What Your Pastor Hasn’t Told You About America

Well what is it right? This is such an important subject because the consequences of being on the wrong side of this information could be disastrous for yourself, your family, your congregation, etc.  For many it may be too much to bear and they may deny the validity. For many others it will be a huge eye opener and may answer many unanswered questions they’ve had for a long time.  Is the reason why your pastor hasn’t told you about this some sort of conspiracy? No, I am not making that claim.

I’m going with the premise that they really just do not know.  That they don’t know is bad enough because as pastors they are responsible for their flock.  Every pastor and church has a flock they are responsible for to help keep them in line with the Lord, to tell them about the Lord, to help them navigate in the world as a leader that understands the scriptures.  All of the scriptures though, not just the feel good ones and some stories.  If you have not heard this information it’s because they’re (your pastor & church) not keeping in line with the Word. They have missed the biggest warning that we all living in America should be mindful of.

What your pastor has not told you is that the United States of America is Mystery Babylon.

Mystery Babylon which is spoken about in great detail by the prophet Jeremiah in Chapter 50 & 51, the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 47, and  the apostle John in Revelations 17 & 18. Mystery Babylon is the third Babylon to come.  God is very angry with Mystery Babylon and says very specific statements of judgement against Babylon.

This article is not to explain the whole story of Mystery Babylon.  Please view the page on The Characteristics of Mystery Babylon for an explanation of the characteristics, prophecies, and warnings in reference to Mystery Babylon.  It is encouraged that everyone read the scriptures for themselves, so they can feel the anger of the Lord when it comes to Babylon.  Any writing by man would not show you enough how much of an abomination Mystery Babylon is to the Lord.

If you live in the United States of America you have been trained all your life to love her.  For the past 100 years you’ve grown up in extreme indoctrination to get you to accept the things that our families many generations back would have never tolerated.  If you were educated by our education system here, public or private, you have been taught to believe in a changing, accepting, more tolerant America.  We all have been moving right along with a changing world believing that is the way it’s supposed to be because we are in America.  The land of the free to do your own will.

This land of the free actually represents land of the free to sin.  A majority of us, while we may understand that the times are getting more wicked and evil, we do not recognize the full extent to the “why” & “what” God fully has to say about it. God has spoken and placed judgement upon America. All you need to do is read about it to completely understand.

There is literally no other nation in history or in the future that could match all that has been said about Mystery Babylon like America does.  No other nation.  All the things we are, what represents us, and our interaction with the world makes America totally fit the description of Mystery Babylon. God detests her and ensures vengeance upon her.

He even tells us that our shepherds will leave the sheep astray. So your pastor not telling you about America being Mystery Babylon is just another fulfillment of prophecy.  Think about it. As many churches as there are in this country, if the pastors were teaching their congregations about this prophecy, there would be no way society would have been able to get this bad.  No way because we would not have settled for it.

But understand this is prophecy. We can never change the direction of this world.  Mystery Babylon, has to be because God’s Word is true forever and ever.  The point is that if you don’t know about it, you run the severe risk of loving both God & country, which are in complete conflict with each other.  Babylon is against God.  If you side with the ways of Babylon, and  believe in her, you will reap the same fate as her.  You need to know what God says about her yourself.

Your pastor and church has you distracted.  Even if the Mystery Babylon prophecy didn’t fit (which it does) your pastors and churches have you practicing pagan traditions like Christmas, Easter, Sunday Worship, etc.  All these traditions that many make excuses for.  All these things that are not biblical but are defended as being okay.  Most of the things we do today are against the Lord.  Understanding that America is Mystery Babylon just makes you clearly understand why.

After you realize the truth about America, pray about it and repent.  Come out of her and remove yourself from those that are not properly preparing you.

Please read The Characteristics of Mystery Babylon for more information

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What Your Pastor Hasn’t Told You About America

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