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  • michael

    thank you for this guide. ive been meaning to start reading the bible but i didnt know really where to start up again. Im going to see if this system works for me.
    Bless you in the Most High’s name.

  • Jasreen Caine

    Brother Charles, I know that you are busy. But
    Please watch this video before they take it down. The speakers was a messianic worshipper. He has become a Christian and is speaking out.​ I sent was trying to text you on the partner but I forgot I have you email. Sorry but please watch this you need to see this.

  • Fiona

    Good Morning from Switzerland – I have a question which bible are you reading / quoting from? I have used the New World one, but understand this one is heavily edited and wrong – I now have ordered a King James version and have I read correctly you use the halleluyah scriptures… if yes I shall place another order there too. Thank you & keep up the good work.

    • Jayson Zenden

      Hi! I appriciate your hard work. I appriciate your will and strive for the Lord Jesus christ! I didn’t want first but I cannot ignore it to! Because the Lord told us to point people on mistakes so they can receive the truth if they want.
      The road map to start reading the bible isn’t a good one for new believers.. I think I see the error your making, and the road map makes that clear.

      I see you start in the NT and that’s correct.. But you point people to the wrong gospels.. Better said, the church age is commanded to follow only 1 gospel Not gospelS..

      2 Timothy 2:15 your not applying in your bible knowledge.

      You don’t devide scripture as the Lord tells us we shut do!
      There are 2 different programs in the bible. The kingdom program.. And the body of christ.. You mix them and that creates errors.
      Here start your mistake to point people to the wrong gospels.. Matthew marc luc john are not the gospels for us today! They are part of the kingdom gospel.. The Jewish nation.. Gentiles don’t have a part in the Jewish program! After stoning Stephen the Lord paused the kingdom program and turned to the gentiles.. You find this play out in beginning of acts.. Then acts 9 when Jesus saved Paul for be the apostle of the gentiles. Here start the program of the gentiles.. Jewish nation is in the hold till the time of the gentiles have come to a end. Then the Lord restart the kingdom program what he paused when ower age started. When this happen is the moment the time of Jacob’s trouble begins.

      APOSTLE for the GENTILES. You and me.. So when youre reading goes on in acts you will find out that Paul wrote in the time of the book of acts to 13 churches what he build along the road from spreading the gospel.

      The 13 apistles of Paul!

      When you start reading these apistles you find out quike that the Lord revealed new revelation to Paul.. Some mysterys that always have bin but only now revealed.. The gospel of grace.. And the body of christ.. After receiving and meet Peter, peter accepted to preach from that moment Paul’s gospel the gospel of grace to! First he preached repent be Baptist and believe Jesus was the messiah the son of God who they had pierced .. Changed to believe what Jesus did in calvary on the cross for forgiveness of sin..
      Paul’s Gospel, what he received from the resurrected Lord himself.
      1 corinthians 15 1-4
      This is the only gospel that counts for this age.. This gospels get explained in the 13 apistles from Paul.. Romans, Timothy etc etc When you are mix yourself in the kingdom gospels ( Matthew Marc luc John) you’re really walking in the wrong direction.

      Ino, it’s unbelievable for you know to accept such a ridiculous claim I make.. I have bin there.. I have face that situation to till I got the truth
      But please invest some time in the research to this I tell you, and I’m positive about it you will find that I tell you the truth and not try to deceive you!

      The Lord is my witness in this that I have try to point you into the good direction and its unto you what you do with it..

      God bless you brother

  • Nicole Miller

    Thank you for this guide and all that you strive time do by the Holy a spirit. I love that you always encourage the body to read Yah’s word and to grow in relationship with him. This is soo very important and I see that now. You and your family be blessed.

  • Joseph Burr

    I totally agree about these false books but I know it’s not on the chart, I know that the ESV are missing scriptures also. I pray God continue bless and increase the ministry He has given to you.

  • Christopher P Sharp

    I’m good brother…I have a daily study of listening to the Bible then pausing it to read specific scriptures that catch my attention. Tnamk you for your inspiration.

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