Are you preparing for the coming collapse of the global economy?

If not…

What points & data are you using that gives you such security in our economic system? Ask yourself these questions?

Do you rely on your own data, research, and analysis?


  • Do you follow mainstream public opinion, mainstream mass media, & mainstream views?
  • Do you tell yourself it’s too complex of a subject to understand so it’s easier to ignore?
  • Or do you just feel is best to rely on the experts and wait for them to sound the alarm?


It seems that most people do at least 1 of the 3, and there is only a small minority that actually does do their own homework and relies on their own analysis. Most people however, the majority are simply swayed by our mainstream sources and wait for others to tell them when to worry.

Really think about it.

How many people do you know that were prepared for the 2008 financial collapse?

Another way of asking would be….

Did the mainstream media keep the general public prepared for the 2008 collapse?

The answer is no!

You would think that most people would develop their own analysis to prevent a situation like this from ever happening again without them knowing. But sadly that is not the truth. Most people still do not know what the full cause of the 2008 financial collapse was. They also do not know how the Federal Reserve and President Obama fixed it. Most just now that it is “currently” fixed. And that’s okay for them.

The financial crisis of 2008 hit many very hard and others were minimally affected. But the fact still remains that a financial collapse still happened in 2008. We should never forget that. But many of us do. We see the stock market at all-time highs and unemployment data that implies that we are headed in the right direction. But are we really?

The worst thing is that today, things that should be common sense are now points that can be debated. Factors and points that should be easily agreed upon as potentially negative are now something completely politicized as being far to the right, having a view from the racist tea party, or some type of extremists or conspiracy theorist.

For example, we the United States has the largest debt in the world. It currently is sitting at over $18 trillion. It is growing now at around $1 trillion a year at least. We have a deficit even with historically low-interest rates close to 0%. But with all those factors and more, for some reason when people are expressing concern about these things like our debt, deficit, and spending they’re labeled as being part of the tea party or a conspiracy theorist.

This should be viewed as bad all across the board. Our record debt and spending should be something that everyone understands as being negative. When you correlate this to your own life or your own business it makes this point easier to understand. In banking there’s a point where you’re not able to borrow anymore money. There’s sometimes a  point when your debt is higher than your income.  You can be borrowing money just to pay back older debt.  Only being able to borrow because you have great credit. Eventually this would not last. Or if you try to get a mortgage on a home, the bank won’t let you bypass a certain debt ratio, usually no higher than only 40%. This is called your debt to income ratio.

It’s just common knowledge. If you have too much debt eventually it will be a negative thing for you if you can’t pay it back. So one shouldn’t have too much debt. This is not a political view. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is common sense, but today anyone holding this view is seen as extreme. Isn’t that odd? Do you have an answer for why that is?

Who are you relying on to provide you with crucial information?

If you are relying on the same sources that you relied on before, particularly the mainstream media & majority public opinion, and you were not aware the financial collapse of 2008 was going to happen at least 6 months to 1 year in advance, then it’s highly possible that the same thing can happen to you again. It could be less or more severe consequences. But chances are you will not be given proper warning and time to prepare.

Contrary to what many have heard, there were many people and experts that did know and were prepared ahead of the collapse. They also made a lot of money because of their knowledge and hedging for the collapse. I unfortunately was not one of them. I relied on the same public information and mass media that most people did and still do today.

The only difference is I decided I wasn’t going to be a victim again. There were many that were affected less than me and there were many that were affected worse than me. But I knew no one personally that was aware of the situation before hand. I felt that I was giving too much power and control to others, rather than myself. I decided to change that. I started increasing the number of sources of information I was receiving & decreasing the amount of sources I trusted. I also began to fact check as much as I could, looking for alternate views of all stories. I decided to gain a grasp of major terms I was not familiar with so I would at least have a basic understanding of what the Fed & our government were saying and doing. I wanted to know deeper than the headlines & summary that our news normally gives. From doing this I was clearly alarmed and change my economic & investment view. This in return steered many other things in my life, in many different directions. I decided to be more proactive and less reactive.

THE Truth-Un-Edited

The truth is that this economy is headed for collapse. There are many different factors, not just one. Are you prepared for it? Mainstream media & mainstream public opinion will not prepare you for it. It actually is distracting you from the many points of risk. It is also deterring you from listening to anyone with this kind of opposing opinion. But as you have seen in 2008 this will not stop the financial collapse from happening. If it is supposed to happen, it cannot be stopped. Please do your research on the many factors that affect our U.S. economy. Please understand the statistics that you are receiving when economic data is given. Please do not believe fully in all of the information you’re receiving from mainstream mass media. It could be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

If you oppose my view and do not believe my view, please counter it with actual information and data, rather than a gut feeling or challenging without facts and information.

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Are You Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the Global Economy?