Your Real Adversary: The Devil

This subject is very important. It’s to gain a better understanding of our adversary, the devil. The devil wants the world to worship him as god, and no longer live by Judeo-Christian standards (The 10 Commandments & Grace), but by luciferin doctrine and rule (The New World Order). If this was all true, this would mean that he would need his own religion too, right? Of course!

Now we typically tend not to want to believe that a person actually worships Lucifer (the devil), and we characterize the actual devil worshippers by the obvious all black gothic look. But due to the fact that a growing majority of the people in this world are not reading the Word of God regularly, their church is not properly teaching & preparing their members, and/or they are distracted like most people in this country, there is a lack of understanding on the “what” and the “how” of the devil. Simply meaning, they know there’s a devil, but don’t know what his endgame is, and how he goes about doing it. They also won’t recognize his influence.

Well Satan’s massive change in religion wouldn’t just come to fruition under his name, because that wouldn’t be desirable for the masses, being that we still live under Judeo-Christian standards. We know and say (for the most part) that God is good, and Satan is bad. We don’t generally believe in the idea of polytheism, worshipping many gods as the world did in ancient history. We also don’t give too much thought on the devil and what God has told us about his plans.  We know he will eventually form a one world religion and require all people to wear his mark in order to buy or sell. The issue is that when people hear that, it still doesn’t mentally set in and make them ask themselves the bigger question.

“If there is going to be a “world religion” who is it that everybody is going to be worshipping?  And how could that ever happen?  What would the world look like at that time?”

He needs everyone to be almost there, ready to accept his mark and his false doctrine. Paying attention to the current mood of this world and understanding these truths, you’ll be able to see we are accepting new doctrine and transitioning our principles without realization.

This is the reason why we must stay in the Word of God, and limit our exposure and our family’s exposure to mass media teaching and deceptive indoctrination.  We must start instilling the foundation of the Lord, through the Word of God.

The programming of today can be easily discerned through if we make it a habit of discerning. We must pray and ask God for continuous discernment and to increase our awareness of our surroundings. If we go through the process of renewing our minds, based all from what the Word of God teaches, and not by the phony education we get in the classroom or from societal pressures & experiences. We will be able to protect ourselves and our families from the idolatry, witchcraft, imagery, and sexually immoral world influence that disguises itself under god, love, & family.

The devil is coming with a lot of the same principles that we hold on to, in order to disguise himself as god. It’s nowhere close to the perfect love of God, but we need to be able to identify with that first, so that we don’t fall for the never-loving god. We will see a lot of television shows and movies, referring to god, but not speaking about the same God as ours. We must be diligently discerning with this, identifying what God it is that people serve and what influence is from our God and what influence is generated from the world’s god. When people say they have God in their lives, you must dig deeper to understand what God it is they are serving. If you know the Son, you know the Father. If they know Jesus, they know our God. Not just because they wear a cross around their neck, but also because they recognize Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Always remember:

The devil thinks he is a god too!

Do Not Be Ignorant to Your Adversary, the devil!

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Your Real Adversary: The Devil

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  • Joseph Gatl

    Thank you so much sir for being a clean and clear voice in the wilderness!
    I really appreciate your thoroughness and intellect and citation of the bible to back up what you say! Praise Jesus!

  • Joseph G

    Thank you so much sir for being a clean and clear voice in the wilderness!
    I really appreciate your thoroughness and intellect and citation of the bible to back up what you say! Praise Jesus!

  • Samuel Simpson

    Thanking God(YHWH)choosing dedicated men to teach in a clear & very understanding of the written word of God(YHWH)and helps us know where we are in this latter days.Thank you sir.I share the same opinion with above 3 comments.But please bare with me for asking 2 questions: 1.The name of the son of God(YHWH)is it Jesus or from a personal research, the direct translation from paleo hebrew: Yahushua to English is Joshua(Yahoshuah).The letter “J” is approx.400 yrs since.I feel incorrect to call on the name Jesus knowing his original true Hebrew name Yahushua(Yahu =God which Yah …and shua = saves.The son’s name is in the Father’s name and the Father’s in the son.Please I need your comment.
    2.This off subject…it’s about the Sabbath & the annual Sabbaths.Do we in post resurrection,continue to carry all of it’s rituals and ceremonies like in the O/T times.If so what calendar should we use…thanking you in advance for your attention and may God(YHWH) bless you in your noble works.

  • Christopher Andrew

    Well said and well written – the true God is the Heavenly Father, the magnanimous Creator, the most Just and Merciful, the most loving, well-intended Father who gives us free will rather than force us to obey him because it is a gracious gift that allows us to discover Him and come to Him on our own. If we are vigilant, sober, attentive, and think critically we will find Him. Once finding Him we begin to figure out what He wants and how to please Him and we learn that through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ we can submit to Him and repent our sins. Accepting the Heavenly Father protects us from Satan and through the Holy Spirit we acquire knowledge of gifts He has endowed to us individually with His grace. We become righteous soldiers in the glory of His name and receive the whole armor of God in protection. We are amazed and overjoyed at his infinite love and are filled completely by overwhelming joy so that we so desire to shout out to the world that is still asleep that He is the answer, that He is so wonderously and fearfully perfect. Amen!

  • Lastdazemaze

    Well, this article was chock full of warnings but told me practically nothing useful.

    I was hoping more would be said about how the spirits opposing God are the real enemies and not our fellow Christians who disagree with us on minor points. Then I read more of the website and saw instances of this same thing happening, demonizing fellow Christians over differences in interpretation of scripture and differences in emphasis.

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