In the video, MY FRIENDS & FAMILY WON’T LISTEN TO ME: WHAT DO I DO? I spoke about some  actions we all can take for our family and friends that do not have the same urgency in their spirit about getting right and preparing for our Father.  These are the action items I recommended in the video.  Click the picture to download a copy. I hope it blesses you and those you are trying to reach!

Things You Can Do To Help Bring Your Family & Friends Closer To Messiah

– Realize that the Father draws people through the Holy Spirit.  Start a Bible Study

– Depending on who you are talking to, don’t lead with the celebration of pagan holidays

– If you are younger than those you are trying to reach and it doesn’t seem that they are taking you seriously, in your prayers, pray that God will send someone across their path that will assist them. Pray for strength in dealing with the rejection that comes from this and for patience while waiting

– Don’t nag people

– Don’t sound as if you are judging them. Remember where you were at one time too

– Make sure you are strong in your faith before you go out witnessing

– Always be consistent and an example of what you are preaching


What to Do for Unsaved Family

 Click to Download

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Things You Can Do To Help Bring Your Family & Friends Closer To Messiah



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