This video was removed from my YouTube channel, so I’m placing it directly here. What many people don’t understand is that the enemy is right now promoting major propaganda campaigns in order to prepare the masses to follow the deceptive path that he is laying out. He has an agenda that he wants the world to fall in line with and the trust that the world needs to have in his voice is not built over night. It gains strength methodically over time by repeating the same messages over and over and over. He needs the whole world to accept his agenda and so he has crafted propaganda that he has developed over decades and uses his megaphone of the media and governments to increase it’s potency and effectiveness. There is no greater agenda that we are seeing being built up on us more than the agenda of Climate Change. This is an agenda that has been developing over decades and will accomplish multiple goals when it all comes together. We must understand the agenda of climate change and how it applies in these last days. Let’s Begin

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