we have covered a great deal of information that has shown how polluted and sinful our world is.  When you wake up out of the slumber this world likes to keep us in, you start to realize that over the past couple of centuries this world is structured and built around rebellion and sin. We can go about and live through our lives and think that bad things just happen because of chance, but there is something that is not told to us.  There is knowledge that must be known and lived through in order to break through many barriers that our enemy has set in place for us. We live our lives and think only about what we have done and what we do day by day, but because we can not see in the spiritual realm, we don’t know that there are enemies against us that we have not brought in personally or opened a doorway for.  There are doorways from inheritance and sins that follow us down our bloodline, and while we focus on correcting our lives and the way that we live, we also must close the doorways the sins of our generations have opened for us, both knowingly and unknowingly.  This is something that needs to be understood because as you can see, there are agents of darkness masquerading as agents of light, and they have been working against many of us in order to push us into bondage and keep us down, so in order to be free and victorious many of us not only be free of our sins, but our iniquities as well.  We must cancel out the enemy today.  Let’s Begin!

Here is the Spiritual Warfare Prayer to close the doorways of inheritance. Download the PDF or save the pic to your phone.

Here is the link to the Spiritual Warfare Prayer also mentioned in the video

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Lesson in Spiritual Warfare (Pt. 4): Closing the Doorway of Inheritance


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