I made this video to speak to the many people that may feel that it is too late for them to come to God. The video is directed at those who have been struggling with sin and though you know you need to commit to God, you are being blocked from doing it fully. Maybe you feel you have sinned too much and not worthy of repentance, or maybe you are scared of looking soft or weak, or scared of losing many of your longtime friends that you know would not support you being a follower of Yahshua. Or maybe there’s something else, either way I’m making this video for you because I want you to understand that there will be a time when it’s too late for you, but right now is not that time and you are not alone.  I want you to understand that our Father is calling you right now and I hope in the end that you answer His call.


In the video, I provided steps that anyone seeking to have a better relationship with God should take. Here are some Action Steps For Getting Right With God! I have made it in a pdf for you as well so you can always refer back to it.  Be blessed! The time is now to get right with our Savior! I pray this helps!





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Action Steps For Getting Right With God



  • Elizabeth Rabbitts


    Has anyone every had success getting a reply from the contact page?

    I’m asking for help but I’m not sure if anyone is receiving the mail!

    • Tari Philip

      Hey, maybe you can try to leave a comment on the YouTube page. I’ve never contacted them before but I’ve looked through several older posts. Some people got replies to their comments.

  • Ichabod Ephraim

    These 72 verses are quite helpful in prayer and meditation:

    Psalms 3:3, Psalms 22:19, Psalms 91:2, Psalms 6:4, Psalms 34:4, Psalms 9:11, Psalms 103:8, Psalms 95:6, Psalms 25:6, Psalms 33:22, Psalms 18:46, Psalms 110:1, Psalms 98:4, Psalms 9:9, Psalms 94:22, Psalms 88:1, Psalms 8:9, Psalms 35:24, Psalms 40:1, Psalms 120:1-2, Psalms 31:14, Psalms 121:5, Psalms 121:8, Psalms 33:18, Psalms 9:1, Psalms 119:145, Psalms 140:1, Psalms 71:12, Psalms 54:4, Psalms 71:5, Psalms 71:16, Psalms 33:4, Psalms 94:11, Psalms 131:3, Psalms 116:1, Psalms 26:8, Psalms 80:3, Psalms 91:9, Psalms 30:10, Psalms 88:14, Psalms 120:2, Psalms 121:7, Psalms 88:13, Psalms 119:108, Psalms 94:18, Psalms 145:9, Psalms 92:5, Psalms 98:2, Psalms 145:3, Psalms 145:8, Psalms 104:31, Psalms 7:17, Psalms 119:75, Psalms 103:19, Psalms 102:12, Psalms 145:14, Psalms 115:11, Psalms 6:3, Psalms 113:3, Psalms 145:17, Psalms 113:2, Psalms 119:159, Psalms 100:2, Psalms 33:18, Psalms 90:13, Psalms 38:21, Psalms 37:4, Psalms 106:1, Psalms 16:5, Genesis 1:1, Psalms 109:30 and Psalms 116:7.

    God bless you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Lorraine Smith

    I found this channel this weekend.i was saved when I was 15 and I am now 63 years old. I live in Scotland and my country has become very dark. I have been out of organised church for over 5 years. many have told me that I am Dying and get back to Church. I feel very uncomfortable in a church due to gossip, backbiting and lack of love. I have been kept by my Lord and He has shown me so much. for the first time this weekend I have tried fasting, and it has been wonderful. Today I took communion alone and been blessed. I have friends I can pray with , God has brought me these friends. I will recommit to Yashua and live for him. God bless you . I have Jesus as my friend and teacher. He has used you to bless and encourage me. Praise God!

  • Penguin Loove

    Hello Ron Charles.
    Could you a video or maybe a post on God hating women
    I know that sounds a bit extreme considering God is Love but I can’t help but feel like God loves men and merely tolerates women
    Sometimes I think that he despises that part of the nature God has considering both male and female are made in God’s image and likeness.
    There are times I even wonder did all this toxic misogyny originate from God?Why refer to Himself as Him as if we are not both equal complementary parts of His nature
    I used to love God so so so much and trusted his every word.but its hard now when you’re not sure if God at all loves you coz you’re a woman?
    Am at a point in my life where I believe men,99% if not all,hate women.
    Maybe doing this research may not be worth it to you, or maybe it could be but am really hoping to be proven wrong .That God ACTUALLY LOVES women as women and that men hating women is not innate but learned,that it is not hopeless.
    The post was about Getting right with God but this is just one thing holding me back.I just wanna see how ,how did God love women coz all I see right now is despise and no respect. Or maybe my lens is broken, am hoping my angle is faulty and that in the clear error free version, God loves women and men hating women got nothing to do with scripture as some men who despise women just for being women use it to support their claims.
    Thanks for listening and would really appreciate if you respond back.
    Elohim bless you.

  • j.w

    Good morning all. Let the bible and the bible alone be your guide. Most people are advising that a microchip is the mark of the beast, but please read the book of Revelation. Every time it speaks about the mark of the beast it is ALWAYS in relationship to worship. Please talk to God and let him reveal. Also, God’s prophets(Ezekiel, Isiah and Jesus Christ)spoke about keeping the sabbath (even when the new heaven and new earth is created). If the sabbath is gone away with are we calling God’s prophets liars???? God’s ten commandments are still valid. For God said “Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy….” I pray that God will be merciful on all of us. As he said “Get out of her my people (the apostate church and all their teachings)and be not partakers of her plagues”. Funny enough some will tell you the truth that Easter and Christmas are pagan traditions, but they wouldn’t tell you the Sunday worship is the worship of the sun. As the day says Sunday, i.e, Sun’s Day (The day of the sun). Wake up God’s people. Seek and you shall find. Love you all.

  • Omobolade

    I really thank Yahweh our Father and Yahshua our Lord and Savior for your life. My brother you have been a miraculous revelation of truth about Elohim and Yahshua to me and others. Keep it up and be blessed as God continued to use you for His purpose. Amen

  • Deng Mayom

    Thank you so much. I was worrying because many signs appear this year, even here in South Sudan locusts appeared yesterday as it is written in the Book of 1 Chronicles 7:13

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