Is Your Church An Idol?

This site was meant to tackle the big issues in the most understanding, but truthful way possible. This is an attempt to illustrate another massive idol in believer’s lives; their church and their Pastors. This is an extremely sensitive subject because it is something a majority of Americans can visualize and may take part in. It’s something that many individuals will find a hard time letting go of and will do anything to protect. It is dangerous because it plays with spiritual worship and idolatry. False teachers & prophets swaying the masses in distractions and idol worship. Sometimes very ignorantly and innocently. And many times out of greed and deceit. Either way it occurs, it’s detrimental to their blindly trusting, following flock.

The structure of the modern-day church is a local not for profit organization that is run by a board. The church however and its members are under the spiritual leadership of its Pastor. The Word of God states that some men will be Pastors & Bishops. It explains what the characteristics of that man would be. One of the biggest things that tends to be overlooked is being of sound doctrine. That’s means being 100% true to the doctrine of the Word of God.

At one time the church was where the true body of Christ use to fellowship so that they could avoid the outside distractions of the world and fellowship with like-minded believers. From there it became the backbone of our communities. It was a place where the community could come together and build strength & unity. Older generations maintained the presence of Jesus throughout this country and society, so much so that the things that are so prevalent of today were not even a thought in their day.

Today’s churches keep members in a spiritual state of distraction. They keep the body of Christ looking for phony blessings and feeding them in false doctrine. The pastors of today’s churches are the last word when it comes to authority in God’s Word, sometimes more than the Word itself. In many cases members of churches don’t read their bible past what their pastor has told them to read. Some pastors even have their members call them Mom & Dad.

In today’s churches people begin to have pastor & church worship which is another idol. Because it puts something or someone else in front of God’s control. People have said many times, they go to church to hear from God. These are new believers that have never been taught that because they’re born again they can hear from God at any time. Today’s churches promote that you can’t find God without them. That you can’t understand scripture without them.  That you need someone else to teach it to you. Pastors should be of sound doctrine and able to exhort those of righteousness and rebuke those that contradict. He is to be a sound example. Not to worship or praise, but so you have an example that you may grow stronger in your faith and walk.

The problem is when people’s lives start changing, they begin to attribute their growth and blessings from their church, instead of the Holy Spirit. They tell others how much the church has done for their lives and instead of preaching the gospel of Jesus to the lost, they preach the importance of going to their church on Sunday. This is because they have put a stumbling block between them and God, which is either their pastor, their church, or both.

Because of the attachment to the traditions of this world and false doctrine passed down, many pastors have put themselves in place of God in their member’s lives. Some have stunted their spiritual growth due to traditions & ideology. They also gain financial success and power through their members giving; attaching themselves to the world.

Just because God gave the position of pastor to some, does not mean that everyone should be one. As well as they should always meet all the characteristics of what the Word says. The most important of all being of sound doctrine.

If you attend a church, you must line up your doctrine with the Word of God.  DO NOT just attend a church because you like their choir, or they have a great Sunday school facility and structure, or because they give coffee & donuts out after service, or because they do good in their community. You go to & support a church and it’s pastor that lives truly through sound doctrine and understanding of the Word of God.  That does not accept and allow worldly traditions in their body.  That do not celebrate Christmas & Easter and rather exposes them as pagan holidays.  Churches that survive by the offerings of their body, supported by God, and not a requirement of tithing according to the Law.

You must not  worship your pastor.  And check him in line with the Word of God.  Do not blindly believe everything said, but check only with the Word of God.  There is no private interpretation of the Word.  You can read it and understand it yourself.  The Holy Spirit will give you the guidance you need.  The requirement is to read it continuously.  You will identify with truth because The Lord said He wrote the Word in our hearts.  Test all things and break away from any bondage seen or unseen.


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Is Your Church An Idol?



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