Based from the story of Nimrod, the mystery religion was created. This religion spread among the different ancient empires of Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece, & Rome. This is what paganism is. The purest definition of it. Paganism is the collection of all polytheistic beliefs centered around a central belief. The stories may change, but there are always 4 central figures. They are:

• Father god
• The Sun god
• The Moon goddess (a.k.a Mother god)
• The son of god

Now we do not pretend to be luciferin experts. Nor do we contest to being scholars of greek/roman mythology and other religions, but in today’s Information Age, there is enough information available for anyone to gain a broader understanding.

The chart below illustrates the god & goddess worship of the pagans of different cultures, empires, and religions. It’s impossible not to see the connection from all the stories of these gods & goddesses. The easiest distinction you will find when identifying pagan worshippers is if they worship both Father & Mother god. If there is a both masculine & feminine god in their belief system, then they are a pagan.

Pagan god List

Pagan god List

Now with all of these sun god’s and moon goddesses, another similarity is that they are all birthed from the same father. This father is the ultimate god. He is the creator and bearer of light, of knowledge. He is Father god like referenced earlier. The main connection that most people do not make is that all of these names refer to actually one god. That is lucifer. It’s the same story just different names. Same purposes just different names.

Names of Lucifer

Satan is the master deceiver. This is how he will unite the world to worship him. They already are. They’ve been doing it in his name through silence and secrecy for thousands of years. He has created many gods & beliefs centered around him that people all around the world accept & worship. It doesn’t matter which god it is they choose because if it is not true belief in Jesus Christ, it will lead everyone to satan. This is part of the great deception.

A lot of the prophecy matches God’s true prophecy of the messiah through Jesus Christ. Satan the deceiver has used God’s plan to deceive man. This is what an Anti-Christ is.

The basis and understanding of this information will allow for greater understanding of the traditions the world keep. It will make you think about what god you actually might be serving without actualization.

The key points to know are:

  • Lucifer is the sun-god
  • The birthday of the sun-god is December 25th, the Winter Solstice, the time when the sun is closest to the earth.
  • Pagans worship the moon, the moon goddess, Goddess Diana, Ishtar, and her many other names. She is the female, fertility deity. The virgin mother of god.
  •  She is worshipped on Easter, to celebrate her return each year
  • The son of god is always prophesied to return to be a savior of earth

This is just a summary of the overall connection. It should provoke thought in the reader to make connections with traditions, beliefs, and customs in their own life and review them.


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