Why do Churches Not Teach Biblical Prophecy?

In his first epistle to the Thessalonians, in Chapter 5 verse 20 the Apostle Paul tells us not to despise prophecies. Prophecies are guidance from God into the future. He tells us what to expect so that the times do not overtake us and we are prepared for them. He gives us our future history so that we are able to identify the times. His prophecy also shows us how powerful He is, by describing events thousands of years before they are to come.

When you think about the prophecies the Jews received from prophets like Isaiah and Ezekiel about their coming Messiah, think on how many Jews missed them. They were told about a Savior that would free them from their bondage of sin. With many specific prophecies, all that Jesus fulfilled. Many missed them simply because they either ignored them, didn’t believe in them, was looking for God to act in a different way from what was prophesied, or they just were not paying attention. Either way, they were missed and a lot of them made the worst decision in history. They crucified the Savior that God sent for them. When God walked among them in the flesh, they missed it. They missed Him. They never recognized Him. They expected God to act in a way they required, bringing about another King like David.

This is an unfortunate reality to those that ignore God’s prophetic messages and warnings. Those that do this miss God when He performs in the biggest ways. Now after Jesus was crucified and resurrected on the 3rd day, there was only one last act to come. This was God’s final judgment on man. When He finally defeats Satan casting him down to hell for 1000 years and sets up his millennial kingdom here on earth. Those that believed in Jesus being saved and those that did not believe in Him being cast down to hell with Satan.  This is called the Second Death. There were many other things that precede this event, all prophesied and foretold by many like Daniel, the Apostle John, and Jesus Himself.

But how many are paying attention? How many know what God has told us about our future history? This is why the Apostle Paul told us not to despise prophesies. One thing you here many believers say is that Jesus is coming back soon, but what the world will look like when He comes, they do not know. Many Pastors and churches stay far away from biblical prophecy. They stay far from the Book of Revelations. Many look at the Book of Revelations as scary and depressing. Something so built around symbolism that they choose not to pay attention to it. Because it means an end to all things they are used to, like mentioned it depresses or scares them. Being that a lot are so attached to this world, they miss the main fact that it is the greatest story of hope. For all that believe in Christ become redeemed and live forever with God.  But a lot do not want that to come to pass because they are too busy reaping their rewards here on earth.

So many will not hear their pastors preach sermons about biblical prophecy. They attend churches where their pastors talk about reaping all the benefits of being a believer in this world, but do not prepare them for when Jesus comes back for His bride. This unfortunately leaving the church spiritually distracted, storing up treasures here on earth and ignoring the fact that the things of this world are bound to fade away.

If you pay attention to biblical prophecy, it can be hard to deny that many things prophesied are coming in to fruition today. The technology of the mark of the beast, which would have seemed to be pure science fiction not more than 10 years ago is now a reality that many people are accepting today. A world religion is now forming through leaders like the Pope promoting it. The heart of many believers are growing cold and loving the world, more than their Savior. The world is accepting behaviors that were not generally accepted before the times of Sodom & Gomorrah and like the times of Noah.

But many are so distracted that they believe that it is their time of abundance. Abundance of reaping worldly rewards like money and success. Having bigger homes and better cars. Being able to financially free and independent. Believing that it’s time to reap their harvest that they have sown on earth. This is very similar to how the Jews were distracted by their persecution that they were waiting for God to give them their land and Kingdom back with a true King like David, missing salvation through Jesus Christ.

The unfortunate reality is that because the church is distracted and unaware of God’s prophetic warnings and messages, they will miss God’s biggest prophecy of redemption. The removal of the church and escape of the time when God tests the whole earth. Many churches do not preach this because of many reasons, but the majority reasons stem from the fact that they either do not know, they do not believe, or they are scared themselves.

Can you imagine the risk you take if:

You’re not prepared for Jesus when He comes back for us?

You’re being taught to store up the treasures on earth more than the treasures in heaven?

You haven’t learned for yourself what The Lord says about the end times and His return?

You’re currently at a state of lukewarm, but are unaware of it?

In the end, we are all responsible for our relationship and knowledge of God. We will not be able to blame our lack of knowledge in Him on our Pastors and leaders. We will not be able to plead our case in the end. It will not matter. So it is all of our own responsibility to know what God says. This is once again why the Apostle Paul says not to despise prophecy. We must prepare ourselves for the Lord’s return because He is coming back soon. The times are looking very close to what was prophesied.

Will you be ready for Him?

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Why Churches Do Not Teach Biblical Prophecy



  • Jeremy

    Brother you wrote this is 2014 and I don’t know if you still believe that the Church is going to be removed from the Earth before the time of tribulation.In 2014 I believed that very same thing but in the last 3 years God has revealed so very much to me in his word. You are obviously a man who has been willing to change the things you were doing when your eyes were opened to the truth about the pagan holidays that I like to call the beast feasts. when my eyes were opened to the difference between the truth written in the word of God and the doctrines that are from man I had to start sharing the truth with others and stop celebrating things like Christmas and Easter as well as Preaching a pre tribulation rapture. All of this made some people in my family stop talking to me and it cost me the Church I was pastoring in the SBC. I had to really humble myself and submit completely to The Perfect Will of YHWH ELOHIM and I learned that true happiness comes from Obedience. If you still believe that we The Church are going to be raptured before what scripture calls Jacob’s time of trouble I challenge you to Pray and ask for discernment and research when the doctrine of a secret rapture was first taught and who came up with the Idea. Then I Truly believe that you will see the same scriptures that you have read countless times like you’re seeing them for the first time. Just remember that when you believe Yahshua is coming back for His bride isn’t a salvation issue and we are brothers in Christ and I love you. Grace and peace,

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Jeremy, for your post! It helps to see that I am not alone in this struggle for truth. I am currently frustrated with my current church, and why my pastor avoids teaching the end times, or even having discussions about it. Even in this crisis with the Coronavirus, we are still stuck on things in the Bible that I’ve learned in Sunday School! There was one sermon where he spoke about Jacob and Esau and Jacob’s sin in taking Esau’s birthright — it’s like he had a disdain for Jacob. But didn’t God bless Jacob when he changed his name to Israel and from Israel came the 12 tribes?? I was confused and was completed turned off from that sermon. Wasn’t this inaccurate? I have so many questions! This should not be. I am so hungry to hear the book of Revelations taught — or to comfort each other when speaking of the last days. My church is bent on traditions — that have now and truly — make me feel so uncomfortable and leads me to ask questions about why we don’t celebrate the 7 feast days that Yahshuah celebrated, etc. So, my prayer to Elohim is to just lead me to His truth and to fellowship with others that love His truth. I’m so tired of the empty sermons when I’m hungry for so much more.

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