The first thing that must be understood is the Law, The Law of Moses. This was the old covenant that God made with the children of Israel.

The Law included directions for the tabernacle, instructions for the altar, instructions for Levitical Priests, animal sacrifices, the tithe, and more. Exodus 25-31 and pretty much all of Leviticus explains and covers it all. The important point to remember is that this is the Law & covenant that God gave to the children of Israel. It was only meant for the Jews, so only if you are a descendent of one of the 12 tribes of Israel or you have converted to Judaism should you refer that you are under the Law. That’s a very big point to understand at the simplest form of law vs. grace. Only Jews can argue whether they are under the Law.

Now there is nothing wrong with the law. The Law is perfect because it comes from God. The only problem is that man could not keep the Law. The Law is the standpoint of right and wrong. If there was no speed limit, you wouldn’t know you were speeding. If there was no judge of right or wrong, you’d never know if you’re doing things right or wrong. The Law is now for the unbeliever a guideline to show them that they are a sinner.

The Law allowed God to judge man completely by his or her works. It was very strict. There was normal sacrificing of animals to atone for one’s sins. There was bringing tithes not to the pastors, but to the Levitical Priest. There were animal sacrifices needed for atonement and cleansing of one’s soul (Leviticus 16).

As Israel conquered land they mingled with the occult. After Solomon, Israel & Judah broke apart, the many Kings of Israel, and Some of the Kings of Judah did wrong in the sight of The Lord. This is how all 12 tribes were conquered and the land of Israel was taken. They mingled and worshipped the things of the accursed and practiced idolatry. Later on there was prophecy that God was going to send a Savior for them. The prophecy was Jesus. But He did not come only for the Jews. He came for us all!

This was obviously not accepted by the Jews at large, which is why they still live by the Law. They did not accept the new covenant made through the blood of Christ. If you are a Jew, you are the only one that could be judged by the law. Judea law is now just a moral compass of our society. It’s a gauge that shows the boundaries of man. It is not what God will judge humanity in whole (Gentiles) by.

Christians are not under the Law. They live by grace.  Please go to the next article about The New Covenant: Grace –  Part 2

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