God’s Plan For Your Life or Your Plan?

Does your outlook of the future match with God’s Will? Does your view match what God has told us? Or does it match more with what the world generally hopes for? These things mainly being peace, prosperity, & success? It’s a reasonable question to ask ourselves.

Many people believe in God and say that they accept Christ for their salvation, but when it comes to what God has said about the world & His coming judgment upon it, it seems that many ignore His prophecies on the matter. This is very much a problem for today’s church. The church is looking for lessons to achieve prosperity & abundance with the resources of  this world. But is that biblically sound?

We all need to ask ourselves that question because the direction the world is heading towards seems to be  the exact same direction that God has told & forewarned us about. Many others are driven by their own need for success and the riches of life.  They have such a love of this world that they may not identify with what God actually says about it.  They ignore or do not even know of His doctrine calling us to “not being of this world”.

The rest of the world is chasing after success that’s normally identified by the house you live in, the cars you drive, or the school you send your kids to. But is this biblically what God intends for us when we are deemed to be successful?

Is the ultimate goal of God for us to obtain wealth & health in this world?

Is the ultimate goal of God for us to have peace & racial equality?

Or will He eventually judge the world upon belief in His Son and rule against the wicked & indifferent?

When I’m on social media I hear a lot of people who speak for God.  They are always suggesting that “the best times have yet to come”. Now to clarify, they are not speaking of the eternal treasures God has for us when He calls for His Bride.  They are speaking of the pleasures of this world. The most deceptive thing is they are always the most positive people.  They are not talking about anything negative. They only listen out for the positive vibes and feelings.  A lot of them even classify themselves as Christians.  But the question is…is it biblically sound?  Does their view match up with the Word of God? The sad answer to that question many times is no.

These people often sound very positive. They sound like the type of person that you may want to be around. Many people often like hearing their views.  The masses love to identify with the god that only wants us to be rich, happy, and successful if we work hard for it, only being positive.  No one wants to even consider the loving God that will eventually judge the earth based on His Word He left us.  They don’t even want to consider that maybe God doesn’t want us to be rich with earthly treasures.

The Word of God tells us that in the last days people will not take sound doctrine.  They will be lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God (2 Timothy 4). The Lord told us that his enemy Satan became proud and wants to ascend to the heights of heaven like God.  He wants to be worshipped in place of God. Eventually this will be attempted by him again. Only after this does God set up His kingdom on earth.  So all prophecies that have been given about the Day of The Lord & His judgment, and the AntiChrist must come about before His 1000 year millennial kingdom.

The Positive:

Those that believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Those that are completely surrendered to Him will be saved and reap His reward He has for His bride.

The Negative:

Those that don’t believe on Jesus, will be judged. They may either die before they are given the opportunity to repent or they fall for the strong delusion (2 Thess. 2:11) and never become saved living in the worst time ever in history.  Both results leading to hell.


There is a reason to be very positive.  Of course there is!  We believer’s should all be positive & expectant of that Glorious day, called our Blessed Hope.  However, because the latter is so negative for those that don’t believe, we must also face negative facts.  We must help show them how to escape the things to come.  It’s accepting the hard truths, even if it is really difficult to bear.

Someone’s outlook for the future must be aligned with the Word of God. It should not be based upon the teachings of the world.  Many people, including the members of the church, do not even look to God for what He says about His Second coming & His judgment. They look for him to help them reap the benefits to live a good life here on Earth.  They’re seeking earthly treasures, expecting that the treasures are what God wants for them. They think He wants them to be successful in obtaining the things in this world. The world that hates Him. Loving the things of the world that He told us not to love. A world that He told us to not be a part of. (Click to Read More About It)


How many have lost that message?


Lost the message or never known it simply because they’re not reading His word. They are picking and choosing what parts they want to believe in.  They forget the rest.  Maybe a better word is ignore.  A lot also are being deceived by pastors & churches that teach them the art of giving and receiving through tithes. Not to mention that ridiculous prosperity doctrine, or the countless other false doctrines.

This article is not about the prophecies. It’s about people aligning their worldview with what the Lord has told us about it through His Word.  We all must read it.  We must not be of this world. We must base our opinions on what God has said and what He wants for us.  When we align these views with what the world believes & says,  we run a very big risk of not even understanding what the Lord really wants for us, the world, and His church.  We run the dangerous risk of the Lord saying to us, “I never knew you!”

Please do not just follow someone merely because they have a positive message for tomorrow. Do not follow them simply because it’s a simpler choice and easier & more pleasant to hear. Beware of those that speak for God, but not with scriptures, regardless of how positive they may sound.  Always make sure that it 100% aligns with the Word of God.

There’s nothing wrong with positivity & positive thinking, but it is wrong when it goes against God and His Word.  A lot of times it actually is a New Age religious belief masqueraded around Christianity.  Whatever our view is, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ and the Word of God is your source, your view should always align with the Word. Always make sure that the doctrine & views align with all scripture, not just one point that may contradict other scripture.

The truth is there is awesome hope for those that believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, but the harder truth is there is also judgment and hardship for those that don’t believe in Him.  So if you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and are a member of His church, completely surrendering your life to Him,


For the time of our Savior is near!!

If your views are aligned more with the world and not really with what God says about the world…stop everything you’re doing and repent. Read His Word for understanding, correctness, guidance, & discernment. Match your future with what God has said about it. Forget about all the rest.

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God’s Plan For Your Life or Your Plan?