In the video, MY FRIENDS & FAMILY WON’T LISTEN TO ME: WHAT DO I DO? I spoke about some  actions we all can take for our family and friends that do not have the same urgency in their spirit about getting right and preparing for our Father.  These are the action items I recommended in the video.  Click the picture to download a copy. I hope it blesses you and those you are trying to reach!

Things You Can Do To Help Bring Your Family & Friends Closer To Messiah

– Realize that the Father draws people through the Holy Spirit.  Start a Bible Study

– Depending on who you are talking to, don’t lead with the celebration of pagan holidays

– If you are younger than those you are trying to reach and it doesn’t seem that they are taking you seriously, in your prayers, pray that God will send someone across their path that will assist them. Pray for strength in dealing with the rejection that comes from this and for patience while waiting

– Don’t nag people

– Don’t sound as if you are judging them. Remember where you were at one time too

– Make sure you are strong in your faith before you go out witnessing

– Always be consistent and an example of what you are preaching


What to Do for Unsaved Family

 Click to Download

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Things You Can Do To Help Bring Your Family & Friends Closer To Messiah

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  • Emily Bove

    Hi there. Thank you for your channel 🙏. I have a question/ request that I’ve been struggling with. It relates to the 4th commandment of the sabbath. It’s mentioned in genesis, in exodus, Deuteronomy,Jesus obeyed it, its in revelation and will be part of the new earth day of worship. Seeing as Constantine (a man) changed the day of rest to a Sunday (changing laws and times); can you please ask the Holy Spirit to do a video or at least answer my question so I can have some peace with this commandment that God repeats over and over Again in scripture?

    • Alice

      @Emily Bove
      I would suggest you to visit, it’s a end time ministry. May Yahushua answer all your questions. Salom

  • Ladrhesa Ash

    Thank you so much i posted on my facebook status and literally get attack by those who are family and say they are Christians. It hurt me so that i shut down.

  • Anita Hart

    Good evening my brother,

    As you are truly a blessing, I would like to donate but I can never get a secure site to do so. I put https in front and it still says NOT SECURE. my card has been compromised several times before and I’m trying to be safe. Please help. Thanks in advance!!

  • Tiffany

    I have a daughter who is in the mother god religion out of Korea. It is beyond wicked. I have tried giving her biblical correction but she rejects it. I have prayed for someone to come across her path that will give her good truthful evangelism. Its all in can do. I took her to church as i was done so she never really got a good foundation.

  • Lasana walker

    The most important point I believe is you have to be strong in your faith to be able to convince another person and be a leading example

  • Jonathan Karika

    I appreciate your message if YHWH. You’ve helped me a lot as you seem to be on the same exact road I’ve been on since the true repentance. Keep up the service you’ve been doin the whole family enjoys it and most important the Ruach Ha Kadesh is happy.

  • Misheck Kinyajui aka misheck bow

    thanks Brother for you are been use by our FATHER to open the eyes that are lost & confused I have been following since you and you have been blessing may our father through YASHUA our messiah bless you we love you.

  • Justin

    God bless you 🙏 for this video brother. Perfect timing by God yet again. I was saved in summer of 2018 (yes, I have been following you for almost two years in silence). Your ministry and videos have been a huge help to me (as have others) in my learning of God and truth, as I have no friends and only two family members. So unfortunately, I’m doing all my Bible study on my own as I seek nothing but truth. I have come across a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing. I thought once I found God that all Christians got along due to their faith in Christ. I didn’t understand, in the beginning of my walk, that there are fake Christians trying to tear me and all of us down and back away from YHWH. I would love to share my testimony with you one day (for I am in Central Florida 😉). This is my first ever communication to you, your ministry, or any of your videos ever. Perhaps it is the Holy Ghost that has lead me to comment for the first time, for I couldn’t find the words to express my feelings deep down inside of me to my family. Then, you through the Holy Ghost, sent me this video just days after prayer. God is truly amazing in his works and how he operates and answers us 😊. Thank you for allowing God to use you to help me, us, and others whom are lost and have been lost. You never know just how many people and souls you are truly helping and saving brother, for now you know that I am one of those souls. 😊

    Please continue doing what you do for God because it truly is working 😊🤗.

    May God continue to bless you brother, your family, and all those who turn to this ministry to hear the Word and the truths of this world.

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