In order to really understand the world you live in, you have to be willing to humble yourself.  This is the biggest problem separating people from truth and reality.  They have to be willing to humble yourself.

We all feel (for the most part) that we are intelligent.  We all feel that we have common sense. We all feel we have bigger things to concern ourselves with than conspiracy theories or information like that.   Because we feel this, often when there are times that the truth presents itself to us, we choose to ignore it or minimize it.  We feel that we’ve heard some variation of the story or information before.  Enough so, that we feel we know something or enough about it.  Enough at least for us to know that it’s not something that we need to put a focus on.  We often say:

If it happens, it happens!  In the end we’ll be ok! We always are o.k. because God’s got us…. Right?

This is where the humbling part needs to be applied.  In order to really understand the truth, you have to be willing to humble yourself to the fact that maybe you had 80-90% wrong in the way you view things.  That everything that you thought about the world was wrong. Most people aren’t able to deal with that.  It takes away from their pride & self-reliance.  It also can bring feelings of embarrassment or shame for being deceived for so long (depending on how old the person is). It also comes with feelings of fear of lack of control.  Most people don’t have time to deal with that.  The thought is:

“We got our own problems already.  We don’t need anymore…. right?”

We have to be willing to humble ourselves and examine the priority we place our lives & problems in.  Often times we can put so much focus on living problem free, debt free, or whatever else-free, that it becomes the main priority in our lives.  Replacing God, His Word, and purpose for us as the main priority.

The main point to remember is, it’s not all of your fault. It’s not your parents or grandparents fault either.  The blame is equally distributed down the generations including ours.  As we began conforming to the world and started letting other people make decisions for ourselves and our families, we allowed our enemy to build walls around the truth blocking us from it. Ask yourself this:

  1. Do you know who created & approved  your curriculum when you went to school, regardless whether it was public or private, or the level of education? Basically  who decided what you know or don’t know? 
  2. Who made your textbooks?
  3. Who controls & owns the news that you receive?

If you just analyzed the answers to those simple questions right there, you will be able to see where I’m going with all this.  For at least 3 generations, since the U.S. Department of Education was established and there was a television in every home, there were people who controlled what we know.

We have to humble ourselves to say we know nothing about the people creating our education, news, entertainment, and world view.  We don’t know enough about the philanthropist who donated their money to build the system we have today.  This fact makes us not aware of the major influencers that have shaped our lives.  If you don’t really understand them, how do you think you really know the truth?  Ask yourself:

What if these people were actually your enemy plotting against you?


What if they wanted to keep you blind, dumb, & ignorant from true reality? 

I know…the common thought is just to say, “Oh well…it’s something that I can’t control, so why focus on it”.  And this would be your reasoning not to pay it any mind.  But what if God warned us about these tricks and schemes, but they blocked us from that warning too? What if this all is in God’s plan and He has been with you, protecting you, trying to get your attention to focus on Him, but you’ve been ignoring Him?

The point is you need to first be willing to humble yourself and admit that you possibly have been deceived. That you might not have given the Lord all the attention He desires from us.  That you might not have meditated in His Word on your own like you should.  You need to humble yourself, so that you can allow the Lord to fix it.

The Lord talks a lot in His Word about being awake and asleep.  This reality that I’m asking you to humble yourself & consider that you don’t know about it, is  likened to you being awake.  You not being aware of it, is you being asleep.  You may not completely recognize the times because you’re asleep (1 Thessalonians 5).  You are taking a big risk all because of foolish pride.

I will finish how I started.  I know it’s not easy to do but…..You need to be willing to humble yourself.

If you are here’s some info to start you with.


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You Have to Be Willing to Humble Yourself